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  1. So $50k is a LOT of money and personally, I'd be unwilling to gamble it. I'm guessing that your cruise wasn't cancelled at the point you decided to postpone it. If it had been you would have FCC rather than rolling over the original amount. So, if you choose to cancel you lose the $200 per person but no more. In the situation we were in, our cruise was only 4 months off when final payment was due and we chose to pay it in the full knowledge that it was likely to be cancelled - though we still had a forlorn hope that it might go ahead! But we were also hoping that, if Silversea cancelled it, we would be offered extra FCC to offset against the same cruise a year later. What has put us off accepting the FCC is that Silversea took so long to cancel - way beyond when we KNEW the cruise couldn't go ahead because of the restrictions in Australia. This made us realise how desperate the company must be to hold onto our money for as long as possible and this, in turn, makes us want to get our money back while we can. We know that all cruise lines must be in trouble but are hopeful that Silversea (with smaller ships and Royal Caribbean backing) are better placed than most. If there was a reasonable chance that we could use the FCC early next year we might have been tempted but I don't think that's the case so we're choosing to have our money back. I definitely wouldn't want to risk the amount you're talking about! But all of this is just best guessing and very much a personal choice.
  2. Yes, we're taking the refund as I don't think we'd be covered by ABTA or ATOL if Silversea or Royal Caribbean collapse. We didn't book a flight inclusive holiday so think that rules out ATOL and I believe ABTA only helps if the travel agent goes under. I'll report back to let you know how long it takes. Website is now showing the first Muse cruise as being 31st October from Sydney to Perth. Could that possibly go with just Australians onboard?
  3. We had an e-mail direct from Silversea - a copy to my husband and one to me. It stressed what good value the 125% FCC is and said that can be credited to our account within 15 days - but we're going for a refund. I then phoned my agent and he said he would get the ball rolling for that. He said it would be 90 days for a refund but the actual email states 30-45 days. The e-mail also said that if we accept the FCC we can get Venetian Society credit for this cruise AND for whatever we book in its place. The credit is valid for 2 years and is VERY tempting but a bird in the hand..........
  4. Our October 10th cruise that ends in Sydney has just been cancelled!! So now for the refund!!
  5. We're 8 weeks out from our cruise and still waiting for it to be cancelled. We know it will be, because it goes to Australia and they're not allowing anyone in until 2021 at the earliest. But no word from Silversea yet. We haven't booked anything around it as we're so sure it won't happen. But it would be nice to have our money back!
  6. If you're not planning on making your final payment then I think you ARE going to have to decide for them if our experience is anything to go by! Our cruise is STILL scheduled to leave on October 10th and end in Sydney on October 31st!! We dithered over making our final payment a few months ago but, at the time, still had a forlorn hope that it might actually go and, if it didn't, we were hoping to re-schedule and get our FCC. We're still waiting!! Silversea have all our money and still haven't cancelled. With hindsight we probably should have taken the hit on the lost deposit. They're obviously delaying cancelling for as long as possible so they can hang onto our money. Worrying!
  7. Maybe try the Water Cooler?? That doesn't seem to be much to do with Silversea either!! But all very fascinating and amusing and I suppose we need to do something whilst we can't plan our next holidays!!
  8. I absolutely KNOW that our cruise won't go ahead and haven't booked ANYTHING around it. Just waiting for Silversea to come clean and do the decent thing. I have to say that I didn't really expect them to hang on as long as they have as they must know as well as we do that the cruise just CAN'T go ahead. So it's all about hanging onto our money for as long as possible. We WERE going to re-book for later in 2021 but will now take the refund..........when it's eventually offered!
  9. Yes, it's beginning to be annoying! But I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for your December cancellation! We're booked on the Muse on October 10th ending in Sydney and they still show that as going so we can't either re-book or get our money back. I just don't understand what's going on. It can't possibly go but they just won't cancel it!!
  10. I'm still puzzled why they haven't cancelled our October cruise on the Muse as I can't see how it can possibly happen!! If it DID go to Australia none of us could leave!!
  11. Well that looks like yet another nail in the coffin for our October Hong Kong-Sydney cruise - but Silversea still insist it's not cancelled! Let's look at it......... No US passengers Now no UK passengers Hong Kong in turmoil and not allowing international tourists anyway Australia saying they won't allowing cruise ships until next year. I keep hoping that something will be salvaged, that Silversea will change the itinerary or offer us something different. But it now looks like NOTHING will sail until next year. So what are we waiting for? WE'RE waiting for Silversea to cancel so that we can either get ALL of our money back or a FCC! If WE cancel we lose $400+ on admin charges so we're waiting for them to do it!
  12. I can see why Europe WOULD bar entry to US citizens!!.........given that the US was pretty quick to not allow entry to Europeans when the virus was raging in Europe and not in the US. And it makes sense. Why bother to lock down people within the country if you then allow entries from other countries where the virus is more virulent? And I reckon it was locking down the borders that led to New Zealand doing so well. So although I know it's not very nice being unwanted (and we're pretty unwanted too as our government seems to have messed it up as well!!) I think it's the right thing for countries to do!
  13. I'm holding off on cancelling because if SS cancel then my understanding is that we'll get a full refund or 125% FCC. My dilemma then will be which to take. We really want to cruise again and Silversea are our favourite but can all these cruise lines survive if they don't get to cruise again this year?
  14. Is it even going to be worth getting it to Asia? We're booked on it from Hong Kong to Sydney on 10th October but from what I can see it's not going to be able to go to Australia. I phoned SS and they told me that as far as they know it's still going but I just can't see it happening!
  15. If I were you I wouldn't worry about this until nearer the time as I think the cruise will probably be cancelled! I spent quite a bit of time trying to work out how to get a test for a holiday we had booked in April in French Polynesia as the government there were requiring a negative test no later than 48 hours before arrival. I had written to my GP and asked about private testing, all to no avail. In the end, FP closed its borders and the cruise was cancelled so it was all a complete waste of time!! We're now supposed to be on the Muse on 10th October leaving from Hong Kong and ending in Sydney. From what I've read, Australia are saying they won't accept foreign visitors until next year so this itinerary is going to have to change and will most likely be cancelled as well. I haven't organised ANYTHING for that trip. If it does go ahead I will have a last minute panic but I think that's preferable to the hassle I've had trying to get money back from the last cancelled holiday. New motto: Don't plan anything!!
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