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  1. Got my refund back today Was sailing 4-5-20 OPTION 2 I just noticed they applied our FFC to a cruise I have on hold in which I have no money down on and full payment is due Sept 5th for a Dec 5 cruise not sure we are going not sure ship will be finished (Enchanted) I find this interesting to say the least just glad my money is back in my pocket and not there’s
  2. We booked December 5th it going to be interesting hopefully she sails need a real vacation
  3. Selected OPTION 2 minutes after announcement was made in March we were booked for April 5th Got FCC back 2 weeks ago Got Excursions money $ back today Now where is my cruise fare ?
  4. Option 2 Too many unanswered questions with this virus Carnival Cruise ships being turned into hospitals Crazy World Everyone Stay Safe
  5. joe/jack


    Can a future cruise credit from option 2 be used as a deposit on a new booking? and How soon should one expect to see it hit your your princess account We selected this option just a few minutes after the announcement was made. Thanks for information
  6. GREETINGS Have not sailed Princess in a few years Looking for Main Dinning Room Menus and Looking for Current Regal 7 day Western Patters any suggestions Thank you
  7. Just booked yesterday looks like the best deal of all cruise lines I understand Caribbean Princess was just went thur a refurbishment Does anyone have any comments new beds? Sailing 5-23-2020 Thank you in advance
  8. Wonder if it will be open in two weeks I would expect it will not 400 employees may not be able to return that soon from this disaster we shall see 🛳
  9. Deck 12 Forward very little noise unless your neighbors are busy lol 🤣
  10. Just checked 9-15 sailing HOTS Beverage package has dropped to 46$ again
  11. From what I have been told during the day and up to about 10:00pm it can get a bit noisy (summer time) Deck 12 forward is quiet and convenient
  12. Hi so if I understand you correctly if the cabin is not a connecting cabin than the sofa will be by the balcony sliding glass door? 🍾 Thank you
  13. Yes 46$ last week for sept 15 I think that is the bottom of the barrel but never hurts to check every few days 7 weeks from Sunday but who’s counting 😎
  14. Hi me again any perks to a Choice Casino Level status or is this the same for everyone I did some gambling on Adventure back in March i did well first few nights but gave most it back by by day 7 but it’s fun entertainment thanks
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