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  1. Thank you for your review a true pleasure to read. I love MSC and all it offers and the more you cruise with them the more you get use to Italian disorganisation 😃 you just learn to go with the flow and have another prosecco . We normally cruise with Non Yacht club but this November we have been upgraded to YC deck 18 so it will be very interesting to experience it. We cruised non YC the same time last November but a different itinerary So pleased you didnt encounter the issues Wonderman claims to have. Can I ask though were there cushions on the sun loungers on the pool deck
  2. No its not standard the choosing cabin thing it varies depending on sailing, so far on all our Bella bookings we have also been able to choose our cabin It is however not a guarantee that you will keep this cabin with Bella they may move you. (we have only ever been moved when being given a better cabin in an upgrade) However with Fantastica you get more benefits than bella hence Fantastica is more expensive. And as for your question RE European school holidays Well Europe is large and different countries have different holiday dates and even within the same countries different areas have different dates We live in the UK so fairly small but even here term dates vary hugely , Here in the UK There is always a week in february , normally 2 at Easter (but not always it depends when Easter falls) A week at the End of May/early June 6 weeks in the summer (this varies the most) a week in October and 2 weeks for Christmas . MSC is a very family Friendly Family Orientated cruise line and child places are often free or very cheap. , We cruise Europe with MSC mainly what you would class as the majority of non school holiday times because it is so much cheaper than during holiday time so costs for a cruise on certain dates give you a good indicator of whether it is or isnt holiday time (look at dates a few weeks apart to see any differences) We have yet to cruise where children have been an issue or where ships have been too crowded . I worked with children for 20 years so now I have a low tolerance of children on my holidays so Im happy with What ive booked with MSC in the past and have 6 more booked for the future
  3. We booked a 3 night package it was available online on our MSC booking page
  4. I personally wouldnt pay more for any inside cabin than a balcony even if it is in YC , we book a cabin with a balcony for the idea of being able to sit out in our private space and relax in peace, and have fresh air in the cabin. Even on winter cruises ive sat out on the balcony and the best feeling each morning is pulling back the curtains and stepping out to see the day. But that is my personal opinion and we have been very happy with Non YC cabins and Non YC areas on the ship We have always managed to find quiet areas on the Main ship to relax as in the picture so we dont even need the YC pool deck SO OP only you can decide if its worth the extra money
  5. It depends do you want YC or do you want a balcony? You must have booked a balcony for a reason to begin with instead of an inside .
  6. decorated doors are not really a done thing on MSC especially not on Non US sailings . Ive never seen it in the Med
  7. Well Im on Arcadia in July 2020 and Preziosa in October 2020 virtually the same itinerary (MSC slightly better with 1 extra port) MSC costing over £200 less than P&O (same cabin class) So it will be very interesting to compare the 2 experiences. So far Ive loved MSC food no complaints in that regard from me. ive recently been reading some very negative reviews of P&O Arcadia, well weve booked now so will take it as we find it and Im sure we will have a great time, Well its better than being at bloody work
  8. So sorry to hear of your loss, thank you for taking the time to write the post, it is lovely to read such positive words regarding staff and customer service. I myself have always found them accommodating obliging and helpful . Ive read some reviews that slate the staff enormously and have had (so they say) a very poor experience with staff onboard. so its great to read the positives . I hope you will get to cruise again at a later date
  9. July 5th Arcadia, We will be able to do some good comparisons with P&O and MSC after October 2020 we have MSC booked then and as both the P&O and MSC itinerary are very similar Northern Europe cruise., MSC has 1 further port than P&O and has cost over £200 less than P&O (same cabin type) so what I can say is MSC are great value .
  10. you can book direct with MSC or with a TA, Ive cruised with MSC and love the differences from other cruise lines (not everyone does) Ive yet to cruise with P&O we are not booked until July 2020 but I can tell you without having been yet that MSC will be very different. P&O from what I Know is more of a "British" experience where as MSC is like being on a wonderful foreign holiday .What I will say is if you really like what P&O offer and how they offer it you may not like MSC .
  11. these are totally new itinerary for MSC so no one has cruised them yet or on the ship (as it will be) which will be totally changed too as it is being made bigger which is why NO ONE can book cabins everyone is on a guarantee basis. YOUR TA SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS !!! obviously they didnt so in my opinion not a great travel agent which would worry me more than going on the cruise. Many travel agents have bought huge amounts of cabins so depending who you book with their allocation may well be sold out so try other agents. We were also looking at the new cruises for 2021 as we live in the UK but wouldnt book because of the guarantee cabin situation. We will wait for the completed changes and the deck plans to be finished.
  12. Yes its been very entertaining so far thank you , and like any good book you want to read the ending
  13. Yes he did a great job with all the perceived negatives so Im sure the X fans he brought over will be deciding against MSC, leaving more room on board for the Fans of MSC . I am looking forward to reading his final summary
  14. I am very thank full that MSC are not like other cruise lines . And as a Vegetarian Ive found that MSC food has been the best with the most variety and more accommodating staff for offering even alternatives to what is on the menu. Ive never tried Celebrity their prices compared to MSC have been ridiculously high.
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