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  1. If I were you, I’d worry a lot more about NJ than Florida. Look at the Covid death rates of those 2 states.
  2. I doubt anyone knows for sure when the NJ cruise port will open. Many things are said in meetings, often personal opinions.
  3. Your last sentence is way off. Higher fares, sure, but not 3 times, not even 2 times.
  4. Don’t blame RCCL, blame the uncertainty caused by the pandemic (and the CDC)
  5. We are scheduled in 9/21 on the Freedom for Bermuda, from NJ
  6. Just vacationed in the DR. No problems, cheap airfares - nonstop from Newark. No required incoming Covid tests.
  7. Florida is the 3rd largest state by population. Your statement is misleading, look at the rate/100000 people and you see how well Florida is doing. Plus their economy is open.
  8. Your second paragraph is wrong. The US does not have the highest death rate, not even close.
  9. Check the death rates in NY and NJ.
  10. Flew to the Dominican Republic on March 5 and returned on March 29. Exact same rules as stated above. Just because the cdc tells us these are new rules, doesn’t mean they are, Remember, they are politicians that stretch the truth
  11. Why don’t you look at the results instead of blindly believing that isolation is the answer. The deadliest states are the ones with the most government control
  12. I never said the airlines were back to previous levels. I said the 1 flight that I was on was full.
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