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  1. Hope you all are doing well. I'm so sorry I haven't been able to be on at all. I have a client that did a major acquisition and it has been hundreds of hours of work. Luckily that means more cruises. Hope to be able to talk with you all soon. Be well, and if you've started cruising again, congrats.
  2. Following this logic, the Boss Lady must be planning out menus all weekend. She likes to be "inspired" much of Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Well sometimes it's fun, but sometimes I think maybe the fight gets the better of you, but only because it's so important. Remember if they go low, you go high.
  4. Dublin looks like a nice place to be on Christmas. I wonder if the food there is any good? If you go, I'm sure you'll tell us.
  5. Scooch over, Florida is about to get very crowded. Hope they brought their share of the vaccine with them.
  6. My goal is to convince the Boss to go condo. Then to go urban and have no car, until I can get a self driving one.
  7. Congrats. Glad you got past that step. Hoping the construction goes quickly and you all are in the new house soon.
  8. I do not claim to be "kinda an expert" on this thread, but weren't the Stock Photo of the Seas and the Imaginary of the Seas listed in a previous post. Or was that the ex? As soon as Ball Drops, it's Refresh Page, Post, Repeat
  9. Another piece of the puzzle. Irish Grandmother. When people ask me to explain you and this thread the first word I use is "traditional".
  10. No one appreciates all you do to improve cruising for all of us more than I, but "Fun Ship" is a registered trademark. Be careful you don't end up in spot of hot water. Jan1 is coming you don't want to be in a position to not ignore it.
  11. There is also one in the Floataway that is over 15,000. I wandered into it when they did that site upgrade, and still check in from time to time.
  12. We will likely break 4,000 by 1/2. More than that if Fain does announce a food upgrade on 1/1.
  13. I never corrected her. It was just too funny every time she said it.
  14. I accept that as an olive branch. Thank you. But she actually did call it the Atlanta Dome. She also called Chic-Fil-A Chick Fill Uh
  15. Well we agree on milk chocolate, and thankfully we live in a place that allows for Dunkin and Starbucks users to peacefully coexist.
  16. My sister can't pronounce gorilla, and she once asked me if the Atlanta Dome was an open dome or a dome with a roof. We had a dog that was born after one friend asked another friend to dog sit. Months later we all had puppies and the second friend was never asked to dog sit again. I think one of the puppies may have gone to a barista, but this was some year back. We bought two new tires about a month ago, then a few days later my wife got a coupon from Pepe Boys in the mail. She called the manager and demanded that she get 30% rebated to her, as she now had a coupon. SERIOUSLY!
  17. Sorry to hear. All our best that you all can work it out. Maybe this can help:
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