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  1. It really didn’t speed up checking we arrived at noon, security first needed medallion, next line needed medallion and passports, then Health questionnaire. They went over the questions about out of the country, probably because of virus. Then on the ship took about 40 minutes.
  2. We are on the regal now we have five old cards, asked the first day, said yes they would punch once for every reg coffee plus specials. just bring them with you and ask 😎
  3. I will wait until I board, thanks for getting asap with the info 🙂
  4. The 59.00 for a week of wifi is a bargain, should I wait till on board and use my Platinum minutes in exchange for WiFi package? Has anyone tried this? We are on the regal next week. Thanks, Lescas
  5. We always try to get rooms between room floors, but sometimes the neighbors make terrible noise. Actually bought a little noise machine for our next cruise in two weeks 🙂
  6. FYI She did get a refund from both Celebrity and Airline, all but a few hundred dollars. After a letter from her doctor. So all was good. Thanks for your responses.
  7. They have all the luggage tags at the port, we got our upgrade prior to arriving, porters just got your color and put in your info. If its too late to print.
  8. My SIL is sailing on Celebrity Infinity July 13 out of Venice with a party of 6 for their 70 Birthdays. Due to medical reason one couple has to cancel. At the time they booked three months ago, there was a small medical problem that time would take care. But now a surgical procedure has to be done next week with 3-4 weeks of rest. Did not get insurance, celebrity wont refund, or credit for a later cruise, etc. This trip was about $10,000 per couple. Airfare, hotel and cruise with a few extra days in Rome. Any help of where to start.
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