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  1. We are now in our daughter’s apartment in Amstelveen. Just got off Uniworld’s River Duchess this morning in Amsterdam. We had no water level problems on the Rhine from Frankfurt on (Oct 20th to Oct 24th). We did do a ship swap at Würzburg (River Princess to River Duchess) on Oct 18th to get Uniworld’s two boats back on their schedules since there was a ship swap earlier in the month. Other than not getting on at Giurgiu in Bucharest (got on at Turnu Magurele due low water or two barges stuck due to low water), we had no other low water problems on our Ultimate European Journey on the Danube, Main-Danube canal, the Main or the Rhine. We did have some days of rain & fog (hail for a short period in Rothenburg 😦) & enjoyed a number of sunny Fall days. We are very happy with this river experience. Thank you again to Notamermaid & GMT for keeping us abreast of the happenings on the Danube & the Rhine. - Rose & Alan
  2. Well, Goldener Oktober has been hit & miss. We were in Vienna Oct 12th & the fog never lifted. But when we did the scenic cruise between Weissenkirchen & Passau on Oct 13th, it was beautiful! Our visit to Passau on Oct 14th started off foggy but eventually turned beautifully sunny. On Oct 15th we had a foggy day in Regensberg. And today on our way to Nuremberg on the Main Danube canal, it’s beautiful with golden trees & sunshine. Feeling pretty lucky with the weather. 😄
  3. Although it maybe early for it, I think we are experiencing Goldener Oktober here on the river in Slovakia. Gorgeous sunny morning cruising to Vienna with some of the trees turning yellow. Looks like we will have partly sunny skies in Vienna with Fahrenheit temps of high 60s. 😃
  4. Whoops! While walking thru the reception area this morning, I noticed the umbrellas onboard the River Princess are blue 😊 not gray. I think they were gray on the Joie de Vivre. At any rate, yes, you did say red. Just hoping we don’t have to use any umbrellas very much for the rest of the cruise & that water levels will still be good. Thanks for keeping us informed on this thread.
  5. Thanks for pointing out the problem with the umbrellas. Although Uniworld provides us with the large “gray” umbrellas, we bring our smaller packable ones & most times I try to use just my hood on my jacket. Thanks again for all the information on this thread. We have left Serbia & are on our way to Croatia on the River Princess.
  6. We are now at the Radisson Bleu in Bucharest & went to the general meeting held by our local host. Besides giving us general information & discussing the tours available from Uniworld in/out of Bucharest, she has informed us we will not be embarking on our boat from Giurgiu on Oct 2nd, but the busses will drive another hour to get us to Turnu Magurele to embark. This also tells me that we will be taking busses back to Rousse for excursions there.
  7. We are doing the Uniworld Ultimate European Journey starting from Bucharest to Amsterdam starting Oct 2nd (the tour starts Sept 30th). We are presently on the Joie de Vivre on the Seine & have been talking to one of the crew members who is from Bucharest. So we were not surprised to get the official e-mail from Uniworld saying we are starting the cruise in a sister boat (River Princess) & will swap boats when we get to Wurzburg to get on the one we were supposed to be on (River Duchess) & finish the cruise on her to Amsterdam. Hope this is helpful to egw1 who leaves soon for Bucharest.
  8. I too am grateful to notamermaid for all her updates as well as others who have contributed to this thread. Since we are literally on the same boat as wanderingoz, I have to agree we may be swapping boats somewhere along the rivers. I truly hope we get some rain for all of us that are cruising these rivers soon. - Rose
  9. Our cruise documents came today. 👏👏👏
  10. Well, now my husband is rethinking the Peles Castle tour as well. I still want to go, but I can see that if not enough people sign up, it may be a no go. We will be arriving in Bucharest on Sept 29th from Paris where we will have disembark from the Paris to Normandy cruise. We will only have a one hour time change to deal with flying to Bucharest so we won’t be as tired as if we were arriving from the States. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. - Rose
  11. To wanderingoz (Steve), After reading that you already got your documents, we called our travel agent asking about ours. We should be getting them Saturday or Tuesday (Monday is a holiday in the States). That should really get us going on our packing. And we too, are interested in the Peles Castle tour. Hope we can sign up for it when we get to Bucharest. We couldn’t see any other way to sign up for it until we got there. So 31 more days! - Rose
  12. To HappyTrvl, Thanks for posting about your cruise experience. I have to say I’m a little surprise to hear that there was limited slots on the regular excursions. We did not experience this on our fall cruise with Uniworld in Bordeaux. The only tours that seemed to have limits were the bike tours. And we did see some people miss out on the first bike tour, but staff made sure that they did get on the list for the next bike tour opportunity. On our Bordeaux cruise they offered an excursion to Remy Martin that was not on the original itinerary. This excursion was like the Masterpiece ones - extra cost and they only had 40 slots. By the time I went to sign up, it was full, but they had a waiting list which I signed for. When all was said and done, they got a second bus and anybody who wanted to go (& pay the cost) got to go. Also, thanks for letting us know about the winery excursion in Budapest for those of us continuing on. I hope that is repeated bc that would be something we will be interested in. It will be interesting to see how many of us were will be taking the full trip. -Rose
  13. Hi there Steve, We are the other couple on the trip with you. Just over a month before we arrive in Bucharest and we are finally getting ready for the trip. 😀 We cruised with Uniworld last fall out of Bordeaux & liked Uniworld very much. Like Travlr21 stated before, sometimes the bike tours are limited & fill up quickly as we saw on our cruise with Uniworld. I too looked around on Cruise Critic about the Masterpiece excursions & I what little I saw basically said we had to wait until after we arrive (or board) before we could sign up for those excursions. So we are crossing are fingers & hoping for the best. We recently had a change in plans for the end of the trip in Amsterdam. Our daughter & her family just moved there so now we are spending a few days there instead of flying directly home. Since we made the change, we decided to book some tickets for Anne Frank’s house & did just that today. Looking forward to meeting you. - Rose & Alan
  14. Thanks for the heads up. We will be going next fall - hopefully. And now I know I will need to be prepared. - Rose
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