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  1. Hi Lois, we also like Silversea a lot though we’ve only been on expeditions. But we’ve now been on two Windstar cruises and are booked on a third next month. That will be our second this year!! On our first (Panama) cruise we were disappointed as we were expecting more of a Star Clippers experience where the sails actually work and they sail the ship with no engines.That’s a magical experience!! And we loved the water sports on Star Clippers. Windstar wasn’t like that - much more of a mini version of a bigger cruise ship with most people going on ship excursions, the sails were mainly ornamental and much less adventurous than our expeditions with Silversea. But then we went to Greece with Windstar this summer, mainly because the price was so reasonable. And we had an awesome time!! There are many similarities with Silversea, the small ship experience, everyone getting to know each other, the staff greeting us by name and like long lost friends. We still did our own thing and didn’t go on ships excursions but we just felt really at home. We didn’t drink as much alcohol because it isn’t All Inclusive but we felt better for it and that’s probably what keeps the prices lower. And now we’re off to Tahiti and I’ve got a nice warm feeling about going with Windstar! We were meant to be going to the Antarctic with Silversea but they seem to have got themselves in a bit of a mess with itineraries at present and ours was eventually cancelled. We do still have FCC with them and I’m browsing their itineraries but I’m just as excited about Windstar now. Just mix and match!!
  2. Hi everyone, I am super-excited about the US opening up to Europeans as it means that our November Tahiti cruise on Windstar can now go ahead!! This trip has been long-awaited having been postponed since April 2020. So I'm now in a frenzy of planning and would really welcome some advice on what paperwork needs to be done and when. I know we need a Covid test and I will need to arrange that in the US as we'll be there for the 72 hours before our flight to FP. I'm currently trying to work out where I'll need to get that done in order to have the results back in time. It was tricky enough trying to organise it in the UK but it's even more challenging trying to do it in another country!. But I'm also a bit uncertain about what else I need to do before I go? I know there's a form to fill in for FP and that it's needed sometime in the 30 days before arrival but can I do that before we do the testing or will we also need to do that from the US as well? And also what test do we need to have before returning via the US. I think people from the US have been travelling for some time now so I'm hoping someone can help on this forum? I can then concentrate on finding out what we need to do before we try to enter the US!! Everything is so complicated these days!! It was so much easier when all we needed to worry about was if our passports and ESTAS were still valid!!
  3. Yes, we have a stateroom in the new part! .........though am not too sure I like the layout of the bed by the window. I guess it will be nice when we wake up but generally I think it works better if the bed is near the bathroom and the sitting area is near the window but who knows? I'm having a bit of trouble working out the logistics of getting our Covid tests done in the timescale. We plan to fly to America a few days before our flight to FP so that we have some time to adjust to the time difference. We'll be flying into Los Angeles and leaving from San Francisco so we're going to have a car for a few days and drive between the two. We've done this before so know it works well (although car rental and accommodation in US seems to have skyrocketed in price since our last trip!!) But we need to figure out how to get the Covid test within the right timescales for FP. There are places at the airport in San Francisco (and we're staying at an airport hotel for the night before the flight) but I'm guessing that we may need to get the results before that? In the UK results can take up to 24 hours for PCR tests. Does anyone know if that is the same in US? And can anyone recommend any places for testing?
  4. So our trip is now on!! So excited!!Have booked flights and am now in full planning mode!
  5. We did a golf cart tour in Rome several years ago when we took my 85 year old Dad on a cruise and we’re worried about him walking too far. It was amazing and worked perfectly for our purpose. Am now trying to find other cruise stops where this is possible?? Anyone come across any?!!
  6. That's a really useful summary. Thank you. We're not short. Or skinny! So looks like French Bee is out!!
  7. I'm afraid that it isn't a possibility as it would add too much to the cost of our holiday. My husband is retired airline staff and he can get discounted flights but only via the US......and we get nice seats on them!! We then need to book full price from US to Tahiti but it still works out a LOT cheaper and more comfortable - at least for the first leg!! So we'd rather wait - though hope we don't have to wait too long!!
  8. Thank you both. Great info!! I'm heavily into planning but still need US to open up and in today's news they were saying it might be later than we're hoping! It HAS to be early November for us to be able to go ahead!! I will be SO disappointed if we have to change all this yet again. But so difficult not to get excited in the hope it can happen.
  9. We’ve just booked a 17 day cruise on Star Breeze on 22nd November 2021!! Might be a bit mad but we’re desperate to go to FP since we had to cancel a fabulous trip there in April last year. This one is still dependent on US allowing us to transit from UK and that’s supposed to happen in early November so we’re holding off booking anything more than the cruise until we know for sure it can go ahead. So likely to be a last minute panic to book flights from US and non-cruise-ship tours. I’m getting great ideas on this thread but does anyone know if it’s possible for us to book tours where my husband can dive and I can snorkel? I used to dive but never really lost my fear so now he has to dive without me and I love to snorkel but we don’t really want to spend all our time doing separate things. We’re going to Fakarava, Rangiroa, Bora Bora, Taha’a, Moorea, Raiatea, Huahine and Papeete.(not in that order!). If he only dives in some of them, which are the best? Our greatest love is the sea but is there anything else we should see or do whilst in FP? I just want to be ready so that, as soon as the US give a definite date, we can confirm and go mad on the planning!!
