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  1. Thanks, I just called Enterprise Rental Car and they said they would pick me up at the Pier - so that works - unless I am missing something - that sounds almost too good to be true for a $50 rental? Any other advice on making this trip or travel tips for my 6 hour junket are appreciated.
  2. For a 13 hour stop in Cadiz (a Tuesday from 7AM to 8PM) I thought if I could get a bus or transportation to Seville that would be a good day to DIY and tour around Seville. Is that a good idea? Any thoughts on transportation ideas from port to Seville? Is their much to see or do near port if I have extra time? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. First time to Barcelona - what is best, bus or taxi? For pre cruise to get from BCN to City Center (Hotel Jazz in City Center) for two people is it better to take Aerobus (time and cost) vs Taxi (time and cost)? When leaving for the cruise I thought I had read about a free shuttle (???), or what are options (time and cost) to take a bus or taxi from hotel to port?
  4. Stinger-PR, excellent, thanks for the guidance! Will do. So you think my plan is a good use of time - and for seeing and getting a sense of PR beyond San Juan? Good advice on keeping my 2 hr buffer for SJU too. The NCL Epic docks at the Pan American Pier, the Enterprise Rental car is at 999 Ave Ashford (across the street from the Condado Hilton Plaza) - I am thinking with 4K people getting off ship getting a taxi for the 1 1/2 miles (my kids will be retired☺️) and the taxi driver would curse me for such a short ride. I checked out Google Street Map View and it looks like I can walk
  5. Edinburgher - good info in your post, thank you. I will be a 1st timer - what would you recommend as "top sights" with 9 hours in port? Thanks, Brian
  6. Does this sound like a reasonable journey? NCL Epic arrives at 5AM Sunday, I am guessing I can be off about 8:15AM, pick up rental car at Enterprise, drive to El Yunque, via PR-66, PR3, PR-191(looks about an hour on a Sunday) - spend time at El Yunque, then back to SJU Airport for a 5:45P departure - but, if time permits come back PR-187, looks like it turns into a coastal route to SJU so thinking it will be more to see than coming back the same way. Questions are: Does this sound reasonable assuming I can pick up car by 9AM and drop off at SJU at 3:45? Is 7 hrs
  7. Mskaufman - interesting, what was your total travel time (hours) for this trip - do the trains run pretty regularly - what was cost. Would you recommend this for a 1st time visit to Palma? Thanks!
  8. Hiccups - that looked like a great day. Our ship departs at 7 - so all board would be 6 - looks like the 8hr (10:30 start from the web site) adventure would end at 6:30. How fast / long is the bus ride to meeting point - any idea if toward the end of the tour if I could catch a bus back in time for all aboard or are you not near bus routes. What do you think a taxi back to port would be in terms of time and cost? THANKS
  9. Looking for any and all DIY recommendation for a great day in Palma Majorca. Looking for a true do it yourself tours that would maximize a one day visit. Open to bus, taxi, walking, biking, renting a car - we are active and adventurous and want to see all that experienced visitor liked - if you have a written plan (bus to catch, etc) that would be amazing (my email is segnit @ gmail if easier to send). It would be for Nov 23, we arrive at 9AM and depart 7PM. If a rental car is the recommendation and I would do it, but, my concern is that time of year dusk settles in about 5PM, and didn't want
  10. For the day in November that we are in port at Malaga (7am arrival and 8pm departure via NCL Epic), Spain Day Tours is completely booked for their Alhambra / Granada excursion. I am told that Alhambra is a must see. Looking for a tour operators or recommendations on visiting Alhambra (or is it really that good - and maybe I should consider the "Malaga to Ronda and Mijas tour" that Spain Day offers). Is Spain Day Tours a good choice for tours?
  11. Thanks for input -so, One "For" / One "Against' - I don't like losing a closet, but being on the 14th Floor and getting that larger balcony for a 16 day I am guessing is going to be worth it. It is a late Nov TA so I am guessing (?) that the Splash Academy and being on the 'kids & family' area won't be that active.
  12. I booked a GTY Balcony on the Epic, and was assigned a B2 category, which is a Family balcony that can accommodate 4, the cabin is 14047. Is this room going to look / feel more crowded with unused beds hanging from the walls? I searched for reviews of this cabin but noting specific - wonder if the balcony is obstructed, or what size, also guessing the bed is closer to the bathroom than the balcony? Anything you share as to what this cabin might look & layout is appreciated.
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