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  1. it doesn't really matter who he is, as passengers have to feel safe on board and should be. I remember the story many years ago when an innocent girl was taken to Mike Tysons room to be alone with him at 2 am to meet the famous boxer, and bad things happened, and he went to jail for being Mike Tyson at 2 am. I'm a liberal canadian all the way, but people should be responsible for themselves wherever possible. It's a horrific story if true, and of course possible, i guess we'll just have to see if there were other similar cases with this employee anywhere else, as i would doubt this would have been the first time. Hopefully it doesn't happen again on any cruise ship, we should only be so lucky as to be able to get on one sometime in the future
  2. Either the passenger was drugged with a premeditated criminal plan, or not. Bill Cosby is in jail for a lifetime of this behaviour. My take , for the little that its worth, is that if evidence showed the action did take place as described, the acd would be in lockup somewhere and a settlement would have been made quietly already. We've now heard the whole story from one side here, and presume the other side will have one as well. In my twisted mind, I figure a straight single guy traveling on a long cruise would be the eye of all the single female travellers, thus my thought he must have been gay. That doesn't make a date rape non criminal, it just makes it murky on the high seas of he said/he said of what happened. The problem i see is that crew members should not be allowed to be involved with passengers on board, precisely as these lawsuits blame the cruise lines who reputations you are trying to cash in on. The saga will be an interesting one that will end with a settlement we won't know about.
  3. I’m just saying that criminal is criminal and civil suit is about money. If you are criminalizes, you want the guy in jail or dead, if you want money, vs justice, then you are not so innocent
  4. There's always three sides to every story, but usually a serious case like this would be handled by the criminal courts, and if successful ( outside of OJ) then the civil case can be handled quite easily and settlement made. I didn't see anywhere what transpired in any criminal complaint. I guess here in Canada we don't have an industry of Ambulence chasers protecting the public from themselves, and that has nothing to do with whether a crime was committed or not. In any case, I'm only surprised that cruise ships aren't watching everything going on as do casinos etc, as I'm sure there are many stories on cruise ships of too much alcohol and assaults, and I presumed every part of the ship is being watched. If nothing else, this will change on Seabourn.
  5. I was not insinuating anything differently. i guess i've seen too many Law and order Special victim episodes.
  6. Usually one has to fight the criminal case prior to winning an expensive civil case, but it’s hard to tell where that stood . Bring the evidence to a criminal court and the civil case becomes easier. The plaintiff seems to have been travelling solo, and while not socially acceptable to ask the question, if gay will have a difficult case and if straight will win in every court.
  7. there's a lawsuit going on from some restaurant operators that want business interruption insurance paid due to the pandemic, with even the president of the United States promoting the idea. The simple problem with any of us cruising going forward is insurance companies will not cover pandemics, as they cannot quantify the risk nor the expense in advance in order to price it. If passengers cannot get coverage, and the cruise line or airline can deny them boarding, due to "symptoms", then either there will be no more full payments in advance or there will be no more passengers. Once the insurance issue is solved, the cruise ship issue will be solved. When i started this topic, , the idea was to come up with ways to make our cruise experience a better one, and some of the responses have been great.
  8. I think we are all on the same page. We all want to cruise again, although its not that important at the current moment, but a nice diversion to think about. Refunds will come about once the cruiselines reopen for business, as there's no real reason for them to rush the money back given the line of obligations they have at there current time. If you have to make a choice between paying your onboard staff, the Bank, and your unsecured creditors, the choice is usually made for you. There was a story on CNBC about the relationship between the Arison family and the current President, and if you happen to follow these things, it's not like the current President hasn't been talking about saving the "wonderful, great, fabulous" cruise line industry and the jobs it provides in Florida ( how many electoral college seats is florida) so let's just say that Carnival could not sell more than 25% of the shares it wished to at $8, but there Fed came in and backstopped the deal that gave them $6 billion, never mind the Leader of Saudi Arabia bought a 8% stake for $18 not so long ago. It's always important to have friends in high places, just saying. Interesting story today from Vegas, where one of the casinos is installing heat sensors into their security system, where they can identify anyone in the casino with a fever etc. We might not have any privacy ever again, but between google, facebook, apple, medical science, apps, a mask and a deposit, we'll be enjoying great cruises in not so far into the future.
  9. I gather Jerome Powers is going to get free wifi and laundry service the next time he goes cruising. On the other hand, I'm not sure the funds believe Carnival will survive and will be ready to take over if need be. They get a decent return on their money , and if things get tough, they'll take control, something they are used to. That said, there's now no excuse not to pay refunds, although i imagine they will offer 150% FCC at some point, as cash is still tight and will be for a long time. Now all we need is a vaccine and Carnmask to compete with Royal's.
