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  1. Does anyone know who Royal Caribbean are using for the flights from the U.K. To Cyprus for the Jewel of the Seas cruises?
  2. Agree I paid my balance on my October cruise today!
  3. Both the Southampton VTS and Liverpool Cruise Schedule (updated 23rd July) now have anthem appearing through September & October
  4. This has just appeared in the Royal app
  5. Just paid my balance for October today too!
  6. I have just realised if the Italian government don't change their stance, we won't actually be able to get off in Italy! It's not shaping up to be a cruise worth going on anymore really!
  7. I’ll look Into that! Still need all the destinations to be Amber or below however. Can’t afford 10 days quarantine due to work!
  8. I’m still waiting on the U.K. Government taking France off the “Amber Plus” list and removing their advice against international cruises. Otherwise this will invalidate travel insurance!
  9. With France already on this Amber+ rules me out as I can’t do 10 days quarantine due to work. considering changing to Anthem out of Southampton but fancy something different than U.K. Ports and U.K. weather!
  10. That’s how I read it as well, so many rules keep changing! One minute they say we can travel to Amber if we are jabbed now they change France to its own category!
  11. Given the U.K. has just put France back into needing to quarantine when you return going to result in cancellations from U.K. passengers.
  12. Only got it early thanks to the GrabAJab weekend! Glad I went, just hope MSC employ the same logic as everyone else!
  13. I had my vaccine on the 26th June and sail on the 10th July... does this count as the 14 days they are asking for...
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