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  1. Yes!!! I was pretty much SURE it was a mistake, but then it happened AGAIN!😂🤣
  2. To the fridge question in OV cabins, as stated above, only the OV cabins on deck 9 had them. WE were on deck 8 and there were drawers where the fridge could have been. These were pretty much the ONLY drawers in the cabin... I do not recall the exact price of the drink package, but I do remember seeing it advertised when we boarded and thinking it was "not on sale" 😉. With the cost of my mojitos ringing in at $16-17 each, it would have definitely been worth it for me! 🙄... but, that was not the kind of trip we were on THIS TIME 🤣 On port days, the Royal Caribbean Cooler bag was for sale with 5 bottles of water for $15 in front of the WIndjammer. Handy for keeping ice in your room, as well as poolside and beach excursions! We have a few from several years ago, and it is exactly the same. We did not bring it this time, but have on longer cruises. Our room steward, whose name was Stewart 😁 kept an ice bucket filled for our room the entire trip, which was perfect for us! Annette~
  3. I'm embarrassed to say that I do not know!🙄 I asked my husband, and he could not say either! Sorry!
  4. Just off the Majesty this morning... Here are my thoughts! First, when rooms open at 1:00, double check you are in the correct stateroom BEFORE you start unpacking Yes, the ship is small, but some people still had problems navigating! Yes, the staff is AMAZING!!! The ship's condition was average. I didn't see paint peeling, mold or obvious signs of wear and tear. Deck 8, cabins 8516 and 8520 had zero problems with air, bathroom, smells, etc. The water pressure was a little weak, and the air conditioning was never TOO COLD but everything was average, no complaints! The cabins are small. Fine for 2 people, I would have struggled with 3 adults. Minimal storage space, but for a 4 night cruise, we had no problems. There IS storage space behind the vanity mirrors, and of course, under the bed. Shelves, safe and plenty of hangers in the closet. Full length mirror on door, 2 wall hooks and a drying line across the shower stall. Body wash/shampoo/conditioner mix provided in the shower, as well as a hair dryer in the vanity drawer. Shower Curtains were cloth and NOT the kind that hug you while showering! Food is all personal. I am a vegetarian, and managed to always find something tasty. Let's be honest, if "restaurant rccl" was on land, I probably wouldn't go, but while cruising, the options were plentiful and it did the job. Entertainment was good. The shows were typical old school cruise shows. The singers and dancers were very good. The comedians were funny. BINGO ... complete rip off They promote the "packages" but you can buy the sheets without the "extras", and make out much better! It cost $96 for 2 packages + 1 pkg free. If we just bought the sheets, I think it would have been just $75. Oh, and that was for just 1 round of bingo Casino was good to me. I went once, played about 4 spins and came out 5xs ahead of my investment! Was smart enough to walk away and not return! Then had my husband cash in the voucher so i wouldn't be tempted to give it back! The pools are small. On day 1 and the sea day they were literally filled shoulder to shoulder with people... It was "people soup" at its finest! . on the mornings of port days, we had the pools to ourselves. Plan accordingly, people!!! Boarding was a breeze! We arrived at about 10:00 and through check in within 10 minutes. Waited a bit then were on board in no time! Debarkation was equally fast! We walked off at 7:30, through customs (they do not participate in mobile passport at port everglades), waited about 15 minutes for an UBER, checked in at FLL and waiting for our flight by 8:30. If only the weather had cooperated that day. Our scheduled flight was delayed multiple times due to severe lightning storms. What we had expected to be a 6 hour trip with plane change turned into a 12.5 hour trip with 4 hours spent on the tarmac! Those are the highlights! Being loyal to royal, almost Diamond ➕ members, who usually prefer to travel on the big ships, my companions and I agreed that we would happily sail the Majesty again! If anyone has any specific questions, I will try to answer them! Happy sailing!!!
  5. Leaving tomorrow for the 4 night on Majesty! Thanks, Marion Mom for the up to date info!!! Did you notice the "drink cards" being offered at all? Annette~
  6. Maybe this one? https://www.amazon.com/O2COOL-Portable-Electric-Black-Gray/dp/B06W5J96J3/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=o2cool+8"+ac+adapter&qid=1563041098&s=gateway&sr=8-14
  7. Sailing on the Equinox in December. I am currently booked in an Aqua Class Veranda, beginning of the bump, but am considering the Sunset verandas... Is there any shade on the Sunset verandas? Thanks! Annette~
  8. Congrats Paul! I very much enjoyed your live Equinox review! If that was any indication of your "blogging" skills, then it's no wonder you won! Annette~
  9. Hi PAul! I loved following along on your advanture... Thanks for sharing! Did you hear anything specific on what the scheduled refurb (revoutionizing?) may include? Inquiring minds want to know ;) Annette~
  10. So, we were in a cabana over the water. #1 was pretty much sea level... No real "steps" #2 had a private ladder into the water... #3 & #4 shared a ladder.We didn't get there as soon a we docked, more like around 10:30 ish? When you get to nellies, there is a kiosk like umbrella area set up to greet the cabana people when you get there. They check your name off the "list", and walk you too your cabana. Once we got there and our attendant left the cabana, I just walked back to the kiosk and requested the change. Because not endings had checked in, I guess, I didn't have any problems with the request! Sent from my LG-H932 using Tapatalk
  11. As a follow up. 4 of us had iPhones, 2 had androids. 3 got the texting feature (2 androids and one iPhone)... and the iPhone was our "liaison" between parties. Although we didn't use it often... it was convenient since our party was not connected at the hip!!! I had to "force stop" the app almost every time I used it on my Android, But for the convenience, it was worth the $8. in my opinion. I would get it again. Annette~
  12. As a follow up... There WERE towels when we arrived and more almost instantly when we requested them! The cabana we were assigned was the first one you see on the beach. I was immediately disappointed at the view... looking at all the people on the beach just wasn't what I had hoped for. Fortunately, Not everyone who had reserved cabanas had arrived yet, and I was able to change to the 3rd cabana from the beach and it was PERFECT!!! WE had a lovely day, the weather was perfect, the water was perfect, the snorkeling was perfect... I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Annette~
  13. Hi Paul! Thanks for posting this live review! It has been many years since my husband and I have cruised on Celebrity, but while on the Harmony last week, I felt we were ready for a (slightly more mature ;)) change... so booked the Equinox for November 2019! Can't wait to follow along with you! Have a wonderful trip!!! Annette~
  14. We are setting sail in the morning and have a cabana reserved for our day in Labadee. Do we need to bring ship towels? Or will they be provided by the cabana attendant? I've heard various reports and was wondering what your recent experience may have been? Thanks! Annette~
  15. In other words... if I pay for it, will I actually be able to text others who have also paid for it? Anyone recently use it successfully? Boarding in the morning :D:D Thanks! Annette~
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