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  1. Thank you all! Good to know. We are on 3 x B2B2B for a total of 38 days so we will definitely need to make use of this service. 🙂
  2. Is there Laundry Service provided on the Navigator? I was able find that there is a self serve laundry room but just curious of the also provide the Valet Service to all guests?
  3. We are doing 3 x B2B2B Mediterranean Cruises on the Navigator this Fall. My husband is celebrating a Birthday on the switch-over day from Cruise #1 to Cruise #2. I'm trying to think of some way to make it extra special. Obviously I will contact Regent directly but has anyone else done or planned something to celebrate an important event? Can we order a more expensive bottle of champagne or anything like that? Thanks.
  4. Am I missing something? Just looking at next week (as an example).... says no results...
  5. Anyone with experience, do you know what Hotel(s) are used by Regent for Pre-Cruise in Rome? We have been several times and had always used the same hotel, which is now closed..... We will spend one night in Rome and either book a transfer, or take the train to Civitavecchia in the morning. Thanks.
  6. Thanks to all for your thoughts and ideas. Ironically we did purchase the package only to find it was cancelled once onboard! Oh well.
  7. Thank you all. We got it at the 29% off Sale, so are happy with the price. No big expectations other than to have a few glasses of wine and meet some people. Cheers! 🥂🙂
  8. Can anyone comment on what the World Wine Tour entails? Currently on sale for one day and I am wondering if it's worth it (we do not have a beverage pkg). Thank you.
  9. We booked Nov 21 but just made our final payment yesterday - and when we received the Booking confirmation the GTY was changed to a Stateroom #.
  10. It was not on Celebrity, it was on other sites (Cruiseline and ICruise). I do see what you are saying about the Celebrity site and cruisedeckplans. Either way we are happy with our room. thanks.
  11. We booked a GTY Concierge Balcony on Celebrity Equinox. Just received our assigned cabin as "C2 - 1263 Concierge Class" However when I check online sites, it lists 1263 as a C3..... I realize there is not much difference between C2 & C3 - Just curious why the discrepancy...
  12. Has anyone done Celebrity's excursion "Destination Highlight: 4x4 Off Road and Beach Adventure" in Antigua? Trying to figure out if it is a 'drive yourself' or if you have a driver the the 4x4? Thanks for any info.
  13. Can anyone tell me if there are binoculars supplied in all Suites? Or, just the higher categories? We are in Deluxe Veranda.
  14. Thank you Portolon Yes, we leave on the 31st out of Reykjavik. Excited for our first Regent Experience. We're not too concerned about what is there for set up, and I know we can discuss with our steward, it was more just curiosity. I won't mention the Guinness 'situation' to my husband, as he is a 'lover' of such! (LOL but easily adaptable) Curious if they might have Strongbow Cider onboard? (my favourite)
  15. We are going on our first Regent Cruise. Can anyone tell me what are the basic/first day items which would typically be in the Mini Bar? We have not made any requests so just wondering if there is a 'starter' set up? (I understand we can make requests once aboard) We are in a Deluxe Veranda (G1). Thank you in advance.
  16. We board the Splendor in Reykjavík in a week! Can't wait for your updates. Thank you. 🙂
  17. How can you tell which suite categories/rooms are still 'open' on a particular cruise?
  18. I am with you rcandkc... we are considering getting them for our upcoming trip and I'm not sure how it all works....
  19. Thanks for the info Chateaunole-du-pape. Just curious, when did you receive your GTY room assignment? (how far ahead of your cruise?) Thx.
  20. I was wondering, if one of us logs on with our phone, could the other one 'tether' off of them? Has anyone tried that?
  21. LOL. Punctuation for the win!! 🙂
  22. Agreed! So that's $300+ for wifi? Yikes.
  23. We are in a lower Cat Suite (H) on Splendor. From what I am reading there is only one wifi connection per suite. Assuming this is correct, can we purchase another connection? and what is the approximate cost to do so? Thank you LeslieW
  24. First time on Regent - Aug 31 - Splendor - Iceland to Denmark. Enjoy reading such positive comments and reviews. Cannot WAIT to get onboard!
  25. We will be staying 2 days post cruise in Copenhagen. How do you get to the Train station from the Oceankaj Port? Quay C332. Can you walk (assume not)? or is there some kind of Shuttle Bus? (is it free?) We're staying at the Marriott Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen. Thank you.
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