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  1. Boozer how long does it take for the results for you at-home-test thanks
  2. We are on 11-29. Have heard nothing in regards cancellation Strange
  3. We were on Horizon last month Donkey was just ok He lacks the overall experience and CD skills on a sea day he did a good job selling and promoting T shirts for a good cause He did a terrible job with directing the walk off disembarkation So I think younger people relate to him better than the older folks just 1 person’s opinion
  4. greetings Has any one sailed on Sunrise recently? Just booked this with casino deal Just would like a couple opinions of the conditions, service, food ect: thank you
  5. WoW we are going on our 1st Carnival Cruise in 11 days I sure hope our experience does not turn out like yours we normally sail RC and Princess and never once had any thing like what you just described By the way kinda expensive as well 🛳⚓️🦞
  6. Protocols will not change until next year You will need to get vaccinated or wait until spring of 2022 Maybe Cruise Lines have to be very careful to insure they can begin to recoup the billions of dollars they have lost in the last 15 months This Pandemic is not over
  7. Thank you looking forward to a long awaited cruise
  8. We are on Horizon on the 24th does the ship feel a lot less crowded with on 3000 passengers Also is it true there is no bar in the casino? thanks
  9. 1st Carnival Cruise 7/24 No Bar in Casino? Horizon Why Crazy
  10. 7-24-21 Western is now expected to sail TA is saying to start packing your bags
  11. Got my refund back today Was sailing 4-5-20 OPTION 2 I just noticed they applied our FFC to a cruise I have on hold in which I have no money down on and full payment is due Sept 5th for a Dec 5 cruise not sure we are going not sure ship will be finished (Enchanted) I find this interesting to say the least just glad my money is back in my pocket and not there’s
  12. We booked December 5th it going to be interesting hopefully she sails need a real vacation
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