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  1. Excellent. I'm hoping to replace my very large Waterford martini glasses that were damaged when a hurricane filled my home with 8 feet of water in 2017. When the water subsided 6 days later, several crystal glasses were broken. Glad you're having a nice time. You obviously have more energy than I do.... Continue to enjoy.
  2. YES. Good, Bad, and Ugly. I mention, by name, the folks who wait on me. I point out items that can be corrected. And the UGLY part should be self-explanatory. After 87 cruises, I have a lot to say....
  3. Read and understand the fine print is my advice. You will only get Captains Club points based on AQ class, not the 8 points for a sky suite. That alone makes it a NO for me....
  4. It indeed IS one of the best sky suites. The suite is next door to the PH. You get a separate tub and shower. Bathroom is HUGE. You might want to enjoy this suite BEFORE Kelly Hoppin gets her paws on it.... A lot of folks, myself included, are horrified with the Hoppinization of these beautiful suites. QUITE DISTURBING.... Have a fabulous sail!!!!
  5. You hit the nail on the head: VAGUE, if any answer at all. I get more traction and a better response by putting my questions on my post-cruise comment forms. I make a WORD document for each cruise, adding comments and questions until the cruise is over. No need to remember; or forget to address something. Then, I simply COPY and PASTE in the SMALL BOX; and wait for the responses to come flooding in.... Heck, I already have a page of comments for my October Equinox cruise. I'm very disappointed in LLP, but not surprised. This was a total waste of time and effort.
  6. I don't think LLP understood your comment. You're looking for B2B, or roundtrip cruises, not airfare, right? BTW, ChoiceAir DOES NOT have the most competitive fares, as LLP touted. Nor do they have many of the most direct flights either.
  7. A "FUN" option? Really?? Perhaps you've never seen a Royal Family Suite or a Presidential Family Suite on Royal Caribbean ships.... That's what they were called in 2011, at least. RFS had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms; PFS had 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Perhaps I'm sailing on the WRONG cruise line....
  8. I'm not interested in the Edge, and even if I was, those single cabins are TINY!!! I have been sailing in suites since 2010. Last November, I sailed solo in a penthouse. And yet, my butler and the people who took care of me only got ONE set of gratuities. THIS should be a very easy fix. Just keeping the profit you make from solo travelers is just plain WRONG> I know it. YOU know it too. The single supplement doesn't need to be 100%. I know it. YOU know it too. Perhaps Celebrity doesn't need my business anymore.... I guess you don't
  9. Thank you so much.... I'm enjoying a cocktail, pretending I'm in Michael's, while reading your thread.
  10. I hope you will write about the tours you take. I haven't booked any for next August, mainly because I wanted to see if someone would critique some of these tours and tour operators. Thanks in advance for doing this. I'm enjoying following along.... BTW: who is Suites Manager; and Michael's Club Concierge? AND, Is Dharma still a butler on Silhouette?
  11. I'm not a big fan of Tuscan either. Their eggplant parm is awful. I pretty much stick to Luminae also, as my cabins on M-class ships include unlimited specialty dining. I have been known to dine in Sushi on Five and LPC on occasion.
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