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  1. We always start and end our cruise with Pinnacle Gril. Makes it so much more memorable. Plus, we love to enjoy and 2 - 3 dining experience with wine pairings and stellar service.
  2. #1- Holland America #2 - Princess #3- Fathom- no longer in existence #4 - Carnival #5 - Royal Caribbean #6 - Disney This is based on my personal cruise experiences I have had with these lines. LOVE HAL - most consistent product and the crew is always stellar!
  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! Used it on our 18-day Hawai‘i cruise. Best thing we did. We like to change clothes after going ashore. It’s amazing what contact our clothes have while in a port of call. Always get clean clothes on after coming back onboard. We feel it helps the spreading of unnecessary germs. Will use it on our 7-day cruise too. Then we have all clean laundry when we return home. Items are washed per your directions. Be sure to be specific on wash methods. We stated cold water for all items, and no items shrank. Also helps to leave a buck or two when submitting the laundry to your steward. We kind we get same-day service sometimes.
  4. Veendam will have Noel Driscoll Anything interesting about him? Have not heard his name mentioned on the boards. Looks like he is there from April 9 - May 26
  5. Anyone have an idea of who the Captain and CD will be on the Veendam? Traveling April 11-18 Had a great crew, Captain, and CD on the Oosterdam in December.
  6. We have become great packers. Four our 18-day Hawai‘i cruise we had 1 large, 1 medium and carry-on each. Had plenty of stuff. Highly recommend the laundry service too. It was stellar on the Oosterdam. If we were going to stay the night before in Ft. Lauderdale, then I would drive, but the hotel rates are too high for mediocre places at best. That does not even count the parking or meals. April is still considered high-season. May - things tends to drop off to Summer rates.
  7. It was definitely worth it. Had a credit that was going to expire if I did not use it. Got the roundtrip flight for $52 each person.
  8. This is a first for us: We decided to fly from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale for our upcoming cruise in April. I know it sounds silly, but the flight fares were so good and our bags fly complimentary. It is cheaper to fly than drive and park the car at a satellite lot - let alone the Port Everglades. I guess I will not mind the hassle at the airport. The flight is only an hour. Plus, we have insurance, so if anything goes wrong, it can be resolved. Stress-free trip right? Remember to seek out a third-party national insurance carrier. The rate was more than 50% less than what HAL was offering. The coverage also includes higher limits I'm most categories. Tip: Be sure when getting insurance that coverage includes medical evacuation. You never know. Better to be safe and never use it than really be in need without it!
  9. Sailed on the Rotterdam in December of 2016 and definitely was a classic ship. Sure, it needed upgrades was the service was impeccable in Pinnacle Grill and in the Mix Bar. Cabin was also clean, but needed a refurbishment. Nothing was abused, just normal wear and tear. The ship looks so different post drydock. An entire new color scheme throughout and the looks more modern with those classic Holland America Line features like artwork and flowers. The Pinnacle Grill, Lido Marketplace and public areas look entirely different. It will feel like a different ship, with the best layout afloat in the HAL fleet. This is certainly the direction HAL needs to go in as the clientele is becoming a bit more youthful, mixed with long-time dedicated HAL cruisers.
  10. I think I should have a cabin my the end of the week of before Thanksgiving.
  11. I am anxiously awaiting our cabin assignment for our 18-Day Circle to Hawaii cruise. We have an inside guarantee cabin, so I will be happy with a closet. I am going to Hawaii!!!!! Never thought in my wildest dreams it could e possible. HAL made a dream a reality. I keep check a couple of times a day. The suspense is great. I can't wait to see where our cabin will be located. Is (2) weeks usually a good time-frame for cabin assignments? Interior cabins are all sold out, but there are other categories available and we have not been offered any upsells at this point. Anyone else close to their sail date waiting for a cabin assignment?
  12. I am on that same voyage. There will be 3 GALA nights aboard!
  13. 414 Days until the Crown Princess as we sail a great Southern Caribbean Medley voyage.
  14. Hi folks, For those of you interested in booking a new reservation, you might want to inquire about the Cyber Sale. If you wanted to cruise in 2018-2019 there are some great perks - including free gratuities, onboard credit person, (regardless of cabin type) and complimentary upgrade to the best cabin in your class. We took advantage of a great 10-Day Southern Caribbean Medley on the Crown consisting of Aruba, Curacao, Grenada, Dominica, St. Thomas, Grand Turk for January of 2019. We used a future cruise deposit, so no money down - love that! Always remember to purchase one onboard. Ours was going to expire in January of 2018, so it gave us a great reason to use it. The Cyber Sale is combinable with Casino Rates. We saved an additional 35% on the inside cabin and have $250.00 in OBC during our cruise from the current promotion. We typically do not like to spend no more than $70 per person per day including taxes and gratuities for our cruises. There are opportunities to snag great rates if you are willing to book well in advance. This cruise fits the bill. We always also extra dinners at the specialty restaurants and cocktails. Go out there and live out your inner "Love Boat" temptations and book a cruise. Life is short and precious. Take advantage of every opportunity and give yourself a reason to travel and enjoy life on the high seas.
  15. I am a bit confused, We are on Circle of Hawaii from Dec.2-20. Does the original poster mean November 17th? On December 17th, the Oosterdam will be at sea.
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