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  1. If you are doing this after your cruise, you will probably be confident enough to do it on your own and save money using a luggage storage service while sightseeing and taking an airport limousine bus.




    Do you know if the airport limousine bus picks up from Yokohama port? I've been looking into that with no luck.



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  2. Smoking is allowed. They actually give men a cigar when entering the venue. Smoke may be bothersome depending on where the breeze blows.



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  3. Tried the official Tropicana website again and it looks like it's working. They take online bookings, and it looks like they take credit cards for the online bookings, but how is that possible? I thought they couldn't take American credit cards. I went through and did a mock booking (not using my real info) and the page never does show that it's a secure site, even when it gets to the page to enter your credit card info. It's probably an overseas site, since the time stamp on it was 6 hours ahead of me. Anyone have any experience with this?



    We booked the Tropicana show through their website for our overnight stay on on May 2nd. They use a bank in Europe for their acceptance of cards. I had a bit if trouble with my bank that kept declining the transaction but after a quick call I tried it again and got approved. We paid as much as we could with cc to avoid issues with the currency conversion especially when converting USD to CUC.



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  4. Does anyone know if we need to make (pay) reservations for this show beforehand or if we can just go and pay to enter to attend the show the same night?



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  5. We used Smile Tours as well on our visit to Ho Chi Min last year and we highly recommend it. We did a couple of tours on two different days and were picked up on time and made it back to the ship with no problem.



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  6. No...we brought one with us for our Mariner Asia cruise (Singapore-Shanghai) but we didn't need it or was it asked for.




    Our Vietnam visa was easily done (just a card actually that was left in our cabin the night before we got to Phu My) by the ship onboard and was $6.00pp..couldn't have been easier.



    Thank you so much for your prompt response!

  7. Just off Mariner of the Seas, and as others have said, for the day visit the cruise line arranged the visa. There had been much discussion about the cost as the price had gone up. The cruise documentation indicated that the visa would be $US45 - very expensive but a captive audience and not much you could do about it. In the end it was $US6 so it had reverted to the amount that previously had been charged.



    Did you need to provide a passport photo? We'll be on Mariner of the Seas in March.

  8. I am interested on this as well. We'll be in Falmouth. All the tour companies I have reach out to for non water excursions do not have the minimum people required....and the ones offered by the ship are not very interesting. We are leaving this coming Sunday so any help will be greatly appreciated!

  9. One week from now we will be boarding the Eurodam for a 7 day Western Caribbean itinerary. I am getting nervous because the tour companies either do not have the minimum number of participants necessary for the tours I inquire about or the tours available do not work with the timing of when we will be on port.


    Does anyone know if there are tour companies offering services on site at the port? We are not very fond of cruise ship excursions and would be our very last option if I cannot find anything else.

  10. Next time, I'll send you my notes. I guarantee you'll find more open in Pompeii than you think... ;) (Including the baths you have to make a reservation to see but have some very *risqué* frescoes -- featured in several programs on sex in the ancient world....!)



    Hi Cruisemom,


    I have read lots of your comments and advice, and truly appreciate your opinion. Could share with me your notes on what to do in Rome, where we have 1.5 days and also Florence (10 am - 4 pm) and Pompeii ( 2 hours)? I will truly appreciate any advice you give me and my DH. My email address is ps.cv@hotmail.com


    Forgot to mention that we have already bought entrance tickets to the Vatican and the Coliseum, and transfer to Florence for DIY.

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