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  1. Possibly this has been discussed, but we were taken in by this today. We missed our excursion today on Jupiter. There is no time printed on ticket and the times given on TV in cabin and on app were both wrong, so we arrived 45 minutes late and missed the trip. Only the time in daily paper is correct but I didn't look at it, since TV and app gave same time. I maintain that having the wrong time on the TV and app is misleading and worse than giving no time at all. Pretty po'd about this. If they can't get them in alignment they should remove times on those altogether.
  2. Points Guy reports 27 cases on Carnival Vista ship based out of Galveston. All had been vaccinated. They report Carnival downplaying it (duh) but Belizean authorities reporting. Suspect this is the tip of iceberg there since they only do random testing. Viking's methods have kept things down to single cases, although with "collateral damage" of exposed passengers being removed from ship. I think the policy for how to define "contact" and then what to do about it needs a re-think.
  3. So I'm sitting here right now in Explorer Lounge listening to Alan play guitar and thought I would try to catch up on some of these posts. I'm on 8/10 Jupiter. My martini is dry, my flight was boring (good!) and the tour today was fine. I stressed over cancelling but we went. Honestly I am not personally worried about getting (very) sick because the vaccine is doing its job (!) Getting quarantined would suck. But honestly, I am just not feeling threatened here. Passengers and tourists are vaccinated and I haven't interacted much with locals. Wore N95 one plane. The ship is spotless. We spit in the tube and mask and all that stuff. And as we sailed out of Reykjavik tonight I practically cried, I was SO happy to be out again. God bless. Do what you need to do, but this is great!!!!
  4. Small arrival tip, though maybe this was covered before but it was surprise to me. Arrived KEF this morning, (for Jupiter 8/10). At KEF, first line is immigration. They want passport and barcode only. Second line (brief) is leaving luggage area where they want barcode only. Finally, once out of customs and almost out the door there is a third very official line where they want passport, barcode AND Covid vaccination cards. I, of course, had put things away after each step thinking that was it. So keep them out.
  5. 04AUG2021 Just got this. No outside tours allowed. Dear Viking Guest, This message is to advise you of a change to what was previously communicated regarding independent exploration in Iceland. On August 2, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated the travel advisory level for Iceland to a "Level 3." As a result of this change, we do not expect that independent exploration will be permitted. Therefore only Viking-operated shore excursions will be allowed during your voyage. Rest assured, we will offer a range of shore excursions, including sightseeing, special interest and active tours, and each one will be hosted by an experienced guide. We continue to monitor the situation and will notify you of any changes. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call Reservations at 1-855-300-3970, Monday through Sunday, 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM, PT. We look forward to welcoming you on board. Sincerely, Viking
  6. Yikes!. I'm sure it's 50 F. 50 C would be too hot to tolerate, scalding in fact. A hot tub is maybe 104-106 F, or 40-41 C
  7. Thanks for the pic. That helps a lot.
  8. Aw, sorry to hear it. Looks nasty too. I have read that the south coast is most susceptible to storms and bad weather.
  9. Scan code is basically from Iceland government, not US thing. You will get link and need to do it 3 days before arrival. PRC tests on Viking will be PLENTIFUL. You will be PCR tested every day on the ship (spit test) and can use the one from the next-to-last day for return to Canada, unless you are spending a few extra days in Iceland after cruise, in which care you will need to get tested there. Viking has installed PRC equipment on the ship to test everyone every day.
  10. I think you (and Piper) hit the nail on the head. Viking doesn't care about PCR vs rapid. The government web site clearly states rapid (antigen) OR PCR is OK for vaccinated. I have some concerns that some person at the IcelandAir gate will not know this and be a hindrance, but the rapid test is so much easier to schedule. The situation is very fluid and nobody is exactly certain, so they want to cover all bases (and behinds) and advising the PRC covers all behinds better. I expect it will be nailed down soon, so those of us flying in a couple weeks should be OK. But I hear a G+T calling me from Explorers Lounge too.
  11. I think that’s a fair assumption, though there was no official word. Personally, I assume this based on the “fuss” the Sky case produced with the Icelandic authorities in contrast to the lack of fuss on the Jupiter. (My personal suspicion is that the Jupiter case was a false positive.) There was comment that the Sky passenger was asymptomatic and it can be assumed was fully vaccinated per Norwegian and Icelandic requirements to be on the ship.
  12. Ah- here it is from the government web site- PRC or rapid, 72 hours old or less so testing at airport OK- https://www.government.is/news/article/2021/07/19/COVID-19-test-certificate-required-before-departure-for-vaccinated-travellers/
  13. Iceland Monitor seems to be repeating the PCR or rapid test line- https://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/news/news/2021/07/19/vaccinated_travellers_must_show_a_negative_test_sta/
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