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  1. $100 on board credit per week.
  2. You will be expected to be out of your cabin early (8am?). If you do not choose the carry your own luggage option, you will be assigned an area to wait for your "number" to be called.
  3. So enforce social distancing and only require masks when it can't reasonably be maintained.
  4. I booked on Adventure for June. It should be interesting to see how some of this works with fully vaccinated Americans.
  5. I'm interested in the mask enforcement while in the bars and poolside while drinking.
  6. I'm not against masks as it stands now. I would think that if passengers and crew are all vaccinated, they should not be required. Even the CDC says that vaccinated people can gather without masks.
  7. They are pretty expensive. I bought the discounted $100 arcade credit and it didn't even last me son half the cruise.
  8. I agreed to let my wife get a facial at the spa for a deal price of $75. She bought another $300 worth of "products"
  9. I was offered the same 3 option mentioned above and ended up moving my reservation to Liberty for the same price. Liberty only had Cat 1B so I had to settle for that. As a side note, I have always used one of the large online travel sites. I am now in the market for a "real" travel agent that specializes in cruises. I spent way too long on this today.
  10. Liberty is already listed in Galveston that week. I'm working with my TA to get moved over. Galveston saves me a flight to Florida so it would be my 1st choice if I can get the same balcony category. Also interested to see if I can just keep my Allure booking out of FLL if I can't. Liberty is showing as booked for cat 1A so we will see. RC has a very long hold for agents - surprise.
  11. Any idea where Allure will move to and what itinerary? I am booked March 13 - 20 2022.
  12. I'm pretty sure that's not how supply and demand works. If less people are cruising, prices will go down. Supply of rooms won't go down.
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