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  1. Also, last year when we were in Juneau there was vendors offering the same as the ships tours for whale watching and things for about half price and you could haggle a bit.
  2. Oh we would never call guest services. They could have been coughing for any number of reasons……we just noticed a lot of coughing…..
  3. We just got off the Ruby yesterday. We masked the whole time. I think masking got less and less by others as the cruise went on. I never heard of any Covid, but I swear our neighbors had it and were hiding out in their cabin because ice never heard coughing like that in my lifetime. We were never able to walk around the whole promenade. They had all three dining rooms open. Crown and Sabatini’s was flip flopping open nights.
  4. Just to finish the topic. I went to the casino to a slot machine, I said for $150 to he charged to the room. I played a little and then cashed out at the window….
  5. Thanks for the responses! I hate for the obc to go to waste….maybe I’ll just buy a bunch of liquor to take home.
  6. We are currently on the Ruby and we have a couple hundred dollars in non refundable OBC. Can we gamble in the casino with it?
  7. We are on board Ruby D315 in a mini suite right now. Both TV’s are flat on the wall. One across from the bed and one across from the couch.
  8. We are driving! But definitely something to think about if flying!
  9. Definitely, we cruise tomorrow. My husband and I packed separately this trip…just in case.
  10. But what if that person just hunkers down in their cabin? I suppose the issue would be the room steward….
  11. We got the info about two weeks before our cruise. We cruise from San Fran on the 30th I’d this month and got the check off list of things to compete on the 18th.
  12. Do you know if you have the drink package if you can drink from the mini bar without an additional charge?
  13. I’m going to try to attach contact information for where we are parking right by the terminal.
  14. Can you expand on this? I thought that cruise with confidence switched everything to FCC? It’s good to hear that if we panic it will go back on the credit card!
  15. Or you could rent a car and drive as far as you’d like into the Yukon!
  16. This is what I do and as soon as I download the books I put my kindle in Airplane mode so that when the library loan is over they don’t disappear!
  17. Grandparents have safely raised children. If they were worried about her being alone one of them could have slept in her room. They chose not to.
  18. Why? Their rooms were next door, they were traveling together. Why would they have to confirm anything?
  19. Whomever is checking your other docs when boarding you on your cruise.
  20. We bought one kit and it has two tests to use for two different people.
  21. Anyone know what they do with pillows between guests other then just changing pillow cases?
  22. 14 day quarantines? What country do you live in?
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