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  1. Just got an email offer from HAL with an offer of a free $50 gift card with the purchase of a $500 gift card. And also a free $100 card with a purchase of a $1000 gift card. This is sort of like buying a discounted gift card, which one has long been able to do with other Carnival Corporation cruise lines such as Princess (through Allstate and AARP) but I have not noticed before with HAL.
  2. Dang BMAS you are one of the last persons I would want to insult. You are a valuable code poster!! I am glad you weren't insulted. Anyways, I have reviewed some of my older posts and can see why they may be grating to some people. So have decided to only post messages of thanks from here on out. And of course the occasional code, as on rare occasions I can contribute that way.
  3. Please chill. NONE of what I posted was directed at you. And as I said at the end of my post "to each his own." And I am sure that others buy large amounts of these cards, not just me. And others have bought cruises for more than $2,000 with these cards, not just me. So leave me alone on that please, just ignore it from now on if it bothers you. And, yes, my wife and I both have AARP accounts and have used them before to buy cards, the cat thing was not directed at you. As for this: "Also still working on accumulating enough cash to buy the gift cards I still need!" I assumed the poster was riffing on this statement: "Also still working on accumulating enough points to buy the gift cards I still need!" which I and others are always doing, scrounging for points. So I thought that poster was trying to be funny. If not, I apologize to that poster.
  4. I will throw in my two cents as well. I much prefer the hard cards, for several reasons: 1) I buy and use a lot of these cards, and it would take me forever to accumulate what I want at $100/month (even if I got my wife, brother, and cat their own AARP accounts . . . ). I also store these cards before using them, and its nicer to have a solid card then to have some electronic list of cards. 2) I have no interest in making a $2,000+ cruise purchase in $100 increments. And that is the only size the ecard currently comes in. Lol 3) I worry about the security of these ecards. With an ecard that came to me through the ether, if I tried to use the number and someone said "its not good" or "its already been used," or "there is no such card," I would have no evidence to rebut that. With a hard card, I can at least show someone (like at guest services) that yes the card exists and also that the pin number was not exposed, so there is no way it could have been used. But each to his own!
  5. Now that was funny. Thanks for the laugh! And thanks to St Greg, BMAS, and Cabo Bob for the codes!!
  6. AARP? I don't even know what that is anymore . . . . 🙂
  7. Thanks!! And all the various combos worked as well!!
  8. Yes, thanks a ton you two!! I got the 1000 one in an email, not sure I would have figured out the 1500 or 2000 ones on my own.
  9. Likely everyone here knows about the value of the Carnival Shareholder Benefit. Its a great deal if you own 100 shares of Carnival stock and cruise any of the Carnival lines (including Princess and Holland America). But when to buy the 100 shares of stock you need to get the onboard credit? The stock fluctuates in value, usually dipping on trouble with some ship at sea, and then rising again afterwards. Well, now (or soon) would appear to be a great time to buy, as the stock is well off its highs what with the coronavirus scares involving the Diamond Princess and the HAL Westerdam. I am considering adding to my 100 shares, in large part because of the great dividend the stock pays over and above the OBC value.
  10. I see them. Its possible I checked too quickly earlier and missed them as they don't reside immediately next to the Carnival cards on the webpage.
  11. I am hoping that increasing gift card volume is a win-win for both Allstate and Carnival Corporation. As with all gift card sales, there is a certain amount of "breakage," that is, gift cards that are never used for whatever reason (lost, or forgotten, or small amounts remaining on card that are not used, etc.). Carnival obviously benefits from this breakage. Also, Carnival benefits when folks recieve gift cards as gifts and book a cruise using them that they otherwise wouldn't have booked. And perhaps there are folks that use them to support an onboard gambling habbit who maybe gamble more when they use gift cards. Or maybe who buy a pricey Cheers alcohol package with a gift card who otherwise wouldn't. Who knows?? In any event, I am trying to thing positive about the continued availability of these discount cards.
  12. My wife and I churn credit cards for the signup bonuses in associated airline and hotel points/ miles and convertible points like Chase UR. This year, however, we are focused on simple cash back, as our travel will be somewhat less and we have a huge stash of existing points/miles.
  13. Glad that it worked out for you! I will probably buy more than $10,000 of these cards this year, so I really need two of these BofA cards. Guess I will try to get one for my wife. 🙂
  14. Awesome! Thanks! Fyi, for those of you who have not yet used this code or 2020SAVEONGAS, I tried the other date combos (e.g., 2020 before and after PROTECT2k and 20 before and after SAVEONGAS), and those, unfortunately, did not work.
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