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  1. I thought so, I had visions of getting turned away at 10:30 and having to mooch around Southampton for 4 hours.
  2. I have never come across this before, does anyone have experience of this and what did you do? I'm staying in a grand suite, on the Guest Ticket Booklet it says I can board anytime between 10:30 and 15:00, but when I completed the check-in I was forced to choose an arrival time for my set sail pass and the earliest was 13:30. I thought one of the perks of suite life was early check-in.
  3. Just off the Brilliance and I'm far from disappointed. Staff fantastic, food usual cruise fare, a few rust spots here and there but nothing more than you would expect, smoke nowhere near as bad as I expected, room clean. In short, I don't recognise it as the same ship the OP sailed on, loved every minute of it and met some great people, especially doing tea time trivia.
  4. Me too, I would be OK if they didn't totally take over the area. Excessive noise I would be unhappy with but I don't think I would be back in my cabin at 9:30 pm
  5. I've seen some really funny autocorrects, I've spent ages reading them via google.
  6. True I forgot to mention that, especially if your sailing close to land. You've just got to make sure you're not connected to the ship.
  7. lol most Brits are rubbish at English, it's a minefield, including me, don't know what I'd do without a spell checker
  8. Edit: sorry it has already been answered. On land and in an EU or an economically associated country you will not be charged roaming. At sea you will be using the ships tower and you will be charged a fortune. In short: In an EU port you're OK (check with your carrier what non EU countries are included. At sea airplane mode.
  9. Not very consistent on their ships are they.
  10. dwhe


    Thanks very much.
  11. dwhe


    I can't find the answer to this one. What does TWO PLUS ONE L mean under Additional Items on the booking page?
  12. Never been to the Quest, what exactly happens?
  13. What the need for oral sex or a person being unwilling? 😲
  14. Maybe they meant only adults were allowed to take part, not that the songs had sware words in them.
  15. If it's advertised as adult that's what I'd expect and if I didn't find it funny I would leave. I fully understand what you mean but sometimes we have to judge for ourselves and not rely on others to censure things for us.
  16. What a rotten time to fall ill. Still, you have a few days to make up for it 😀
  17. Please, someone, say it's on draft on the Brillance, you can't beat a cold pint of Newky Brown.
  18. This is a new one on me. I'm also on the Indy in a months time and I've just got an email from chatbot Indy. " Indy can give you information on the extraordinary activities you can do onboard or tantalise your taste buds with the best restaurant recommendations. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and ask Indy a question and see what you'll discover "
  19. Funny that, I'm an ex-smoker and it annoys the hell out of me. I hate the smell.
  20. Yes GS on the Brilliance 12 day Baltic, they are currently doing the trans-Atlantic
  21. I've received 2, one 11 days before and one 9 days before.
  22. Thanks for the update. Looking at the weather forecast it looks like it's going to be quite pleasant when you dock on the 19th, around 18 to 20 (65 to 70 to you lol) not bad for this part of the world.
  23. Yes I've done it recently, cancel via the planner I think Calendar, modify, cancel, just checked.
  24. She wasn't called Rolling Mary for nothing lol.
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