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  1. I know you do and your face shows great joy and determination. I can see this and I admire you for it. I know when that ship sails you’ll be on it!
  2. Sheila, you expressed my situation as well. Even cruising for me is becoming too difficult physically but I am so happy that I have spent many years of exploring and living all over the world. I’d love to have at least ten more years and good health to see even more. Keith often writes how important it is to do now what you can because you don’t know what’s around the corner. This philosophy stays with me.
  3. Jim9310, I was thinking about that this morning and decided that CC must have already relaxed those guidelines. There’s not much cruising really to be discussing and to keep their readers there needs to be something to keep them coming back. This group of contributors Is congenial, well traveled and well educated. A natural place for good conversation during this time. An excellent idea of yours to suggest that!
  4. I’m glad to have been of assistance! Later we can all discuss Hamilton.
  5. I’ve worked in a GI office for many years. I heard hundreds of people express how much easier the colonoscopy was than their expectation of it. After having the first one, I don’t remember anyone having qualms about any successive ones. Nobody really liked the prep though!
  6. Mariners, I am so sorry you thought I was being flippant. I couldn’t be any more serious. I personally know of tragic situations and I extend deep sympathy to you on the loss of your dear friend. I was reacting to a comment made earlier implying colonoscopies are dreadful. I believe that deters people from getting a necessary procedure that can save their lives. i know some people are scared and uneasy and I was just trying to be reassuring that colonoscopies can be life saving.
  7. Thank you SusieQ. I’ll remember that! In response to someone earlier talkin’ smack about colonoscopies, the whole thing is a big nothing and not having it and needing it leads to bad bad things.
  8. Thanks SusieQ. The practical effects are that you could be in deep trouble in getting an ICU bed if needed. Our poor overworked hospital staffs.
  9. Pcardad, any additional reasons to add to melevin’s long list of Mariner’s assets? She is such a fine ship!
  10. SusieQ, I have a question for you as I know you are a physician. You state that hospital ICU beds were filling up now because people are back doing elective surgeries. Am I correct in interpreting you on that? My question is do elective surgery patients end up in ICU beds much? Wouldn’t it be correct that ICU beds are in use only for Covid 19 and severely ill patients? Thank you. You are always a reliable source of information.
  11. Kate, you indeed make good points but I’m thinking that a very few of us are losing our minds! 😩. I speak just for myself. I really am trying not to care about inappropriate comments from others, thinking they too are under great stress. Happy 4th to all who observe it.
  12. Mom C, sorry I missed the attempt at levity. It felt like yet another thing to feel bad about and I agree with you this is a distressing time in the U.S. I saw today that about only 17% of people are happy with this country’s situation which speaks to a very high level of unsettling feelings. I apologize for my reaction.
  13. MomC, why the lecture? Like anyone is trivializing the mess this world is in? Or that Regent cruisers don’t know how incredibly placed they are? Wrong assumption.
  14. All those details! Lovely to remember. A perfect ship, particularly if you go with the Penthouse cabins. Lots of very comfortable space
  15. Not much difference then between the two itineraries. If you like new and shiny go with Splendor. I personally like the Mariner best but that’s probably a minority opinion.
  16. I meant scenery, sorry. not itinerary. Alaska, Norway, etc.
  17. If it’s the itinerary you’re after, the Mariner is the ship to be on. if you want restaurants and a big spa Then perhaps the Splendor.
  18. Oh, why not? People have nothing else to do.
  19. I hope you get it all back soon! susieQ , it’s been interesting watching your Crystal spreadsheet as well. I’m sorry you’re going through that. You’ve really helped a lot of people and I cannot imagine if we didn’t have the information laid out in such an easy to read manner. You have been a good steward.
  20. It is good to have your expert explanations for something which few people know about but which is of great interest now to those who are waiting. Thank you.
  21. Such a relief! Thanks for reporting as I was worried about this.
  22. Hi yourself Sheila, I know you’ve booked a Crystal cruise which will be great, I’m sure. But I believe you have with an adventurous spirit and so go for it! i know that saying! I’ve heard it as Buy cheap, buy twice. I’d like to know how it’s said in your mother’s original tongue if you wish. I’ll use it. Thanks.
  23. I know Vince is experienced and knowledgeable. I wasn’t doubting him at all. I just found it very odd that among the Regent posters nobody has mentioned having this big lag. Really weird considering we’re all using the same cc companies.
  24. I am a Regent cruiser but have been casually following Crystal and SilverSea boards on the subject of refunding since we requested money back and these are three comparable cruise lines. SusieQ has been involved in spreadsheets for both Crystal and Regent so has excellent insight in this process. I do not recall on the Regent board any of this prolonged discussion about time lag between sending refunds and the credit cards posting the refunds. This does not seem to be an issue at all and doesn’t seem to happen.. Something really seems off here.
  25. Portolan, I second that! And it was a thrill to see your concert photos as we were there but have no pictorial trace. Thanks so much!
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