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  1. Sorry, I don't understand this? Can you possibly explain?
  2. Thank you all so much. This is all really good info and very helpful. Do keep it coming!!
  3. Forgot to say - we tend to make our own flight arrangements as we get discounted flights on British Airways and Emirates and we also often add a few days at one end or the other to do our own thing!
  4. By the way, not at all fussed about having a butler so don't need a penthouse unless there are other clear advantages!! We've had a butler on all of our SS cruises and never really know what they do that the cabin steward doesn't!! Ours has always had absolutely no demands from us!!
  5. Hi, We are almost new to Regent!! We did one cruise a long time ago and have good memories but we were fairly new to cruising in those days. Now we are old hands, but mainly on Silversea and Windstar - and occasionally Celebrity if we go with my dad and my sister who like BIG ships!! But we are currently looking at Regent as they have a few itineraries we like the look of. I'd really welcome some comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the various ships in order to guide our choice. Our previous Regent cruise was only a 7 day cruise in Alaska on Mariner and we had nothing but good to say about it. How do the other ships compare? We're not particularly bothered about having top of the range suites but do like a balcony on a hot cruise. That shouldn't be a problem on Regent I think? Neither of us get seasick so not too bothered about location unless there are any clear things to avoid? Or tips for good locations? For example, we liked being near the laundry on SS on a long cruise. I've been looking at one cruise on Voyager and all the more basic cabins seem to be a similar size so is there any clear advantage in opting for something above Grade H? I do like the idea of a coffee maker in a Concierge but is there any other reason to pay $1000 more per person? These are the kind of things it would be useful to know before booking so would welcome any pointers from more experienced Regent cruisers before we go for it!! Many thanks in anticipation of your help
  6. Yes, we were on it and it did happen in Puerto Deseado. It took some time to sort out the repair and inspection but all seems to be well now. It did mean that we missed Camarones, Puerto Madryn and a tango night in Buenos Air. However we had awesome weather in South Georgia and a great time in the Falklands so still loved the cruise. Just the last week was a bit boring!
  7. Thank you for that info. So the charter flights is obviously to Capetown. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.
  8. We are currently looking at a cruise that ends in Walvis Bay, Namibia but I understand that there is then an included charter flight. Does anyone know where this flight goes, please? Is it Capetown or Jo'burg?
  9. We were on the Cloud for an Antarctic trip in November 2018. We bought our own boots and have been pleased we did as we've used them on 2 Arctic trips since then. However, they DID have LOTS of loan (not hire!!) boots on the Cloud and plenty of people used them. I called SS to find out about this before our trip and I was told they had a few but couldn't guarantee they would have our sizes. We didn't want to risk it so took our own but they seemed to have ALL sizes!! These were boots belonging to SS and not from Ship to Shore who didn't actually have a hire service on our particular cruise - though wouldn't have considered it anyway as I bought mine for less than the hire prices quoted for later cruises. They also had loads of excess parkas on board and lots of people exchanged the ones they had for smaller/bigger sizes if the ones waiting in their cabins didn't fit.
  10. Quite possibly. The name doesn’t ring any bells for me but the location is about right. It was definitely further away from the usual hotspots and we walked through to Oustins in the evening. There was also a surf school nearby where my husband had a surfing lesson! But if you haven’t been to Barbados before I think I’d probably stick to St Lawrence Gap or Carlisle Bay Area - both are between the airport and the cruise terminal. If you have and like something a bit more ‘local’ then it’s worth a try and we’d go back. Or try to go back if we could get the right place!!
