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  1. Why does someone need to be jealous, only because they don't enjoy the same things as you do? "The nicer things" well that's in the eye of the beholder. We normaly sail on Royal, but as a Swede the American "in your face-service" took us a long time to get used to. I still can't say that I enjoy it. Last year we "had to" book MSC since Royal wouldn't let my family sail (due to age restrictions). Started to read a lot about MSC before we sailed and a lot of passangers that normaly sail on Royal said that they hated the lack of service. We sailed two times on MSC last year for a total of 18nts. Even if I prefer Royal compared to MSC, I think that the "we are here if you need us-service" are a lot more appeling and one of the best things about MSC. My point is that what someone call "the nicer things" isn't the same for everyone.
  2. A voyage taken only for pleasure, not for transport of cargo or passangers.
  3. Might be, but it's not what I'm looking for. But I have found out that what I'm looking for change as time goes by. One day maybe, but then I won't be able to afford it 😂
  4. You even wrote it your self.. Tell me more about how the Norweigans doesn't use Hurtigruten for transportation... 🙄 Sure Hurtigruten have cruises, but that's not the whole picture.
  5. A lot of cruises leave from Copenhagen, Denmark or Southampton, UK.
  6. That's because Hurtigruten are a ferry and not a true cruise line.
  7. Well I live in a country were we next to never tip. The exception would be at some restuarants. I would never tip for valet parking in Sweden, but we try to adapt to the local customs when we travel.
  8. They charge $35/day and we stay there for five nights.
  9. We will be staying at a hotel in Hawaii that only offers valet parking. How much should we tip every time we need to park the car?
  10. I guess that if you borrow a card from a D, you could know their cabin nr too... Swipe the card like when get on/off the ship and problem is solved. But I have never been in the DL since we are at 74 points right now and won't get to 80 nts until September (& then we still won't get our status change until the next cruise in December).
  11. Well sometimes it's better to read before you post.
  12. Since you (and everybody that cruise from the U.S) leave the U.S, you are going through CBP when you return. Flying to another country with CBD, well who would risk something like that?
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