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  1. donaldsc the only thing that I can find is that a family were kicked of a ship back in August 2020 for deviating from an excursion. I still think it is motivated to generate income for the cruise lines.
  2. Sorry I don't know what you mean, what problem, what did the passengers do. How are the cruise companies that are insisting we take only their excursions keeping the excursioners apart from those on shore?
  3. So they have a magic way of keeping the passengers away from the locals on their own excursions have they, I would be interested to know how, instead of holding up an umbrella they could hold up a whip and crack it anytime anyone steps out of line. No really I would like to see how they can stop interaction on their tours.
  4. I'm not surprised other lines are trying to rip people off. Guernsey was a decision they themselves took, amid complaints that they acted to early and may yet, as you say, change their minds.
  5. It smacks of Princess trying to pull in more money by making us take their excursions. The cruises that demand this are for vaccinated UK cruisers only, all port calls will be in the UK. The Government are talking about lifting all restrictions for UK residents in June (all being well) so why are Princess stopping us going ashore on our own in September, even on organised excursions you will mix with people on shore, they can't wrap you in a bubble. By the way my Cruise starting on 5th Oct 21 Round Britain has no restrictions, you don't even have to be vaccinated.
  6. I've just seen it on their website: "For the time being, you will only be able to go ashore on shore excursions that are researched and organized by Princess Cruises." I hope people complain, complete rip off.
  7. Really? By then all restrictions for UK citizens should have been well and truly lifted in the UK, fingers crossed. That smacks of Princess trying to force a monopoly, how can they enforce it if we are allowed to move freely again by then?
  8. Indeed, which I've requested. They had better honour it as it's £5000 dearer for the same cabin next year.
  9. They're flowing pretty well here in the UK, 39.8% of adults have had their 1st dose as of 3rd of March.
  10. This is part of what I got: Our 2022 European cruises are seeing strong demand as our guests look forward to being able to travel once again and our 2022 fares are likely to increase further as availability becomes even more limited. Protecting your 2021 fare and promotions represents a significant benefit, and we very much hope you will take advantage of this future booking opportunity. I had only paid the deposit, It seems strange they would discriminate between European and N American customers. I won't be going it they don't honour the 2021 price because it's £5000 dearer in 2022. We will see when they answer my transfer request.
  11. Yea just got my email from them, on the positive side they also said they will be introducing cruises open to UK cruisers only later in the summer, details to come soon.
  12. I've just had an email advising me of a docking change (Regal) because of port congestion (too many cruise ships in port) for my cruise in June. So it seems they intend to start by then if allowed to by Governments.
  13. You mean Och aye the noo (varient)
  14. Thanks mike, sounds like you was booked on the same one as I was, thought it would sail after my original booking was cancelled.
  15. Fantastic FuzzyDuckUK, I disabled uBlock Origin reloaded and there it was, it was blocked as spam. Thank you. Can you apply for refunds via the web or do you have to ring? Thank you for your input also Pensioncruiser much appreciated.
  16. Today I received an email which started like this: We are delighted to provide you with your refund credit code and details of your booking incentive. Only trouble is I can't find the code anywhere in the email, not as an attachment or in the body of the email, anyone have any ideas where it is lol.
  17. I also was on this one, changed it to same destination same ship from Southampton 31st of September. doubt it now.
  18. Haha, It's not funny but that is, if you know what I mean. Just been on the phone to tui and got an extra 2 weeks for final payment, at the moment a lot could happen in 2 weeks.
  19. And millions of people plough on with immune system problems and other underlying conditions that are no fault of their own. We are not all overweight cake scoffing smokers not taking care of our bodies. I've never blocked anyone on any site before but I might make an exception for you.
  20. And those of us who have underlying conditions, Is that scaremongering and not worth fretting over, or don't we matter "Considering many who get this virus will have no symptoms at all" What I've seen so far out and about is people coughing and sneezing without a care or covering their mouth, probably won't be much different on the ship. Not worth fretting over? lucky you.
  21. Thanks for the advice, we wouldn't of had a clue and just walked 👍
  22. If you saw the ghost of a guy that died in 2007 would you know it was a ghost? you could be seeing ghosts of people that died recently all the time and you wouldn't know it 😉
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