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  1. "Aliaga Ship Recycling Turkey" on FB have newer pics.
  2. Is it just me that can't find a video in the link? Only pictures.
  3. You can find pics and videos in the FB-group "Ship Breaking".
  4. Easy way to get rid of old ships. They had plans to move Grandeur to Pullmantur before the outbreak.
  5. They don't care, they will only keep a ship that have a high profit. Right now, even if they would care, they might not afford to keep her. Royal needs to keep costs down.
  6. We have or had, a S2S2S on Vision, Odyssey and Empress in March - April. But since Odyssey is a no go we might just cancel all three or rebook to a B2B2B on Explorer. We have issues with our TA and that makes it hard to make any plans.
  7. Well she might be off loading stuff in Malta before she goes to Aliaga..
  8. You talk like your opinion matters that much that it will change someone else opinion 🙄 How about you just move on and keep this thread on topic. No one cares about opinions from anonymous forum users 🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. At least one is sold, have seen pictures on Facebook.
  10. Close? 🤪 About the same distance as New York - Key West. 2 322 km vs 2289 km.
  11. I don't get the logic with Skoda, they are made in the Czech Republic.
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