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  1. Thank you both for the great ideas! I knew I could count on Cruise Critic followers.
  2. I'll be traveling to Guadalupe and I understand they only accept Euros. I'm going on a tour, so will probably only need a small amount for tips. My local bank and AAA only do larger sums in exchange for Euros. Will I be able to exchange about $50 US at the front desk? Thank you.
  3. I've gotten them at Kroger's and Amazon.
  4. Kenato, I was wondering if the Vista suites have night lights in the bathroom like some of the older re-fitted ships? Thanks
  5. Dave, I am so sorry your trip is coming to an end. I have THOROUGHLY ENJOYED "going along" on the trip! Your photos and details( and humor) have been amazing. I'm glad you had a beautiful looking day for your last port. I look forward to reading your next cruising adventure. Have a safe trip home! Terri
  6. I love your sense of humor....."a long day to Tipperary" LOL! REALLY enjoying your dialogue and it's giving me a great geography refresher, too. Hope it's a smooth trip back across the pond.
  7. We've stayed at Springhill Suites which is directly across the street from the pier. It was a Very easy walk out of the hotel, down the sidewalk and across the crosswalk and to the luggage drop off outside the terminal. A lot of other passengers were walking with us. We'd definitely do the same next time.
  8. What a Perfect day! Beautiful weather, Awesome scenery, splitpea soup and Santa Claus! Who could ask for more?? Thanks again for taking us along.
  9. Really enjoying this trip so far. Loved the previous day's pics of the Puffin and then the "government Tap Room". Thanks
  10. Thanks for doing your Blog, Dave. I've "sailed with you" on many of your other trips, glad I won't have to miss out on this one. Hope it's smooth sailing! Thanks, Terri
  11. I totally agree with this! You have a little extra area inside the cabin, too. This is a good area for a chair or extra luggage.
  12. I don't know what kind of room you're in, but I do know the Signature suites also have the updated TV system.
  13. I didn't realize how much I missed seeing the daily location report. Thanks for posting it!!
  14. We've had this the last two years on Gala night on the Oosterdam. Nice little touch, IMO. We've always had fixed seating.
  15. I will say that we have cruised during final 4 week and have been able to see the games on TV in our cabin and in certain bars. ENJOY!
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