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  1. Just call NCL and have them add the visas to your booking. It costs $75 per visa and is very easy.
  2. We are booked for a July cruise to Cuba and 24 excursions are listed for Havana.
  3. That's what I'm counting on! That doesn't stop me from checking every day like clockwork, though. 🙂
  4. We're looking at both of these cruises as well, and had the same question- thanks for asking it! I'm still hoping they will offer something similar to the Spirit itineraries for this coming summer... 15 days out of Southampton or Stockholm. Those are perfect for us in all but the timing (summer '19 versus '20).
  5. Thank you! I did that yesterday and have now been charged and have a listing on my edocs that I've purchased the visas. Now here's hoping the cruises to Cuba continue through the summer!
  6. Yup. Booked for July... fingers are crossed that this is just bluster.
  7. I called NCL and purchased my visa- thanks for everyone's help! 🙂
  8. Oh. We have definitely not been charged by NCL. I guess I'll have to call them to see what else we need to do. I wish that page was less confusing. Thanks for all of your help! 🙂
  9. Ah, yes! We filled this form out and submitted it- I forgot we did that! So we should be good if that was submitted? And then we pay when we check in at embarkation?
  10. I'm on the Sky to Cuba in July... how do we obtain a visa? It was my understanding that we could purchase our visas prior to embarkation. Is this still the case? The FAQs on the NCL site are a bit confusing...
  11. Yup, that would be my husband too! 🙂 Thanks for the answer- that will definitely figure into the decision. 🙂
  12. Thank you so much for posting! I've been going back and forth as well... it'll probably end up being a game-time decision, but now I know exactly what I'm passing on/getting, so your information and review were VERY helpful! Do you know if both people in a stateroom have to upgrade? The PBP is probably enough for my husband, but I like having specialty coffees and certain wines/champagnes, so I'm the one who would upgrade.
  13. I'm waiting for them to release more Baltic cruises like the two they have scheduled for July '19... a 15-day out of Southampton or Stockholm on a smaller ship like Spirit. I check every day religiously. 🙂 I read somewhere on the boards that those summer '19 cruises came out last May, so I'm hoping they'll do the same this May.
  14. We rarely take the ship tours, so I can't comment on them with any expertise, but I do know that we booked private tours in Kusadasi, Mykonos, Naples, and Livorno (and in Barcelona, but that was the last port, so we didn't have to make it back). They were all great and we got back to the ship with plenty of time in each port. We booked with companies that had good reputations and I was never worried that they wouldn't get us back in time. The only ship excursion we took was in Civi and it was fine- but we did feel like sheep being herded around. But it was great for a low-key day, but I definitely preferred the private tours we did. Incidentally, we walked around on our own in Istanbul and Athens, so I'd recommend that as well in the easier ports. Definitely take a look at the port boards here on CC- there are great ideas and recommendations there.
  15. We did the 12-day Grand Med cruise a few years ago and enjoyed every moment. You will have so much fun! 🙂 My advice is to plan, plan, plan... we had the Rick Steves' Med Cruise book- and I stalked each of the port boards here on CC- which helped us to plan for each port. Figure out what you really want to do in each port- and know that you can't do it all. We also took a few ports 'off'... we didn't plan to do much so that we could rest a bit in between some of the busier ports (e.g. we went to the beach in Toulon and took a relaxing NCL excursion in Civi because we had spent three days pre-cruise in Rome). I booked private excursions with people on the Roll Call board, which allowed us to personalize and do a lot more each day. I was really glad that we did that. Enjoy the planning (it's my favorite part!) and enjoy the cruise! 🙂
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