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  1. Originally we were on the retired Rotterdam then the Volendam. Other DAM ships in the past have included Ryndam Eurodam Nieuw Amsterdam Oosterdam Zuiderdam Veendam Nieuw Statendam
  2. That is terrific. It will make it so much easier for us not flying. We do not have to stick to the quart size liquid requirements. I’m sure we will meet up on the cruise.
  3. Ultimately, I wanted to be completely relaxed for the South Pacific portion of the cruise. This itinerary was a bucket list cruise and I am so glad that I was able do it. In fact, I had booked that cruise in March 2019 for 2021, which has turned into 2022. Just thinking about the itinerary gives me goose bumps. I wonder if the 35-Day voyage is sill considered a Legendary voyage? I know there are some Grand Voyages that are shorter than 35 days. Anyone think HAL will turn it into a Grand Voyage?
  4. After Having my 2021 32-Day Tahiti, Hawaii, & Marquesas voyage changed 3 times to a 35-Day Voyage in 2022, I now have done something crazier. Rather than fly from South Florida to San Diego, I thought, why not cruise to San Diego? The voyage before is a 14-Day Panama Canal Transit leaving Ft. Lauderdale ending in San Diego then goes right into the 35-Day cruise. I have very little confidence that my April Caribbean sailing will happen. That means I will have even more FCC's coming my way. I was able to take advantage of the View & Verandah and all the perks associated
  5. I have a total of 5 cruises booked for 2021 on Princess with Platinum Protection paid and over $500.00 for coverages. My question is, can I choose to cancel my Princess Platinum coverage prior to my cruises and receive a refund for the amount paid for the policy? I am seeking an annual policy from one of the country's top travel insurers and would only cost $450.00 for those in the household that has $500,000 in Emergency Transportation and $50,000 in Medical Coverages plus a few more goodies. I have 4 other voyages on HAL that I need to find coverage for regardl
  6. I just booked this offer for a 10-day Caribbean voyage in March of 2020. I too had FCC available. I could not use any funds towards the port fees and taxes or the $200.00 deposit per person. I will tell you that I was able to an FCC towards the Princess Plus package that includes unlimited beverages, gratuities, and WIFI, The amount of the FCC has to be less than the amount of the upgrade, I had a FCC with a value of approx. $150.00 that I used towards the Princess Plus. The Free Cruise ended up costing me almost $1,200.00, but I will have $400 in OBC wit
  7. I called my Princess Rep. in Santa Clarita, CA and he said even though the offer states he could book it, he was not able to. He did transfer me to the Casino Dept. Been on hold over 90 minutes. Hoping our interested voyage is still available. I guess its a good thing to pass the day being on hold planning out next cruise for 2021.
  8. I am booked on the Zaandam 11-Day from Ft. Lauderdale to Montreal. We booked this while onboard the Eurodam in January. I am also conscious when cruising about bring Lysol and washing my hands on a regular basis. The Corona Virus is not going to stop me from enjoy a true pleasure in life. On the bright side, my airfare has decreased and now I will be getting $200.00 in additional onboard credit. It's important that HAL values its Mariners for keeping there cruise vacations. We always buy travel insurance, and I know first hand that the medical care onboard any DAM ship is adequate in dea
  9. Is this offered on the Zuiderdam. Doing 10-day Panama Canal over Thanksgiving. I would enjoy trying something new at Pinnacle Grill.
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