  11. I’ve been to BGI several times. It’s typically Caribbean. Unless anything has changed recently, you walk down the steps onto the tarmac and then across to the terminal. It’s easy enough to navigate but can be busy at Immigration (though never as bad as our worst experiences in Miami!!) We’ve stayed a lot at the Hilton near Carlisle Bay but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it! I like the location and Carlisle Bay is lovely for swimming and snorkelling around the small wrecks. And Cuzzy’s fish stand near the Hilton car park does awesome fish sandwiches! But the Hilton has seen better days and the staff can be surly. St Lawrence Gap is a good area to head for with good beaches and is always lively in the evenings. But last time we stayed in a more boutique place (sorry, can’t remember the name) near Oistins fish market and I absolutely loved it there. It has great local vibes and amazing fish! And the beach was nice as well. Or you can head north from the cruise terminal to the area near Holetown. There are some good beaches there as well but it’s further from the airport. The bonus there is you can often see turtles while swimming- though we did see them further south last time. There’s nothing much close to the cruise terminal that I can think of. Good luck!
  12. We also did the Southampton to Copenhagen cruise and absolutely loved it. Excursions were mostly great. We went kayaking in Geiranger and Olden plus one other port (can’t remember which) and lots of hikes. We thoroughly enjoyed the Flam railway. Our least favourite was the Aarhus coach excursion where our guide was particularly long-winded and chatted constantly about nothing in particular! But the other bus said their guide was fine so I guess that’s just the luck of the draw! And we did enjoy the walk at the other end of the bus ride!!
  13. Mocamps


    We have mainly been on expedition cruises with SS and they’re a bit different. But we recently went on our first ‘classic’ cruise on Silver Dawn and most of the included excursions were great! We’re very active and our worst nightmare is sitting on a coach with loads of other people then all traipsing off together to look in a church or museum or similar. Only one of our trips vaguely fell into that category! We did 3 kayak trips, one bike tour, a couple of train rides and several hikes. We returned from the holiday feeling we’d had plenty of exercise and probably as much as we did on expeditions.
  14. I agree that it’s too stressful arriving on the day of the cruise. I always like to arrive at least a day early and I can then relax and get properly excited about the cruise. And if you have to go through Miami, I think it’s extra important to allow plenty of time!! Last time we were there (earlier this year) it took us 3 hours to get through Passport Control!! It’s my least favourite airport in the world!!
  15. Oh No........!!! I thought the Panorama lounge had decent coffee on the Cloud and Wind!! Though maybe not as nice as the Arts cafe but I thought it was a proper coffee and not a machine push button one!! And canderson..., the Arts cafe coffee is BETTER than Cafe Al Bacio in my opinion!! Though I think Celebrity have the edge on cookies!
  16. I agree about the hike at Santorini. We loved it and ended at a cafe-bar in Oia with a swimming pool which was free to use if we bought a drink - which we had no problem with at all!! It was very welcome after the long walk on a hot day. And definitely start as early as possible! We also took a very cheap local bus back to Fira instead of a cab - more of a local experience and saved a fortune!! But I'm thinking that the hike may not be possible if temperatures in the Med stay as high as they have been. And surely itineraries will be affected where islands have fires? I know Crete and Corfu have been affected.
  17. Thanks Lois, I was trying to remember where we got it on the Wind and Cloud and I thought it was probably Panorama lounge. And I know they are expedition ships but they essentially look to be the same layout. We lean towards stronger Italian-type barista coffees and dislike American-style filter brewed coffees, but I agree it’s definitely personal preference. We had a friend who always asked us to bring him back packs of American coffee and we thought it was awful!!
  18. Hi everyone, We’re booked for a cruise on Whisper in October and have just been allocated our cabin (511). I’m trying to work out where we need to go to our early morning coffee?? On the Dawn one of us would go and pick up 2 coffees in the Arts cafe and can’t find anything similar on Whisper. Can we get coffees to go from Panorama? I know we can always order Room Service but that involves predicting when we’ll wake up!!
  19. I believe all Vista and Veranda suites are virtually the same except for the size of the windows and whether or not they have a balcony. And I understand that the only difference between Classic, Deluxe and Superior Verandas is the location on the ship. Since we’re not bothered about location I would always opt to save the money for more cruises!! As far as balconies go, it is lovely to have one but on ‘colder’ expedition cruises we’ve always opted for Vista G’tee rather than pay extra for a balcony that’s likely to get little use.
