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  1. charleysmom04

    St. Petersburg excursions...suggested tour company

    I highly recommend Alla Tours. We booked with them for our August 25th Viking Homelands and it was a fantastic two days. We had a small group (14) and a wonderful guide and driver. I could not have asked for a better run tour. We saw and learned so much but never felt rushed . Our guide was so well versed in Russian history and such a delight! We are so glad we booked with Alla. It was a great experience and much cheaper than Viking's tour. Diane
  2. charleysmom04

    Celebrity Solstice-February 12, 2019

    Hi Arlene and Ron! Glad to hear of others on that cruise ! We just booked a few days ago and since there was no roll call started, well, I started one! Just go to Celebrity roll calls and look for our cruise date. It's there and we look forward to chatting with you about our upcoming cruise! This is also our first time in Australia and New Zealand. We booked back to back ( Feb. 28th) since this is such a long trip to get there. We are Gary and Diane from Arizona.
  3. charleysmom04

    Final Payment Question

    We are sailing on Viking in August 2018 and originally when we booked in May, it was 45 days after the booking for final payment. Somehow our TA got it changed to November 2017 for final payment. I agree that shortly after booking for final payment seems a bit much and am grateful that he got us 5 extra months. BTW, anybody here on the 8/25/2018 Viking Homelands( Bergen to Stockholm) cruise? I have started a roll call page. Take care, Diane
  4. charleysmom04

    Trying to get refund! Unacceptable wait time!

    We had to cancel a cruise just a few weeks ago. Our refund was credited back to us within 3 days. May be a cc issue more than Celebrity.
  5. We are sailing on Equinox March 25th 2016 and have had Dominica dropped for an overnight in St. Maarten. We are actually fine with it as we have been to Dominica several times and that is enough. I understand how frustrating it must be to those who have not been there before. We are looking forward to extra time in St. Maarten and hopefully some interesting evening tours. Diane
  6. charleysmom04

    Collapsible cubes?

    We took 6 of them with us on Eclipse in November and they worked great! Put 4 above the bed and two underneath. The 10 1/2 by10 1/2 from Target are the perfect fit even under the bed, which comes in very handy for more storage. And they are perfectly flat in the suitcase and take up no room. Diane
  7. We just got off the Eclipse 14 day last Sunday and loved it! You will want the itinerary that goes to Bonaire, it was great. Took the Woodwind snorkel tour there and it was wonderful. We really enjoyed the 14 day itinerary and we were on the ship for Thanksgiving ,which was lovely. The first day out, all the Christmas decorations were being put up and the ship was really nicely decorated for the entire cruise. Ship and crew were great. All in all, we had a great time. Diane
  8. My husband likes to take his tux for our Fall cruises ( this fall is 14 days) and will take a suit for the Spring cruises. He has a regular bow tie collection now and always looks great. We like to dress for Formal nights as we don't get to do it at home. We find that the longer Fall cruises always have a good mix of suits and tuxes. The spring tend to be a bit less formal. Diane
  9. charleysmom04

    Celebrity Caribbean Zipline - Barbados or St Kitts

    I'm pretty sure we're shipmates( 11/23)! We have already booked the St. Kitt's zipline after watching video on Youtube. It looks like a blast. We have ziplined before ( St. Lucia) and had a great time. This one looks even better and has great reviews. Can't tell you anything about Barbados. Hope this helps a little! Diane
  10. Really enjoyed your review of what sounds like a fabulous trip!. Really enjoyed all your photos. Thanks for sharing them! Hope to meet your when we are shipmates on Eclipse this November! Diane and Gary
  11. charleysmom04

    Which formal night would you dress up the most?

    I wear the fanciest ( and the smallest) for the first formal night, although there isn't a whole lot of difference in how formal each outfit ( for formal night) is. Just wear the most fitted first, roomiest last! Diane
  12. charleysmom04

    What DH should wear for formal night

    We will be on the Noordam in November and my husband is taking his tux. It's just fun for us to dress up.
  13. charleysmom04

    Caribbean wine and food purchases?

    We always go to the Guavaberry Emporium in St. Maarten. We used to only buy the liquor, but when we were there last year we bought some of their Jerk Seasoning and Guavaberry BBQ sauce. Best jerk seasoning we've ever had and the sauce is excellent. We will be stocking up big time when we are there in November! They have a nice variety of different seasonings and sauces to choose from. We also love our spices from Grenada and the chocolate from there is so good!
  14. charleysmom04

    Some images from Noordam March 1 cruise

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for posting them! We will be on the Noordam for the 11 day cruise in November, so we really enjoyed seeing what we have to look forward too.
  15. charleysmom04

    Deposit Amount

    Thanks, we are already on the roll call, just haven't posted much as we just got off a Princess cruise a little over a week ago. I'm sure that board will get more active the closer the cruise gets.