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  1. Thank you! Is it just old and small, or also shabby/ in poor condition?
  2. Hi all, We've cruised Carnival and RC but today I see a GREAT fare on MSC Armonia. The price is so, so good. What do I need to know about MSC? Am I missing a major detail? No food or something???
  3. Hi, We finished an 8-night exotic Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Conquest last month. We had a great time and LOVED our ports. This was our 5th cruise - 4 on Carnival and 1 on RC. I am not dissatisfied with Carnival, but I do think next time I want to try a different line. We are a family of 4 - two boys ages 14 and 4. Looking for recommendations for a line/ particular boat: Things we really liked about Carnival: Carnival is priced great, gotta love that - that said we will pay more - but probably not Disney prices Excellent staff/service We enjoy those comedy shows and outdoor movies I might be wrong but cabin sizes might have been a smidge better on Carnival than RC? Up til now, we have had all 4 of us in one cabin. (Might change) Things we weren't so into: We love pool time, but our ship had so much loud, nonstop music on Lido, DH and I felt we had headaches at the end of the day (and not from booze!) Also, I can live without another hairy chest contest or twerking. ;) That said, wish Carnival still had live music on Lido Shows so far on Carnival were really so-so. We've been on 1 RC cruise and I don't know if its fair to base everything on that, but it seemed higher quality Most Carnival ships are kind of loud décor wise, however not a deal breaker for us Edited to add: Oh, and we have no use for casinos and tried to avoid Deck 5 because of all the smoking yuckiness. Can this be avoided? Thanks!
  4. We're just off the Conquest. Overall great trip, but I looked through buffet several days for lunch and usually came up pretty not into the offerings. Did Guys/ deli/ BBQ instead. So even so it didn't appeal, there are still options!
  5. BTW, I did have the wrong email address (duh!!! and Thanks!!!) We're all set - looking forward to this!
  6. I'm not a casino person, so I can't comment. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Serenity Deck was busy but that's because it is in the most awesome aft location. Absolutely great location for serenity
  7. The food is fun, we're looking forward to this later in the month!
  8. I emailed them 5-6 days ago, still no response, so I guess I will try resending..... We are looking at the full day tour for our fam, which includes a 14 yo boy and a 4.5 yo boy. For those of you who've done that tour, you think my younger guy can take it?
  9. Yikes. We are flying in late the night before cruise and this is what popped up for cheap on Hotwire. (I went in knowing I might get this hotel on HW and did it anyway due to price.) Hope its not total disaster!
  10. What's typically the earliest appointment time at Port Everglades? (if not FTTF)
  11. Did you go on your trip yet? Curious to get a wine review! My husband works for a wine company and I'm afraid I've been spoiled.....
  12. How was Tortola? We're going to Kitts on Conquest in April but still not decided what to do.
  13. Thank you very much - I saw pics of the HFLM and thought my kids might enjoy the pool and seeing all those boats, but I've never been there and the advice that the beach really is (duh) so much nicer is what I needed to hear. Booked the Sonesta. Thanks.
  14. Hi - Looking for thoughts on these two hotels. We're doing two nights post cruise. I'm traveling with husband and two sons, ages 14 and 4. I'm a beach person, but the boys really are much more pool people. Both hotels are in our price point, although Sonesta is a bit more expensive. Seems like Hilton has a better pool, but Sonesta is closer to beach and maybe a bit spiffier? Any thoughts?
  15. Hi, I'm American, my husband is Dutch. We'll be in SXM in April with our two kids, 4 and 14. Looking for suggestions of what to do, with bonus points that give nod to the Dutch culture on the island. Excited to see if he'll get any nice Dutch snacks from back home... .Thanks!
  16. I agree on lower and midship. I get terrible motion sickness in road vehicles, but never on a cruise. The first couple times, I came equipped with meds/ ginger but didn't need any of it. (But did stay mid and low.) However, I usually have considerable sickness/dizziness once we disembark. Go figure.
  17. Agh.... I would LOVE to go to Margaritaville, but it is about $200 above our budget for this leg, sadly. I've got a preschooler and a 14-year-old headed for private HS in the fall. Gotta draw the line somewhere! :) Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check out Embassy Suites. Of the 3 I listed earlier, Hilton Marina looks like a decent deal at about $340 all in for two nights. Looks like they have a shuttle to the beach, and with the savings, I can pay for HOHO water taxi, which I anticipate they'll want to do.....
  18. Sounds like a lovely trip with your dad! My husband is Dutch and we've done all sorts of hoteling when not with family. Given that extremely long flight home and your dad's age, I would recommend staying right at Schiphol. We usually don't have to do it, but my family swears by the Sheraton at Schihpol. Wonderful hotel and literally steps from the terminal. https://www.marriott.com/reservation/rateListMenu.mi?defaultTab=prepay My husband (flying solo) has also stayed at Citizen M at Schiphol. It is a much younger vibe and the rooms are absolutely teeny, but extremely comfortable. They're just managed to use the space to the max. https://www.citizenm.com/destinations/amsterdam/schiphol-airport-hotel?utm_source=tripadvisor&utm_medium=buslist&utm_campaign=buslisttop All that said, my husband is from The Hague and I am very fond of that town.....
  19. After a bit more research, I'm currently zoning in on three places: Hollywood Beach Doubletree Hilton Marina - Fort Lauderdale Sonesta - Fort Lauderdale I would appreciate any insights on these properties, especially on what you think of them for 2 nights with two kids, as I stated below. Sonesta is the most expensive, but if its most bang for buck, maybe we'll go for it. I like the idea of having some beach time, but honestly, my kids will probably gravitate to a pool. TIA! Also, would $80 for an Uber from Fort Lauderdale sound about right? We're 4 people so we might need an XL.
  20. We arrive back in FLL on Sunday, April 21, and fly out of MIA the evening of Tuesday, April 23. I am still trying to decide on "where" so I will check that out. One way or another, we need to get to MIA :) I would love a hotel that is $200/night or less but I know that's incredibly hard near the beach.... Thanks!
  21. We are flying out of MIA a full two days after an 8-day cruise out of FLL. It's my husband, our two kids, 14 and 4, and myself. I am really struggling with where to get a hotel and what to do over those two days. Of course, I want to have a nice time, but I'm trying to keep things budget friendly and the SoBe hotels are a little ouchy on the budget for this already expensive trip. (And, we've stayed there last time at Surfcomber on Collins.) Open to ideas that involve (or don't) a rental car. Thanks!
  22. You guys think there’s much of a chance for a last minute deal over Christmas break, like a Dec 29 or 30 sailing from Florida, LA or TX? Thinking about something to do with our kids, but I can’t cmmit for a while. Then it got me thinking......
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