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  1. My daughter got sick the first night a few cruises back, she never wore the dress again that she was wearing that night! I think you should go back on the Escape, but choose a completely different room and then avoid the areas where you went before and during your illness until a few days in. Good Luck!
  2. I've booked a spa mini suite and my husband loves the thermal suite in the spa. I've bid on an upgrade to the haven, but not the haven spa suite as it's not an option. Is the haven better than spa access? It's a mid march sailing so hopefully pretty warm. I'd love to stay in the haven, but if I'm going to pay for the upgrade, I don't want to pay for the thermal suite too. Any thoughts? Thank you! This is on the Escape.
  3. We sailed on the Getaway 2 years ago after cruising many other lines. It was the absolute most fun cruise of the 10 I had been on prior! My teen enjoyed the kids activities but I can't speak to the little ones, my daughter(16) was 5 on her first cruise and she loved kids club! I hope your little one loves it too! We thought teppanyaki was really fun and the food good on the Getaway. We are planning to eat there again on the Escape in March. I really enjoyed Spice H2O, it's adults only, but if your little likes kids club, it's a great place to hang out. There are chairs, a huge TV, hot tubs and a waterfall type area to cool off. We found a bartender/waiter we loved and he took care of us all week! Have so much fun!!
  4. sounds like the Carbonara, I had it on the Getaway in the Italian Specialty restaurant. I'm betting that's where it is on sky!
  5. I don't know if they're metal or not, I bring window clings and stick them on! they work!
  6. Thanks all for the responses! The spread sheet was great! I can totally make the quota on sea days, it's port days that I wonder if I can get my $50 worth! LOL!
  7. Does anyone remember the max price for most drinks and what brands of spirits are included in the package? Celebrity posts a nice little list on their website so you know exactly what you are buying! I would love to see Princess' version of that! Thank you!
  8. The main reason to get your son's passport is that if something happens while you are on the cruise he will not be able to get back into the country via another method i.e. airplane, car. The process of getting the kids new passports was pretty painless at the post office and my son, who was 17 at the time, got his for 10 years while my daughter, 13 only got 5 years.
  9. If you get a bartender who let's you take the unopened beer, keep the cap! Then you can get an open beer anywhere and recap it! Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  10. I completely agree with this statement. The reflection was awesome, ship, food, service, but there was NOTHING to do. I so missed trivia and game shows. Just off the Caribbean Princess and the ship, food and service were just okay, but there were so many things I wanted to do! I've been on Holland, Carnival and RCCL as well and can't say that I have a favorite...
  11. We are sailing on March 15th and I'm so happy to read your positive review! Thank you for sharing such great info!
  12. I'm guessing that whatever DD had was not Noro. It was 12 hours of feeling really bad and 12 of feeling not right. More of a 24 hour bug. Main point is that people might be sick when they board but not know it and that hand washing and sanitizing can help prevent the spread. I was a preschool director for 10 years and the Health Department's rule was always 24 hours fever, vomiting and diarrhea free before returning to school.
  13. We boarded on a Saturday at 12:00. No one was sick, everyone felt great! Around 5:30, DD 13 said her head hurt, by 8:30 her stomach hurt, 10:30 sick! She threw up 3 times and I did not let her leave our room until 24 hours after the last time she was sick. We all washed our hands, I used clorox wipes and wiped down the entire cabin every time she touched anything. No one else got sick! Handwashing works! Take clorox wipes, handi wipes, small lysol and use all of it! I plan to wipe my hands after I serve myself from the buffet and before I eat from now on, too. If everyone washes their hands and keeps their hands away from their faces, the spread will be limited! I'm hoping that by our spring break cruise in March, a lot of this will be over, winter is terrible!
  14. Right, but what about the people who are supposed to board on Sat? Also, if the port does close on Saturday due to fog, if it doesn't reopen until Mon or Tue, then the ship is not prepared to support the passengers for those extra days. It's not like a regular hotel, they have a certain amount of food, etc. for a certain amount of time. Better safe than sorry. I am sorry for the people missing their port and they should be allowed to stay on board until sat. am.
  15. This excursion is not offered on my cruise, but the Baths and Devils Bay are so awesome, I would try really hard to see them if you have the chance!
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