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  1. We sailed on Royal Clipper about 5 years ago and absolutely loved it! Based on that we booked Windstar (one of their 'sailing' ships) a few months ago and were disappointed. There was no proper sailing whatsoever and they only opened up the watersports platform once. On Royal Clipper, even if they couldn't open up the platform they took all the water 'toys' onto the beach so we could make use of them there. I don't know if we were just lucky with Royal Clipper (Caribbean trip) and unlucky with Windstar (Costa Rica) but this would deter us from booking Windstar again. We also found that Windstar had much more of a cruise ship feel rather than an expedition but it didn't have the facilities of a larger cruise ship - no balconies, poor quality entertainment, plunge pool rather than swimming pool, etc. The clientele were older with not such a wide age range (we're in our 60's and we felt relatively young!!). We had an OK time, the staff were lovely, food was top notch and the cabin was probably nicer but it lacked the spirit of adventure we found on Royal Clipper. Everyone seemed to think we were super-adventurous because we did our own thing in ports rather than going on the VERY pricey ship's excursions. On Royal Clipper we didn't really need excursions because we were happy just hanging out on the beach, snorkelling, walking etc. All in all I guess it's horses for courses.
  2. We are going on the June 18th Reykjavik to Tromso cruise on Silver Cloud. We're booking our own flights to Reykjavik and from Tromso but I'm not sure what to do about transfers. We went on an Antarctic cruise on the Cloud last year and transfers were provided but I could see that on the booking. Does anyone have any experience of this? Do Silversea usually provide transfers? Or should I book my own? It will be annoying to book my own and then find out that Silversea have their own provision!
  3. Thank you. We're really looking forward to it.....we've been on expedition boats and on Star Clippers so we know this is the size we like. Just pleased that we have at least SOME relevant paperwork!!
  4. OK - so we leave home in a couple of days and STILL no documentation from Windstar. Though thanks to Zanzibar I did at least know where to go and when so I haven't been panicking!! But I phoned my TA yet again and she phoned Windstar yet again and finally I have the required e-tickets with all the info on them!! In fact I now have FOUR copies of the same document - 2 from Windstar and 2 from the TA!! But better too many than too few. Now to pack!!...........
  5. I'm afraid not!! I've filled in all my passenger information but it's still not there!!.....just the same outline itinerary that I already have.
  6. Hi Zanzibar, Thank you for all that info - way more than we've had from Windstar!! We've only had the initial confirmation and the notification of the changed itinerary. At least we now know where to go and at what time! Hopefully the rest will be fairly straightforward!! See you onboard. We're in 136. Morag
  7. No....just the payment invoice which I received after I paid in full. The other one is what my TA is trying to chase up
  8. I understand that we don't get luggage labels and that we SHOULD get the basic departure information with our booking confirmation. But the fact is that we DIDN'T and, according to my TA, Windstar haven't sent it! She has apparently been back in touch with them to try to obtain it. But with all other cruse companies that I've used, those who no longer send out the packs by post (and I did LOVE getting those packs in the post!!) at least have them available to download on the website. This doesn't seem to be the case here - unless I'm missing something? So we now leave in just over a week and I still don't know for certain which port in Colon I need to get to and what time embarkation starts. I do have an idea, thanks to people on this forum, but no definite instructions. Zanzibar - can you help with this info as you'll be on the same cruise? I do see the info about the expensive shore excursions!! But I just want basic stuff!!
  9. H Zanzibar, We're also booked on this cruise (our first with Windstar) and, like you, we're very disappointed not to be gong to the Pearl Islands. And, like you, we haven't been impressed by the communications from Windstar. With all other cruises we have been on we have had clear joining instructions - where to go, time of embarkation, what documentation we need, luggage labels etc. We leave in less than 2 weeks for this cruse and we have nothing!! We're not impressed that the Pearl slands have been replaced by another day in Balboa and not a different port. I really hope this all improves!! By the way, how are you getting from Puerto Calida back to the airport? We're investigating a transfer and would be up for sharing as most companies seem to use minibuses even if there are only 2 of you.
  10. We would also be interested in sharing a transfer already booked if that's of interest?
  11. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in sharing a transfer to the airport (or a hotel in San Jose) with Odyssey Tours? They have quoted $100 for the trip for 2 of us in a minibus but the minibus can hold at least 2 more couples plus bags so we can keep the costs down. Odyssey have mainly excellent reviews (with a few exceptions!) and apparently can come right alongside the ship at the port so we don't have to get to the port entrance with our bags. We're flexible on timing as our flight isn't until early evening. There is also a possibility of a bit of a tour on the way back if we wish and if timings allow.
  12. Can anyone explain to me what the policy is about taking alcohol on board? I think I read somewhere that we can take 1 bottle of wine each and I don't think we're allowed to take spirits (think that's liquor in US??) but I thought that I heard somewhere that we can buy extras wine in ports and pay corkage. Is this right?
  13. Anyone know who will be the CD on our Arctic cruise on the Cloud in June?
  14. Hi, Is that the trip starting on June 18th? If so, we'll be there too!! I don't think there's a roll call, is there?
  15. Thank you all. I'll definitely get back in touch with my TA. I'll also change my taxi from Panama so it's a bit later. At the moment pick up is about 10am but that seems like it will be too early? On most cruises we've been on, we board and then go for lunch. I think we can still do that but probably best to aim for 1pm.
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