  20. I live in the UK but have booked cruises using UK agents, US agents and direct with the cruiseline. What works out best varies according to the cruiseline and the various offers available at the time. With SS I have almost always booked through a UK agent as I have found the best deals here. That said, I do think that I usually pay the balance several months before sailing and possibly before SS themselves require the balance to be paid. I have also found that with UK agents there is usually a clause that states that, straight after booking and paying a deposit, that deposit will be lost if I cancel - even if that is a year ahead of the sailing date! The exception to this was that Covid rules were usually much more flexible and I think that may still be the same in certain circumstances. With other cruiselines I have had the best prices through American agents and I do like the fact that with those agents I can cancel without penalty right up until the final balance is paid. That means that if the cruise is subsequently discounted you can usually get the discounted price. That only seems to happen in the UK if there is some kind of Best Price Guarantee. I have found in the past that US prices seemed to be quite a bit cheaper but that seems to have levelled out in recent years (possibly due to the exchange rate?) and it is best to shop around. And sometimes different countries have different inclusions such as drinks packages etc. Finally, some companies will only allow residents of US and Canada to be able to book in US. I found that once with Star Clippers who were offering heavily discounted prices in US but not in the UK. I tried to book in the US and it wasn't possible - so I didn't book at all!! Best tip - do your homework and shop around!
  21. Hi, We were in 939 on the Dawn from 31st May until 14th June. We loved the big picture windows and the suite felt quite spacious- probably not dissimilar to the Vista suites we’re used to but with MUCH bigger windows. The connecting door didn’t bother us at all but there was no-one in tbe Silver Suite next door. There WAS a bit of scraping of chairs on the deck above in the early morning but it didn’t overly trouble us. The suite was very convenient for accessing the swimming pool and for grabbing a coffee from Arts cafe in the morning before breakfast. We would definitely have that cabin again and did view it as an upgrade from our Vista guarantee.
  22. No, we’re happy with smart, informal dress. Just wouldn’t want to take dinner jacket (tuxedo) or long dresses.
  23. Thank you everyone for the info. We’ve decided that casinos are not really all that important!! The itinerary is the main event so now booked the Whisper for October and looking forward to trying our first classic cruise on SS. Though I am hoping we don’t have to dress up too much as we do prefer to pack light!!
  24. We’ve been on the Cloud twice and Wind once, and booked again for Wind next year. We love the whole expedition experience. No need to dress up, casual atmosphere, guests tend to be of a more active and adventurous nature. Expedition staff are experts in their field and organise hikes, zodiac trips, kayaking etc. We had some very interesting talks on the Cloud (Antarctic and Arctic) but were less impressed with the presentations on the Wind last year in the Arctic. There’s not much in the way of entertainment though we’ve enjoyed trivia, Bingo, Name that Tune etc. But all very laid back and not taken at all seriously! if that’s not for you and you prefer things to be more like traditional cruising, I’d probably stick to the Dawn.
  25. We have so far only ever been on expedition cruises with SS - and we love them! We're booked for another one next year and can't wait! But we are currently looking at the more classic cruises and I just wanted to ask about casinos. Generally we prefer smaller ships and have cruised quite a bit with Windstar where there no casinos. But on the few big ship cruises we have done we have actually quite enjoyed things like a blackjack tournament. We're not big gamblers and we'd hate to sit for hours playing on slots but the blackjack tournaments have been fun on sea days. Can anyone tell me if any (or all?) of the classic ships have casinos? I have noticed them on deck plans but then read somewhere that SS don't have casinos so I did wonder if they had got rid of them? I know that the Silver Cloud apparently used to have one but it was scrapped when they turned it into an expedition ship. Have the classic ones also been scrapped? And if any DO have casinos do they have blackjack tournaments or is it all big bucks gambling?
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