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  1. Here’s my story of how 2 different cruise lines have handled this crisis. We were booked on a Japan spring flowers cruise on Cunard. No communication at all. If I wanted any update I had to look through the boards on Cruisecritic or just see the blanket information they posted on their website. Calling got no information and still waiting for information on part of my refund from their customer service which will hopefully be answered at least 30 days from my inquiry. I do have a 25% pp fcc but I don’t care. I will never book again with them due to their poor response to this. Prince
  2. JoannaBullhead. We are still working out the details but it is a private tour and it will probably work out to around $500 pp. for the 2 day tour. They said that some places will not allow me to use my mobility scooter but they have a wheelchair they will provide at no extra cost for me to use. I received an email today with a schedule but I still need to work on it a bit. I think they would be open to looking at your wants and needs and making a tour that suits you. I know this forum is for those who have already traveled there but it’s so hard to get good info on handicap travel I
  3. I checked out Dancing Bear Tours. While I was looking on their site I got a message to chat with Julia. I advised her that I had mobility issues and used a scooter to get around and I was looking for a private tour for my husband and I. She wanted to know if she could call me right then! I was so impressed that she did that. She called and inquired about my disability needs and about what things I would like to do and see while in St Petersburg. She then said that she would work up a couple of itineraries for me to look over and email them to me. I am so impressed with her quick res
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