  10. The good news is the cruise lines are thinking about all these things and will come up with solutions. My first thought is that if a cruise was two weeks away, i would quarantine for two weeks as we are doing today, staying around the house with strict social distancing prior to leaving. Then comes home test for virus. then travel to port, driving better than flying. Then comes test prior to boarding. Maybe ships have to stay in port for one day to clear all passengers. Insurance would be covered by cruise lines, as others won't touch it, but if you were get a positive result and could not board, then you would get cruise credit for another time. I really haven't hear dog many people getting the virus on planes, but with all the precautions carriers will take, as they will test as well, let's presume you will leave the plane the same as you entered it. If i book a cruise, i want to know that to the best of their abilities, they tested everyone coming on board for the virus, and my neighbour is as healthy as i think i am. Remember, there are many people who go on cruises not well, but the idea is that you don't spread the lines to otherwise healthy people. That is called being respectful, and hopefully people won't go if they feel they might have the virus. The Ship will have medication to help people who get iill at the time, as no one is going on the ship before that happens in any case. We need a vaccine, but if no vaccine is yet developed, then people who can die from getting the virus cannot book a cruise, we'll let the actuaries decide who they are. its also been shown that the virus does not travel through the ac units of a ship, but person to person. Not everyone on the cruises who had affected people got the virus etc, so sick people can be separated and quarantine , and until a vaccine is found, no cruise is going to be allowed in a foreign country, trust me on this one. World tours will be cancelled for 2021, but Caribbean cruises from Miami, or Australia to New Zealand, that i can see. One little point might be that cruise ships need ports that want them and their passengers, good luck on that one right now. As i said six weeks ago, once the NBA allows people in the stands, cruise ships will be back in business.
  11. I wasn't sure of the exact details, but once the Saudis took the position they did, it would seem likely that they would be one of the players in buying the debt. The debt also comes with full security, and i don't think anyone would try and sell ships, the debt holders would simply take over the company, not a bad deal for $4 billion. Whether good or bad, there's a trillion dollars of venture cash sitting on the sidelines waiting for this type of event to occur, and companies with big debts and virus issues are going to get swallowed up, rewards go to the patient ( I believe I saw Warren Buffet say this) Both RCL and CCL have very wealthy, deep pocketed insiders, so I doubt they will let control go elsewhere, but sometimes when you need a few billion and you don't want to dig that deep into your pocket, someone else will. Money talks, bs walks.
  12. Prior to the virus, I would say using "clean" utensils, glasses, tongs, plates, in a place like the Colonnade was ok, and everyone sanitized their hands before entering to follow normal hygiene protocol. If you want to know why we need a vaccine before sane people can board another cruise ships, its exactly the thought that someone touched my fork somewhere between the dishwasher and my table and I might get sick, and while we can all go nuts trying to protect ourselves from the guy next to us, we might as well stay in our caves until a vaccine is found. The good news is that technology will find a way to instantly test people and medical science will figure out a way people without a prior condition don't die from this virus, hopefully sooner than later, until then, stay 6 feet away from the guy next door and 6 miles away from a cruise ship.
  13. I believe Carnival announced that half of the passengers who had their cruises canceled took the FCC, and i believe the CEO mentioned $4 billion of cancelations. They claim 2021 cruises are filling up quickly, but how many are simply FCC passengers booking their rooms, or new bookers taking advantage of easy cancelation policies and reduced deposits is anyone's guess. He also mentioned that they were losing $900 million a month, so $4 billion of new funds doesn't really go that far without revenue. If the Saudis bought a chunk of Carnival at $18, I gather they were probably a good bet to be buyers at 11% with full security of all the assets, so the dye has been set. There will be a cruise industry, and most of our favourite ships will be there, but right now, Carnival has to pay for the crews and maintenance of 88 or so ships floating around, plus debt payments, thus our refunds won't be coming until they reopen for business in a meaningful way. Once they get real deposits from real customers ( non FCC) they will have some cash flow to make the promised refunds, be patient.
  14. There’s something terribly upsetting about watching someone dig up the salad thongs that slipped into the bowl , or someone cherry picking a few berries or olives with their fingers, Of all the things silly people do when they think no one is watching, and it’s in my top five pet peeves virus or no virus. I was very surprised that the serving system was not changed as our cruise was sailing through the virus panic. On the other hand, the buffet Food was great, although never really got to the hot meals save for the spring rolls and tempura shrimp, yum.
  15. just so you know i have some skin in the game, i have a big claim with Seabourn pending, have a daughter in NY, wish to cruise with Seabourn in the future, use tours by locals where available for many reasons, don't understand self service buffets in the Colonnade and won't cruise until a vaccine is found. That said, we are all hoping this is a short term depression economically as it is or was the only way to stop the pandemic. If the world would follow the New Zealand discipline, we could be done with this by the end of the summer, so while four months of lockdown is horrible if one shuts down, , its better than three years of the same with partial restrictions. I feel very lucky to have been able to cruise to all points of the world on the various top lines, and to be honest, we are spoiled rotten on all of them. I really don't know a better way to travel around the world other than on Seabourn, Regent, Crystal or the poorer cousins Oceania with the better top suites and food. Let's just hope they figure out how to survive and possibly treat their customers a little bit better. as many of their practices have not been "nice" something that is not acceptable going forward. For some reason, they treat everyone like crap before and after they get on the ship, and yet they manage to allow everyone to feel like Kings and Queens once onboard, not sure that occurs in any other business.
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