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  1. My AAA gets my currency in less than 24 hours.
  2. I have enjoyed Verizon's Travel Pass plan/ $10 per 24 hours for each port. If I don't use my phone, I don't get charged. If I do, the phone works just like I am in the United States and makes great calls and downloads emails, etc. Seems like a good deal to me if you want to keep up with what's going on at home while you are away. We are a family that likes to keep in touch even when on vacation. Some don't want to be in touch with anyone while on vacation. I say do what makes YOU happy and don't worry about those who criticize you for staying in touch. At least, that's what we do even though it adds some cost to the trip! Have a wonderful trip!
  3. We booked a Neptune SA. 38 days out was offered a Pinnacle for $799 pp. I took it. If I had booked the Pinnacle at first, the price would have been about double what I ended up paying for it; however, still a chunk of change, but we are celebrating 55 years of marriage so we splurged. Looking forward to experiencing it. I hope it doesn't spoil me so much that it ruins the lovely Neptune SA experience as we have enjoyed so many times.
  4. Thanks for your report! I think you will find Celebrity similar to HAL; however, I have not seen one of their inside cabins. Happy Cruising!
  5. Also, if you could, please post when gala nights are. Thanks again.
  6. Have a wonderful cruise! We board her on October 20th. If you by any chance get to visit the Retreat Cabana area, I am curious about the furniture in the Capri Family Cabana. Are there two loungers and a table with 2 or 4 chairs for dining? The Capri Cabana is on Port side. Thank you.
  7. Well, we actually booked a Neptune Suite, very close to the Neptune Lounge which is my favorite spot. I was looking on line to see if the suite directly across from the Lounge was available when I saw the Pinnacle suite was available. I had booked this cruise directly with HAL so I called about 2 weeks ago to say that I was interested in an upsell to the Pinnacle. Yesterday, I got an email with an upsell offer, $799 per person for 10 night cruise, so I jumped on it. I actually had to pay $909 per person because I had to pay extra for the insurance we took out, but I still think it was worth it for us celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary. I do think Pinnacles book up quickly, and I was surprised to see that one of the two was still available with our cruise 38 days away. Good luck on catching one in the future.
  8. Thanks so much, Bruce. We are looking forward to enjoying the Pinnacle Suite. This will be my husband's first time in one. I was in one with 3 girlfriends about 30 years ago and can't remember the details, but I do remember loving the real estate! Diane
  9. I have one more question: Does the Zuiderdam Pinnacle Suite have an ice machine?
  10. Thank you. Glad to hear that. From the pictures we were able to find, I could not tell if I was looking at light switches or plugs.
  11. In the Pinnacle Suite on the Zuiderdam, is there an electrical outlet beside the bed? I know there are many outlets throughout the suite, but I am mostly interested in one by the bed. Thanks.
  12. Unfortunately, we were past the final payment due date so no paid gratuities. I am happy for all of you who got it. It was a nice chunk of change! Safe voyages.....
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