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  1. Thanks everyone. Your answers are a great help!!
  2. Does anyone know if a Dyson Airwrap hair dryer will work on the Vicking Ocean ships? Are personal hair dryers allowed? Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
  3. Keith, I have been following your travels for years and look forward to every installment. I hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip. I am shopping for travel insurance for international travel and immediately thought of you – do you have travel insurance or MedJet? Would you mind sharing which company and plan you have if any? Thank you!
  4. Sid, As I mentioned in a previous post, I am one of probably thousands who look forward to and read your blogs daily but rarely comment. I return to your writings because they are informative and enjoyable. I frequently read blogs, articles etc that are dull or abrasive and I just don`t return. Others should do the same. Keep writing and safe journeys
  5. We are traveling with friends. Some of us have Priority on our ticket while others purchased FTTF. Do we all go through the same VIP screening line? Can we all go to the VIP lounge? Can we board at the same time? We all selected 12:00 as our boarding time but can we board at anytime? Thanks
  6. On a cruise this fall my wife and I have booked a suite and look forward to the priority boarding. Our adult daughter recently decided to join us and is staying in a separate non-suite room. Is there anyway she can enjoy the suite priority boarding privilege since we are traveling together? If she were staying in our suite, she would have this privilege but by paying much more for a separate single-supplement room she looses it. Does anyone know if and how we can link her to us for priority boarding? Thanks,
  7. A note to those driving from Texas to New Orleans on I-10. The traffic in Baton Rouge is so unpredictable that those of us who live in the Lafayette area almost always take US 90 south from Lafayette to Morgan City then to New Orleans. It is about 10 miles longer but has much lighter traffic. Take I-10 through Lafayette and turn south on US 90 alternately named the NW Evangeline Throughway - Exit 103A. It is the way the locals travel to New Orleans.
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