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  1. We are in the exact same spot. Thinking the exact same thing as you are. We are cruising in November for our 20th wedding anniversary (without our 2 teens) and are most likely going to cancel. Probably go to the Mayan Riviera. We are heartbroken as we are cruising on December 26th with our teens and are not sure what to do about that as well. They love the New Years cruises and their hearts will be broken as well. 😞
  2. The proof of vaccination Ontario has says "you have received 2 Valid doses: Pfizer (if that was your 2nd dose.
  3. We just downloaded our sheet from the website...the 2nd one. Carnival is also looking for the phone number and address of where you received your doses.
  4. Where do us from Ontario find this vaccine certificate?
  5. When my husband got vaccinated in April, we had no idea that he would be denied anywhere. Had we known, we would have waited as well.
  6. Yes our Ontario status shows him as fully vaccinated as well. But not in the eyes of the CDC/WHO/FDA and Cruise lines. He has mixed doses with AZ, so he is not vaccinated. We are also confused on what documentation they require to show we are vaccinated. We were given 1 vaccination record showing what we were vaccinated with each time. First vaccination record shows AZ Dose 1 of 2. 2nd vaccination record shows Pfizer dose 2 of 2. We could give just the 2nd record showing his 2nd dose with Pfizer, but if they ask for the first record showing AZ, he will be denied boarding...possibly right at the ship. Like is said we have so many questions.
  7. That's the thing will the Ministry of Health allow a third shot? Not sure.
  8. We live in Ontario and my husband has AZ and Pfizer, so he is not considered fully vaxxed in CDC/Carnival eyes. So what does that mean? More testing for him onboard, not allowed to travel on Carnival (if so, we have 4 cruises to cancel in the coming months). I have so many questions. I am hoping they will be answered soon.
  9. My husband received AZ first then Pfizer as his second dose, as well. We are in Ontario as well and have the same documents as you have after our shots. We are cruising in November and December and are planning on showing the second ministry of Health document that shows his 2nd dose was pfizer. We are hoping that will be enough. I will look for the Canadian section that discusses this further. Thank you
  10. Hi everybody... Who has mixed doses with AZ??? Who is worried we will not be allowed to Cruise on Carnival? So many questions after Johns live video chat. Anybody else? Thanks
  11. Hello, does anybody know how and when families can sign up for family feud on the Marcdi Gras? Thank you
  12. Hello everybody, does anybody know when Royal will post the Hawaii cruises for 2021? Thanks
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