  10. We've also heard today that ours in November is cancelled. I'm pleased really because now I can get on and hopefully find a replacement. We're suspected for months that it s going to be cancelled.
  11. But why are Silversea not cancelling the Asian cruises? If it's just to hang onto our money, I don't think much to that!! I want to book a replacement cruise and it will probably be with Silversea but maybe not if they don't start showing us more consideration!
  12. Hi, Can I please ask if there are any hot rumours onboard about what's happening to Muse after this cruise? Our 17th November cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore cruise still hasn't been cancelled despite everything being waitlisted until the end of March.......so we're almost certain it won't happen. I'm really keen to book a replacement cruise (and have my eye on an Antarctic one (though I'm not sure what we'd do if Chile remains on the red list!) but my husband isn't willing to give Silversea even more of our money if they hang onto it like this despite knowing the cruise won't happen!
  13. Apologies if this has already been asked. but there are 68 pages to trawl through!! Does anyone have any idea what you need to bid to realistically stand a chance of getting upgrades? We're booked on the 19th and there seems to be plenty of availability. We've just been sent the Royal Up e-mail and are dithering!
  14. That sounds hopeful. Fingers crossed for you! Have finally been able to log into My Silversea and my Hong Kong/Singapore is still showing but I really don't think it will go. I'm hoping they cancel it soon as I have my eye on an Antarctic cruise as an alternative but would prefer to transfer the amount already paid rather than make a new booking and have even more money tied up - and there's definitely no guarantee that the Antarctic one can happen either - as Argentina is still red list for us. It's an interesting game trying to cruise at the moment!!
  15. Where are you supposed to be going, Lois? I would have thought it should be cancelled by now if you're only 30 days out!
  16. I was suspecting that! It IS years since we last cruised with RCI! - about 8 I think!!
  17. Yes, I'm very law-abiding and not brave enough to try to circumvent the rules! Though we did once go on a wine tour in Sicily and they gave us a presentation bottle of wine at the end which we took back onboard without really thinking about it. And no-one batted an eyelid!! Anyone know about wine packages? They used to have ones with 5 bottles per week I think. And there was a Classic package or a Premium one. We found those useful in the past.
  18. We have just booked our first Royal Caribbean cruise (on Anthem of the Seas) for some years, after shifting to smaller ships. It leaves in less than 2 weeks so I'm trying frantically to remind myself of stuff I need to be aware of beforehand. I would welcome some tips from some of you Royal Caribbean veterans! Most of our more recent cruises have included drinks but we don't want to feel we need to drink enough to make a package worthwhile so on that subject, Can we still bring 2 bottles of wine onboard? Do they still sell Wine packages? We used to find these useful as we can usually get through one bottle of wine with dinner each evening. How expensive are speciality coffees? We don't drink really fancy ones (just Americano or sometimes a Cappucino) vut don't usually like the standard filter coffee at breakfast. I know we need Covid tests and I'm hoping they'll send me details of that in the next couple of days but I also read that it's possible to book tests privately and then claim the money back. Is that perhaps the safest option? And how does that work? Can I book ANY private test and then keep the receipt or are there a limited number of suppliers? Anything else I need to know at this stage?
  19. We have NEVER been sent labels by post and it hasn't ever been a problem. When you check in at the port, they label your bags there and then! We have always had e-tickets from Silversea which I've downloaded from My Silversea but, given that it still isn't working, I would imagine they might use the same system at Windstar where you just turn up with your passport and they can match you to your booking at the port. They are both smaller ships so it's not like trying to check in thousands of passengers!
  20. I notice that ALL of the Silver Muse Asian cruises seem to be now waitlisted. I think this probably means that they are about to be cancelled? We are booked onto the Hong Kong/Singapore on November 17th but I've been thinking for some time that it seems unlikely it will go. Any thoughts?
  21. We were on a Windstar cruise in June with Kusadasi as a scheduled stop. We were advised it wouldn't be possible in the week before the cruise. Instead Windstar organised a stop at a little known Greek island (Syros), arranged a free excursion on Patmos and gave us all $100 OBC in compensation. My husband and I were delighted as we'd been to Kusadasi twice before and probably wouldn't have got off the ship!! But there were people who were very disappointed. If the situation remains the same in October, I would very much doubt that Kusadasi will remain on the itinerary.
  22. Now we just need the US government to return the favour and to let us in!! We had to cancel a Caribbean cruise because we couldn't get there. And we would have really liked to go to French Polynesia but we need to transit US so that's not possible either!!
  23. We won’t be taking your place with those restrictions on shore excursions!! We wouldn’t want to be captive on the ship but equally don’t like being herded in a group or stuck on a tour bus! We usually like to hike and swim - both activities are probably less risky than a ship’s tour but hey ho!! We’re probably sticking to cruises where we DON’T get limited to ship tours.
  24. As a matter of interest, how did you find out how many people are going to be on it? We were looking at your cruise as a possible alternative for our Caribbean one which we’ve had to cancel due to the difficulties in getting there without being able to transit US, but I believe there are still too many restrictions on shore excursions, aren’t there?
  25. There were only 87 people on that first cruise!
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