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  1. Thanks so much for your review. And I really appreciate your paragraph about solos. I can't wait to do a Virgin cruise and I'll most likely be traveling solo. It sounds like it will be pretty easy to meet other solos on these ships.
  2. This just happened to me for my Sept. 3 sailing. I emailed Jennifer Morales. I've cruised many times but have never had this happen before.
  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I'm going on this cruise Sept. 3. It will be my first time on Celebrity and my first cruise since Jan. 2020. I'm nervous about the covid test next week; of course I just missed the Sept. 5 cutoff.
  4. You are not pathetic at all. I've done many solo cruises and it always amazes me how on a ship with thousands of passengers, you can feel as if you're the only one traveling solo. The last cruise I did pre-pandemic was on Norwegian's Pride of America to Hawaii in January 2020. I'm glad I went; Hawaii was lovely and it turned out to be my only vacation in 2020 (who knew?). But I definitely felt like the only solo person there. I did attend the "solo meeting" early in the week and no one else showed up. I had a great conversation with the event host which was fine. The worst was when I was cruising with a group (Road Scholar) and I had my own cabin, as I always do, even when I cruise with family. The steward said "you don't have any friends?" Of all the nerve! And that wasn't even a true solo cruise, unlike most of my cruises.
  5. I just wanted to say this thread is extremely helpful to people like me who are taking their first cruise post-Covid. My last cruise was in January 2020 and this will be my first Celebrity cruise. The biggest stressor is the Covid test and I had no idea virtual companies like OnPoint existed! Thanks everyone!
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