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  1. Congrats Paul! I very much enjoyed your live Equinox review! If that was any indication of your "blogging" skills, then it's no wonder you won! Annette~
  2. Hi PAul! I loved following along on your advanture... Thanks for sharing! Did you hear anything specific on what the scheduled refurb (revoutionizing?) may include? Inquiring minds want to know ;) Annette~
  3. So, we were in a cabana over the water. #1 was pretty much sea level... No real "steps" #2 had a private ladder into the water... #3 & #4 shared a ladder.We didn't get there as soon a we docked, more like around 10:30 ish? When you get to nellies, there is a kiosk like umbrella area set up to greet the cabana people when you get there. They check your name off the "list", and walk you too your cabana. Once we got there and our attendant left the cabana, I just walked back to the kiosk and requested the change. Because not endings had checked in, I guess, I didn't have any problems with the request! Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  4. As a follow up. 4 of us had iPhones, 2 had androids. 3 got the texting feature (2 androids and one iPhone)... and the iPhone was our "liaison" between parties. Although we didn't use it often... it was convenient since our party was not connected at the hip!!! I had to "force stop" the app almost every time I used it on my Android, But for the convenience, it was worth the $8. in my opinion. I would get it again. Annette~
  5. As a follow up... There WERE towels when we arrived and more almost instantly when we requested them! The cabana we were assigned was the first one you see on the beach. I was immediately disappointed at the view... looking at all the people on the beach just wasn't what I had hoped for. Fortunately, Not everyone who had reserved cabanas had arrived yet, and I was able to change to the 3rd cabana from the beach and it was PERFECT!!! WE had a lovely day, the weather was perfect, the water was perfect, the snorkeling was perfect... I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Annette~
  6. Hi Paul! Thanks for posting this live review! It has been many years since my husband and I have cruised on Celebrity, but while on the Harmony last week, I felt we were ready for a (slightly more mature ;)) change... so booked the Equinox for November 2019! Can't wait to follow along with you! Have a wonderful trip!!! Annette~
  7. thanks... the various answers continue.:D ;p Better safe than sorry, I suppose... just hate to carry additional stuff if it's not needed!
  8. We are setting sail in the morning and have a cabana reserved for our day in Labadee. Do we need to bring ship towels? Or will they be provided by the cabana attendant? I've heard various reports and was wondering what your recent experience may have been? Thanks! Annette~
  9. Thanks Bob... we're a party of 6... half have iphones... the other half are androids. We'll figure it out, I just wanted to make sure it was still working before counting on it. Annette~
  10. In other words... if I pay for it, will I actually be able to text others who have also paid for it? Anyone recently use it successfully? Boarding in the morning :D:D Thanks! Annette~
  11. Great review! Thanks for sharing. We are headed to the identical itinerary on the Harmony tomorrow and cannot wait! Annette~ Sent from my LG-H932 using Forums mobile app
  12. Someone mentioned the casino... I didn't think they played tv when they were not open (still docked in port).?!?! Annette~ PS... If I were sailing... I'd be looking to watch the EAGLES play, too:cool:
  13. Same with me. You must be logged out of your account so that they can unlock it... then make sure you use the "exit reservation" button to avoid future lock-outs... at least that is what I was told over the weekend! Annette~
  14. It's only sharing if both of you are using it.... I was planning on buying an additional pkg... Hence the vein of this thread. Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
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