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  1. Well a stroller, diapers, wipes etc and a baby carseat is essential when you are traveling with a baby.. We did seven cruises between April 2018 and December 2019, four 7 nts, one 10 nts (with 6 extra nts on Hawaii), one 11 nts and one 14 nts. When had the same number of bags with us on all trips. You could argue that diapers, wipes and stuff like that could be bought in the U.S, Italy or Dubai, but for us it's not worth spending time trying to find these items. First picture are of the stroller and carseat, second is the stroller and carseat put into the flight bag and the last are of the bag with diapers etc.
  2. She didn't sail on a small boat, she sailed on a competition boat that needed containers with spare parts to be transported to the US and a crew that flew form Europe to the US only to sail the boat back.. It had been better for the climate if she hade just flew on her own.. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. I have been a bit inexplicit. At first our TA made it sound like they could transfer the whole B2B2B booking to a B2B2B on Explorer and it sounded great. No need for any money to go back from Royal to the TA. We feelt that our money would be safer in the hands of Royal and thought that we had found a way to maybe save them. But it turned out that this wasn't the case, they can't make any changes to our bookings. What they did was that they made a reservation on Explorer, this needs to be confirmed no later then the 15th of August. That's not going to happen, if we would make a totaly new booking, we would do it without involving the TA. With how the cruising world are right now, we just want our money back. Looks like FCC is the best option for that to happen, but who knows?
  4. Since there's laws controlling a reconstruction in Sweden, they can't just trust our words without doing a check with the TA.
  5. Yes but you are missing the point, as long as our TA are in reconstruction they won't refund us even if Royal refund them. They will keep the money until the reconstruction is over or they go out of busniess. The reconstruction will be done in September, if they survive we can then choose to change the FCC into a refund. If they go out of busniess, our FCC will still be valid and Royal would make the refund directly to us. As long as our TA are in busniess, Royal can't do the refund directly to us.
  6. During my last call to Royal they told me to just wait and not do anything. They will give us a FCC and if we want to change that to a refund in the future, we will be able to. The port fees and taxes will be sent to the TA, looks like it might be lost if the TA goes out of busniess. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. If it was only my wife and I, we would be able to pack in one suitcase for a week, but we learned the hard way the headache when a suitcase gets lost. We always pack half of my stuff and half of my wifes stuff in my bag and the other half in her bag. That saved the cruise when Celebrity lost our bag in 2018.
  8. We did a 10nts cruise to Hawaii in September last year with another week on Hawaii after the cruise. We had the same luggage then. The big black and orange bag contains a stroller and a baby carseat. The black bag are diapers, and other stuff for our daughter. The backpack contains diapers, and other stuff that we needed for our daughter during the flight.
  9. Top three was only for my daughter. The bottom two was mine and my wifes bags.
  10. My wife, our then 2 year old daughter and I. 😉 There's one backpack missing in the picture.
  11. There's no train station porters, there's no porters at the airport, I would need to bring it on my own all the way from home to check in at the airport in Denmark. But you are missing the point, IF my tux would require me to bring a extra bag, I wouldn't bring it. It's not that important to me.
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