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  1. My guess Alcairns is that this is some poor journalism in regard to the Irish Examiner and the port of Cork not updating their website, I found the follow that seems to suggest it will go ahead, I hope: http://crew-center.com/cork-ireland-cruise-ship-schedule-2021 I will post this as well on our roll call, but as we all know things can change very quickly
  2. I booked the complementary first night speciality dinner via the app a month before we sail, it was very easy.
  3. Is everyone oblivious to the fact that eating and drinking is almost impossible with a mask or have people here had a sense of humour bypass, I'm waiting for the "I eat and drink with a straw" posts
  4. I hope I don't have to wear one in the bars and restaurant, it will get a bit messy if I do 😁
  5. I was able to do it 50 days before the cruise. It seems pretty random, all I done was to keep checking.
  6. Princess has lifted restrictions but please remember that individual ports can impose restrictions. Belfast has just announced that independent travel will not be permitted from cruise ships. https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2021/08/20/news/-frustration-and-tears-as-cruise-passengers-barred-from-belfast-under-covid-health-guidelines-2423242/?fbclid=IwAR366BkjaryFxrVKatmD1xITahBWHGdQ-aJH5QKyUiO9YOwvqzsaLatpGMU
  7. Britannia is P&O so they are probably not the same.
  8. According to what I have just read, they have provided them since 2018 out of Southampton, so someone's wrong. Edit: Sorry it has already been said.
  9. I have paid for 2 of these packages, one Round Britain in Oct and one to Norway next year and they are no different to "Staycation" and the package available in the USA. I tell a lie, it is called Dream with us in the UK and Princess Plus in the USA which might explain why people are getting confused. When I have mentioned Dream With Us people didn't know what I was talking about.
  10. Even if you only have the odd cocktail and a few cups of coffee in my opinion it is worth it combined with the Wi-Fi and general gratuities. If you don't take the Dream package you will have to pay for all drinks and will have to pay the daily gratuities added everyday, and no Wi-Fi which you might not miss.
  11. I have just looked at my T&C's for my UK cruise and they are no different. When you buy the package you pay the price quoted then they add on 18% at checkout, on the ship you are not charged drink gratuities because you have already paid them. If you buy the Dream With Us package when booking it is different. You pay only the price quoted. Dream With Us includes drinks package, Wi-Fi and all gratuities, a very good deal. Hello delgirl, I live in the West Midlands, Lovely weather we are having at the moment
  12. Thanks, you are pointing out a cruise line policy we have been debating for a few pages. I linked a document provided as guidance to the cruse industry by The UK Chamber of Shipping, which is the trade organisation for UK shipping of which Carnival UK is a member, which gives no such direction and indeed states the opposite "For all guests and seafarers, both independently ashore and on excursions upon disembarking and re-embarking the ship" I know if I want to go ashore I will have to take a ships excursion, I have just been pointing out that it is not a legal requirement and in my opinion a money grab.
  13. Wrong, my Government are telling me we are on track to have all restrictions removed in the UK by mid June 21 not me. Next October I will be travelling to Southampton. The night before I cruise I will be meeting friends and going out for a spot of lunch, then probably do a mini pub crawl before retiring. The next day I will be cruising. From the NHS website "Evidence suggests that testing tends to be less accurate within three days of exposure, and the best time to get tested is five to seven days after you were exposed." That's even if it is found that vaccinated people can pass it on which is not clear yet. So there may be 1000's of people infected but undetectable getting on the ship. Where do we draw the line, no cruising till next June or no cruising till June 2025 or beyond?
  14. Sorry to harp on but I just found this: https://cruising.org/-/media/Files/Executive-Summary-Cruise-Framework-COVID-19 From the shore excursions section "For all guests and seafarers, both independently ashore and on excursions upon disembarking and re-embarking the ship, alcohol-based hand sanitiser should be made available at gangway exits, and all persons should be asked to use them." This was issued by The UK Chamber of Shipping if you want to look them up.
  15. I think you are loosing sight of the fact that ALL social distancing is on track to be removed mid June 21 in the UK not 22. I have underlying health conditions but we have to get back to normal soon.
  16. But still no one has given us an insight into how they are going to stop interaction between excursioners and locals and indeed excursioners from other ships now the other lines are jumping on the round Britain bandwagon. I truly accept peoples concern about the crew but cannot accept they will be able to keep us cocooned whilst on shore. If I choose to go on an excursion with them I will accept the T&C's but I have every right to complain about their prices and the ludicrousness of demanding we can only go ashore with them. I have only seen UK Government guidance referring to "tour providers of excursions" so why can we not use other companies that are proven to take the required precautions? I quote "One of the conditions of them sailing was probably that they did not just let people off the ship to wander." I cannot find any such direction from the UK Government, If anyone can post a link I would be grateful. I prefer fact and not opinion on such matters. Sorry for the long post.
  17. There was when I was seasick crossing the North Sea in rough weather a few years ago. 🤢🤮 I spent a day on them on the promenade deck overlooking the ocean.
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