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  1. Can you eat at Coastal Kitchen in a Jr suite on Oasis class ships. Thought that benefit was only good on Quantum class ships.
  2. Well I would think the cruise line would have a manifest of where people are traveling from. State or Cruise line could request proof of quarantine before allowed on the ship. You get off a plane your on the honor system
  3. Most people go to Horseshoe bay. You drive 5 minutes down the road to Jobsons cove and you could be by yourself. https://www.locationscout.net/bermuda/12859-jobsons-cove
  4. To me it's one of the most beautiful islands. Very clean, no poverty, Beach's are incredible. You can walk 5 minutes from the crowd and be in your own little private cove/beach. I try to go every year.
  5. That's a good point. Right now NJ requires 34 states to quarantine on arrival
  6. Can't imagine Anthem will sail this year. Especially from the NJ/NY area. Don't think the Governors of NY/NJ are going to go for a ship with 3-4k people leaving from their ports. I have a sailing in march and wondering whats going to happen with that 1. Anthem is a cold weather ship, with mostly indoor venues. Are they going to shut the solarium, shut the indoor pool, the seaplex, the list could go on and on. Then there's really nothing to do on her. In the summer or spring could get away with sailing on Anthem, and find a nice socially distance place outside to hang. But in a NJ winter
  7. Yes. Rci allowed me to "pool" all my FCC for 1 cruise, and use my kids fcc for the outstanding balance. Only stipulation was that all the names had to be the same on the new booking.
  8. It's very easy, follow the rules. Wear the mask or don't go. Your on private property, at sea. Don't like it don't go, protest at home. So sick of these people making a political statement about a mask. But you know there will be some with there fake medical exemption card, trying to pull that B.S.
  9. My family and I have a March cruise booked out of San Juan. Wife came to me yesterday saying she didn't think it would be smart to leave out of San Juan, And would rather just hop on a ship from our home port (cape Liberty). No flight, no hotel. I'm not ready to give up hope, and would rather cancel closer to final payment date. So here is my dumb idea. Can you have 2 bookings for 2 different ships, leaving on the same day. And what would I be on the hook for money wise. (I think $400, but not sure on the cruise that I cancel) The San Juan cruise is a non refundable deposit. Would the $4
  10. How about this one. Too much for formal night. LOL
  11. Just booked with them 2 days ago. Was told all fares refundable up to 90 days out, and can price adjust up to that date as well. No $ upfront, thought it was a great deal.
  12. Would probably cruise. But would definitely only be sailing from my home port(Cape Liberty). Would not want to worry about flights home.
  13. Jr suite, So you have access to Coastal kitchen
  14. Just got off the phone with RCI today. They told me that individual FCC's can be applied to the total price of a cruise. As opposed to individual FCC's only being used for the person that it was issued to. Is it true, If so that is a great change. You never know with RCI, every time you call them you hear something different.
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