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  1. 2xsin12mths

    Pride dry dock??

    My granddaughter will be 10....they may meet in camp carnival😃
  2. 2xsin12mths

    Pride dry dock??

    We are also on the May 3rd sailing. Finally going to bite the bullet and take kids and grandkids. Usually just the 2 of us and we kinda feel guilty after 20+ cruise 😂 Should be an adventure!!!
  3. 2xsin12mths

    Magic Review Jan 20-27, 2019

    Was alchemy bar as bad as they say? Meaning bad location, crowded and hard to get a drink? This makes me sad as we LOVE alchemy on the spirit and vista class ships. And is the smoking lanai area right outside the door at alchemy 😳
  4. 2xsin12mths

    Pride dry dock??

    I’m bumping this thread cause I’d love to know how the 4K rooms are going to look after dry dock. I have the family booked May 2020 and picked 2 of those rooms for the kids. Will my cost go up if I already booked and paid deposit?
  5. 2xsin12mths

    Paradise question

    Since Paradise went through dry dock does anyone know if the room colors have been updated to the wonderful Caribbean colors or is it still the peach?
  6. 2xsin12mths

    Best beaches in Key West?

    Great idea!! Thanks!
  7. 2xsin12mths

    Best beaches in Key West?

    We are docking at Pier B in KW. Thanks for the Cuba video...was very nice ( I didn't realize Old Town was so poor!). I'm sure this will ben an eye opener!
  8. 2xsin12mths

    Best beaches in Key West?

    After reading all the comments about the lack of beaches in KW I'm bummed:( But I think me and my girlfriends will go to Ft. Zachary beach. We dock at the pier where you can get right off the ship and it's a pretty easy walk to the Fort. Our cruise is Key West from 12:00 - 6:00 and Havana, Cuba the next day. So our only chance of a beach is KW. I'm so excited about Havana and we want to take an all day tour of the city. Thanks for all the opinions … it's helpful:)
  9. 2xsin12mths

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    We were probably in the hot tub the same time. My husband LOVED relaxing in them😊
  10. 2xsin12mths

    Horizon Havana Cabana

    Well we did it...we booked a Havana Cabana and now my husband wants every cruise to be in a Havana room. It is AMAZING! Just off the 6 day cruise out of Miami yesterday. We were on a ship with 4,000+ and felt like we were on a ship of 100. Obviously we will not be cruising in Havana every time since currently only Vista and Horizon have that option but what an amazing experience. From the room, to the walkout balcony to the hot tubs/pool to the Havana bar it was awesome!
  11. 2xsin12mths

    platinum gift

    Just off Horizon yesterday. Also, received the gray mini backpack. Gave one to my granddaughter and may use the other? We have had worse gifts and better gifts.
  12. 2xsin12mths

    Bamboo Beach

    Anyone been to this beach? Either through Carnival excursion on on your own? NIce white sand and facilities?
  13. 2xsin12mths

    Blow Dryer Question

    I think I'll bring my own...thanks for the feedback!
  14. 2xsin12mths

    Blow Dryer Question

    Is the hairdryer on Horizon (in Havana) the same wattage as every other Carnival hairdryer (nonexistent). I hate adding weight to my luggage since we only take 1 carryon each when we cruise now. I was on Ecstasy in April and that blow dryer was horrible!!
  15. 2xsin12mths

    Future Cruise ?

    Hmmmmmm…..yeah I see that. I figured as much. This happened to us on Sunrise. We sail the 2nd sailing out of Norfolk after dry dock and were switched to a (I feel) crappy room and location. My TA said if I switch we lose the 50.00 onboard credit.