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  1. It hit home for us at 0705 hours on 7 Feb. DW & I had our bags at the back door, due to depart for the airport within the hour when I tuned into the CBS morning news just as they were reporting a Royal Caribbean ship had eight possible virus cases in the NJ port. Before they later confirmed that the passengers had flu our clock had run down and we decided to cancel our 8 Feb cruise on the SKY. We had been watching too much news about the passengers on the Diamond. No regrets, we still feel it wasa a good decision. We are now booked for a Sept 2021 cruise to Alaska, looking for that vaccine!!
  2. Thanks to each of you. Looking forward to meeting you suekel. This will be our fifth Alaskan cruise, and yes it is the beauty that keeps taking us back!
  3. DW and I are considering a 10-day cruise rt from Vancouver along the Inside Passage to Hubbard starting 15 Sept 2021 (Sapphire Princess). We would greatly appreciate any comments/recommendations/experiences about such a late seasonal trip.
  4. ABSOLUTELY! I think Jan and her staff/advisors have shined throughout this ordeal that they did not create. No hesitation, can't wait.
  5. CONGRATULATIONS, would you consider being my TA???? At least TA advisor!!
  6. This service is outstanding! We used it in June following an Alaskan cruise with 10 family members ( like 15 bags). You sign up early in the cruise, receive special tags later in the week, place the bags in the hallway as normal, and collect them at your flight destination. We received our boarding passes along with the special tags. Southwest did require a quick checkin at the ticketing counter, but it was very fast. Port of Seattle covers the cost.
  7. We could not find a bad one on the whole ship.....even with the help of S&S!!!
  8. I agree with Colo Cruiser's commits, but our family was on the Ruby in June, we had mini-suites D 629, 631, & 633. The Ruby deck plan shows a fire wall between 633 and 701. The attached photo clearly shows a door between 633 & 701, of course it was never opened, but I can't imagine that door being there just for appearance.
  9. We are considering the Southern Caribbean cruise on the Sky Princess in late December 2020. Since we have not sailed on any of the Royal class ships I am seeking any recommendations for selecting a mini-suite. We are currently looking at the mid-forward area of the Caribe deck since is has passenger cabins both above and below. This will be a family event requiring three adjoining suites. I am assuming that the balconies in the Royal class still have connecting door panels that the steward can open. Any advise/warnings/comments will be greatly appreciated as always. Thanks
  10. Have been silently enjoying your post...will be on the Ruby in 51 days with our four grandkids...they only know Disney Cruise Lines, so it is time to introduce them to another world.....so glad the afternoon tea is still a great event.
  11. Wonder in Endicott Arm June 2017
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