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  1. We were on a Windstar cruise in June with Kusadasi as a scheduled stop. We were advised it wouldn't be possible in the week before the cruise. Instead Windstar organised a stop at a little known Greek island (Syros), arranged a free excursion on Patmos and gave us all $100 OBC in compensation. My husband and I were delighted as we'd been to Kusadasi twice before and probably wouldn't have got off the ship!! But there were people who were very disappointed. If the situation remains the same in October, I would very much doubt that Kusadasi will remain on the itinerary.
  2. Now we just need the US government to return the favour and to let us in!! We had to cancel a Caribbean cruise because we couldn't get there. And we would have really liked to go to French Polynesia but we need to transit US so that's not possible either!!
  3. We won’t be taking your place with those restrictions on shore excursions!! We wouldn’t want to be captive on the ship but equally don’t like being herded in a group or stuck on a tour bus! We usually like to hike and swim - both activities are probably less risky than a ship’s tour but hey ho!! We’re probably sticking to cruises where we DON’T get limited to ship tours.
  4. As a matter of interest, how did you find out how many people are going to be on it? We were looking at your cruise as a possible alternative for our Caribbean one which we’ve had to cancel due to the difficulties in getting there without being able to transit US, but I believe there are still too many restrictions on shore excursions, aren’t there?
  5. Hi, Just to reassure you…….we were on the inaugural Greek cruise and Amphora was open every evening except the one where we had the deck BBQ. We had some lovely meals there.
  6. We were upgraded from a B grade on the Star to AX. Same cabin but better location. We were actually very happy with the original cabin (though even happier with the upgrade!) and wouldn’t have paid extra for the upgrade but it makes you feel like you’re getting something for nothing- and it’s a good feeling!! And we booked another cruise with Windstar so I guess it works for them as well!!
  7. Reckon so!! They seem to get in everywhere!!
  8. We had 2 cruises cancelled last year though neither were Windstar. The Norwegian one took 3 months to refund, the Silversea one was about 6-8 weeks. I have had a few queries about our upcoming Windstar cruise ( which unfortunately looks like I may have to cancel as I can’t get to it now) and their Customer Services have always got back to me very promptly by e- mail. My impression is that they’re a much smaller outfit than the big cruise companies and you get a more personal service but I think patience is called for at this moment in time.
  9. Hi, We have only been on the Wind Star but I believe it’s virtually the same layout as Wind Spirit. There IS shade on deck but I’d say it’s fairly limited- the loungers do have umbrellas but one side tends to have shade while the other is in sun depending on time of day. There’s also some seating (but not loungers) in the bar area and that has shade all day. Be aware that the pool is tiny!! More like a plunge pool really, so fine for dipping in and cooling off but you can’t get any exercise in it!! In fact, on our last trip we stayed in a hotel where we had a bigger plunge pool on our bal
  10. We have never had any suite above a veranda on any ship and not really likely to!! But I have been fortunate enough to sail with Silversea in the Galapagos, the Arctic and the Antarctic and loved all of them. And I always remember feeling a bit smug when chatting one day to a guy in the observation lounge after we’d had a very choppy ride through the Drake passage. He told me that he’d got one of the most expensive suites on the ship and it had been a huge waste of money! Because it was at the top and front of the ship they had a much rougher ride than those of us ‘down be
  11. Thanks. We looked into it but we have to stay overnight as our flight arrives in the early evening and the St Maarten flight doesn't go until next morning. And there are no airside transit hotels in Miami. Also, we have transited through Miami before (to Guayaquil and to Panama) and we had to go through Immigration THEN collect our bags and then check back in again! So I don't think it will work.
  12. The latest I heard in the UK is that the UK and US are hoping to open up a travel corridor in September but that probably doesn't help much! They were hoping to open one up in July and it hasn't happened yet and our infection rates are soaring at present - though people don't seem to be getting so ill with it now that so many are vaccinated. We have the same problem in reverse for our Star Breeze cruise in the Caribbean at the end of this month. Our route to St Maarten was via Miami but we're not allowed into the US so can't use that route. We can get direct flights to Antigua and
  13. Have answered your other questions on the other thread. But with regard to the cancellation they told us (by e-mail) a few days before the cruise and it was something to do with not being able to go into Turkish waters at that time so it may have changed? I'm not sure if it was Covid-related (I think it might have been because infection rates in Turkey were probably worse at that time) or whether it was political as Greece and Turkey don't always get on well!! I think I'd probably call and ask if I were you?
  14. Just remembered! - when we got to the cafe (Lloyerma) it was just opening and I think that was about 1pm so don't be disheartened if you get there earlier and it's closed. It really was a great way to end the hike as we could have a shower and freshen up which made me feel like a whole new person! This hike is easy in places but the second half is tough and not for the faint-hearted! That said, we're both in our mid-60's so not as fit as we used to be!! I found it particularly tough because it was such a hot day. It's well worth starting early.
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