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  1. The airport is 10 miles from the Maryland Cruise Terminal. Super Shuttle is another option.
  2. If you click on the link for deck plans on Carnival's site you will see that it is located on Lido deck 10 starboard side aft.
  3. When Halloween falls on a day when you are on the ship, you will see a lot of people in costumes in the evening. You might also hear some loud and out of control guests in the hallways when you're trying to sleep.
  4. If they allowed it, and word got out, all 3,000 or 4,000 passengers would also want custom prepared meals.
  5. Assuming the passenger capacity is the same or greater than Mardi Gras, which is almost 5,300, this is why Carnival has staggered arrival appointments and doesn't want everyone to show up at 11:00.
  6. We used Modern Limousine round trip between the airport and the port. For 2 of us it was less expensive than a taxi or Carnival shuttle.
  7. Most of the ships have tables for 2 on the upper level next to the rail. You can request one but are not guaranteed to get it.
  8. Nothing. I just want to know if they're being sold on the ships. If so, I prefer to buy one new when I'm on the ship.
  9. Thanks. This is the information I was looking for.
  10. A few years ago Carnival apparently stopped selling the coffee mugs with the name and picture of the ship in the gift shops. But a few months ago when we were on Sunrise they were available. Have you seen them available on any of the other ships? I would like to complete my collection, and yes, i know about looking for them on eBay.
  11. It isn’t necessarily at 6pm. We did it in 2017 and signed up on the ship. I know we didn’t eat that early because we always have late seating.
  12. And I still wouldn't ever book a cruise for hurricane season.
  13. They no longer have a Future Vacation Desk on the ship. You will get an email offer when you return home which is good for 2 weeks, but the OBC is only $50 and you have to book Early Saver, which means a penalty if you cancel or change. In the old days you could book Past Guest and get $100 OBC for a 7 night cruise.
  14. If you have a choice, pick a cruise that sails from Manhattan. The views of the west side of Manhattan, including the Freedom Tower, plus the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, are priceless.
  15. You might consider renting a car at the airport. You can turn it in in Cocoa Beach and they will shuttle you to the ship.
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