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  1. We here in the UK would benefit from the update on cancellations that have been made for early 2021 that have been updated on the US website since December 3rd here in the UK NOT a single word about it
  2. Thanks but as we are flying from the UK we are still unable to to enter the US for a holiday , We also wouldnt want a connecting flight as direct flights of 10 hours are bad enough . We just want options for us to fly somewhere non US . Do you have the link to the search you mentioned previous please ? Yesterday we had some luck with delta as they have updated their terms and agreed to an E credit we can use upto February 2022 so we are thrilled with this as we have 2 weeks holiday in June free as weve moved that planned cruise to 2022, so maybe if Covid has died down and its safe a
  3. yes someone booked with iglu had been told it was cancelled but given no information on refunds or ffc or timescales same with cruise nation
  4. Because when I searched using their search tool it only gave me US options, and when I asked them on Twitter they could give me no alternatives isnt San Juan PR a US territory ? so we cant go there and when I searched Aruba it stopped in the USA on the way so that would be no good either can you please post the link to the search for all of the places you found because I only had this one https://dl.fltmaps.com/en where you can search destinations routes
  5. Thanks for your view , and in answer to you NO we dont want to fly to Florida we dont really want to come to the US at all if we can fly into the USA then the only place we would go is Delaware to see friends, we would however much prefer a refund or dont even mind an e credit that we could actually use And your post and views are what is happening in much of the US from whats been reported which is why I am angry with Delta in not allowing us a refund or an extension on an e credit into the Autumn of 2021 or early 2022 . We basically at the moment have a worthless ticket as we are
  6. Hello obviously Ive read all the info on the cancelled cruises on the US website however here on the UK website there is still NO update We have 2 cruises booked Armonia Feb 7th and Meraviglia Feb 13th booked through UK TA Cruise 1st and have not heard a single thing Has anyone who is booked in the UK actually been told anything yet? if so who are you booked with?
  7. thank you , we dont mind taking a land holiday Ive already done lots of research for if we can I didnt realise how close Grand Bahama is too I actually got quite excited looking at alternatives to a cruise My fear though is that we still wont be allowed to enter the USA . Unfortunately we booked flights with Delta Airlines and they only fly to the US from the UK so even though we can change our flight destination it doesnt help as we are not American citizens
  8. wow lucky you 5 months on we still have no refund
  9. We have not heard anything about our 7th February cruise or our 13th February cruise , We have flights booked to Miami from the UK and we cant get a refund , we are not even sure by February we will even be allowed to enter the USA to take a land holiday instead, we may end up losing all our money over £1000
  10. No we cant start the process and we are already waiting for 2 other cancelled cruise refunds its almost 5 months now and no refund , im not even sure where they are actually upto month wise in the ones they have refunded so far . We know we will get it eventually its just a very long wait
  11. Not here in the UK as usual we are kept in the dark there has been no updates on this here not on the MSC website and travel agents have not been informed either , as far as we are told and our bookings still state the cruises are going ahead
  12. Here in the UK there is no notification of this yet on the MSC website and Travel agents know nothing about it either
  13. Admiral are adamant that anything you booked after the pandemic was announced would not be covered , they were very quick at sending emails out to tell customers of this
  14. no unfortunately the flights were booked in April so the travel insurance wont cover anything booked after March 17th when the Pandemic was announced we at the time of booking them never thought the pandemic would be as devastating as it has been. Unfortunately we booked Delta flights and they only seem to be doing flights from the UK to the USA , if we had booked another airline we could have just changed the flights to somewhere European now I wish we had just stuck with BA🙁
  15. We are due to cruise in February Im pretty sure even those will be cancelled we have a problem though even if they are , We booked our own flights to Miami from Heathrow London UK and as We are from the UK currently we are not allowed to Enter the USA if this ban stays in place we will lose the cost of our flights , we were hoping to do a Land based US holiday if the cruise was cancelled so our fingers are crossed for us once again being allowed to enter the USA but how likely will that be by February????
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