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  1. We have used a TA for the last 12 yrs of cruising. She quit a yr ago and I have had nothing but issues since. NO ONE at this agency has any idea what’s going on and how to communicate with Carnival. I ended up calling carnival myself for refunds and transferring cruises. My ? is how do I go about getting a PVP? Are they all good or is it a crab shoot? It’s nice to have a contact person who knows what’s going on and it definitely is not my TA any longer.
  2. My feelings exactly....first cruise with the entire family (10 of us) in May and spent over 10,000, which is a lot of money for us. It was everyone’s Xmas present. We are hoping Carnival makes the decision to offer a cruise credit, which we are fine with, and we don’t lose that money. We having been cruising with Carnival over 15 yrs, twice a year and if this ends bad we will be done. I’m so sad for my kids and grandkids about this 🥺
  3. Perfect! Thanks! I don’t know why I couldn’t find that.
  4. Taking the whole family on Pride in May. My 2 young grandsons drink a lot of milk. Can my daughter and SIL take 2 12 packs of Horizon boxed milk instead of soda? I know they have milk on the ship but more than once I’ve poured spoiled milk on my morning oatmeal 🤮
  5. I too would like an update on Taino Beach? We are going in May. How far from cruise port? Kid friendly? Food?
  6. Anyone know if Ken will be back from vaca by May 3rd on Pride. He’s amazing in the MDR! Awesome voice 😊
  7. How do we know if our cruise will have an 80’s party or white night? Some cruises we are on do, some do not? Taking the adult kids and grandkids on Pride in May and they would love to bring outfits along for these parties but it’s a waste of precious packing space if they don’t have.
  8. I had no idea. I always make homemade cookies to snack on in the plane then I throw them in my carryon and take on ship. 26 cruises and never questioned 🤷‍♀️
  9. Grand Lucayan Radissan or Taino Beach with grandchildren (ages 1, 4, 6 and 10) + the grandkids parents so 10 of us. We are looking for beach fun to tire the kids out 🙂 only in port (on Carnival Pride) from 8:00 to 1:00 but we will be ready to get off and let the kids enjoy the water. It sounds like both are about a 20 minute shuttle ride. Any thoughts?
  10. I have used a TA for 15 years and never received any perks....no onboard credit, nothing ever waiting in the room, no urgency when I make special requests. I'm jealous of all you ppl that have great TA's. I have switched to just booking directly on Carnivals website. It's so easy and I can pick my room and my dining time.
  11. Did they refurb the rooms or are they still the Carnival peach? We go in May. I love the ships with the updated rooms. Even paradise was updated when I went to Cuba in April 😃
  12. I have read MANY posts on the "best" beach in Barbados and have come to the conclusion everyone likes something different. And one person's best beach may not be the next person's 🙂 So I have decided on Brandon's Beach for me and hubby. Anyone know if you need to make reservations ahead of time or you can just show up? Our ship gets in at 8:00 so we will be fairly early.
  13. Wow...thanks! As many cruises as I have been on and I never knew that. Worked great and I found out what I needed:)
  14. Anyway I can tell how many can be in a room without having to call my TA. We have 3 oceanview rooms booked with kids/grandkids and I would like to move 1 grandkid to a room that has 2 in it. I need to know if that room has a trundle or bunkbed to make that possible. Thought maybe a site somewhere would show that??
  15. I'm so confused about all the resorts we have to chose from in Ocho Rios?? My DH and I know we want a nice quiet resort with a NICE BEACH. Don't care about the pool.....we go to the islands for the beaches. Looking through the different ones available many have water parks. Would it be wise to go to an adult only resort without a waterpark since we have no kids with us this time around. We are looking for a quiet beach and drinks and a good book.:cool:
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