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  1. Too bad you couldn't get to Rome, though understandable in your situation. Perhaps you will go back some day. For history buffs I think Rome and Athens are the tops in the Western World and are bucket list visits. Well, London is pretty good too, given all the historical sights there and the location of the British Museum (arguably the best history museum on this planet).
  2. This is the place that impressed me the most in Rome, more than any of the usual sights. https://www.romesightseeing.net/basilica-of-san-clemente/ As you descend into the basilica, its like you are in a time machine. And even though it is very near the Colosseum, not many tourists visit the basilica.
  3. There are multiple restaurants like that in the Bay Area. But usually they are perfectly seasoned. 🙂
  4. I got a Cunard offer on my AMEX card yesterday. First ever offer from Cunard. I think the internet spies know that I am following your blog.
  5. You could spark a fight by asking them about Brexit. But on Cunard I bet 90%+ are "remainers" (i.e., wanted to stay in the EU). So folks at your table might all agree on the issue.
  6. Uggh. To change the subject, ask them why Boris Johnson doesn't comb his hair.
  7. Two data points. 1. We sailed on the Panorama in June (Saturday departure) and the lot at the terminal was full. We got no advance notice, although they did give us a map to the Convention Center parking when we arrived at the terminal. 2. We sailed on the Radiance in October (Monday departure) and there were plenty of parking spaces in the terminal lot, so we parked there.
  8. Pisa.pdf Here you go. Its the missus from our Princess med cruise last fall. And I laughed at "I rarely take photographs . . , " 🙂
  9. This is bit ambiguous. When I first read it, I thought you meant no one bites on your questions (i.e., no one answers). But after consideration, I think you probably mean that no one is mean or angry.
  10. If Cunard did a better hamburger than Guy's I would have to change my entire world view!
  11. Huh. And for some reason I always thought the Brits invented the idea of "queue up." 🙂
  12. Have you logged into the Carnival website to see your offers there?
  13. I for one think it is very interesting transitioning from Carnival to Cunard. In the past I have read some posts on the Cunard forum. Not impressed with that forum for various reasons. Keep up your posts here!
  14. The food and decor look great! Hmm, though . . . folks dressed in formal wear at embarkation? I am curious about other impressions of your fellow Cunard cruisers. We met an Englishman, a retired bobby, and his wife on a Princess cruise years ago and have sailed with them a few times since on both Princess and HAL. I asked Robert once why they didn’t cruise Cunard. He said “not my kind of people.” I didn’t pursue it further with him . . . but I know he only wore formal wear on elegant nights! I do realize it may be awhile before you have much in the way of impressions, particularly if you don’t have much social interaction.
  15. Thanks very much for posting this. Its actually not all bad news for me. While I prefer to play Fun21, I see a regular blackjack table that is hand dealt, has a $5 minimum bet, and pays 3:2 on blackjack. This is a better blackjack table than any currently on Carnival ships. I will happily play this game on Cunard.
  16. A couple of notes to add to this. If you play table games in a carnival casino, you can go up to the table and ask them to buy chips with a charge to your room. They will take your room key and then return it with your chips. Unfortunately, if you buy chips this way they will charge your room an extra 3 percent. However, Carnival doesn't charge this fee if you put money on the slot machine and charge that money to your room. Not sure why Carnival makes this distinction between table and slot games - sister lines like HAL and Princess don't charge any fees at all. Even if you only play table games (like I do) on Carnival though you can still avoid this fee. When the casino opens on the first night, I sit down at a slot machine, open an electronic account at the slot machine, charge something like $800 to my room, spin the machine a couple of times, go to the cage to pull out the $800 in cash from my new slot account, and then go to the table to buy chips with the cash. Saved me $24 in fees (less the buck maybe I lost in the two slot machine pulls . . . ).
  17. +1 Cunard appears to be so different from Carnival. Will be interesting to hear how they compare.
  18. Lol . . . it didn't make sense that a pick pocket would take something as small and flat as a room key. We have traveled in dozens of foreign cities and have never had anything stolen from us. I am hyper sensitive in crowds though. I will carry my phone and wallet in my hand whenever the distance between people goes down.
  19. Like you, we have done many TAs. And we have not even had one rough day (or night). I have a theory that on the TA the cruise line builds in a bit of extra time, and the Captain can then suss out the weather ahead and deviate to the south or north if desired. Developed this theory by noting that the cruise ship doesn't seem to travel in a straight path across the ocean. It seems instead to zig or zag a bit.
  20. Been there, done that. Now, I have one word for you. Wegovy. Well, two words. Wegovy and Mounjaro. The latter is the only thing that has worked for me. And it is currently working like a charm!
  21. My question is for Cunard cruisers who play in the ship casinos regularly. Does Cunard offer any comps (e.g., free/reduced cruises, specialty meals, wine, or free play) for those who donate to the cruise line through the casino? If you have received any such comp, please describe it. Thanks in advance.
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