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  1. I am going to come to the defense of the OP. I did a B2B on Infinity from March 16-25 (9 nights). I chose to take advantage of my 240 minutes as an Elite+ benefit, on each leg of the cruise, rather than purchase an Internet package. To say getting connected and downloading email and social media sites was mind numbingly slow is being generous. I didn’t need to do any business or have any other must do issues, but, based on my experience, I can only imagine how someone who did need to do that felt. It wasn’t a matter of location around the ship. I tried in several locations: my cabin, Cafe Al Baccio, the pool deck, Constellation Lounge, the Ocean View. All had the same result: -s-l-o-w. As this was my fifteenth Celebrity Cruise, I can comfortably say that the Wi-Fi on Infinity is awful. Let me be clear. I don’t expect lightning fast wi-if on any cruise ship. It isn’t my home set up with, at most, two people using it at the same time. But compared to my experience on Silhouette, Equinox, and Solstice, the Wi-Fi on Infinity is bad. How the OP chooses to handle his dissatisfaction, is a whole nother issue. And I do agree that Celebrity’s advertising two or four free perks, when the prices increase depending on the selection, as free, is deceptive.
  2. @Oville, You have just helped me finalize a decision I have been pondering. Everything you have written that you like (or dislike) about Oceania, mirror my likes/dislikes. A friend, whose opinion I trust, sailed Oceania recently, and raved about it. I have a very nice B3 cabin with an oversized balcony booked on Riviera in November. Important to know I am a solo traveler. I have done some research and now realize that, for the same amount of money, I could be in a Sky Suite, same # of days, with all four perks, similar itinerary. Beverage packages on Oceania are either wine/beer at lunch and dinner only, or whatever/wherever for $60 per day. Hummm. I can book Celebrity with two perks in Aqua or all four perks in a Sky Suite for less money, when you add the perks. For a couple of other reasons, not directly related to cruising, I am losing interest in this cruise. And, yes I drive a Lexus!😉
  3. Just completed a b2b ( 5 & 4 nights) on Infinity, in Aqua. The demographic in Blu, on the first cruise, was older and seemed to preferred to dine earlier. I like to go to the earlier show, and maybe, or maybe not, stop for a glass of wine after the show. That got me to Blu in the range of 7:50 to 8:15. Never had a problem being seated. The second cruise, I followed the same schedule. Arriving within the same time range, I almost always encountered folks arriving at the same time. Sometimes, I was seated quickly, other times I had to wait and was given a pager. The demographic was younger. The maitre’d, Noriega, and the hostess, Natalia, were both actively clearing tables, setting tables, etc. If passengers choose to linger over dinner or a glass of wine, there is nothing that the staff can do.
  4. Just got off 9 nights- five night cruise on Infinity, followed by a four night one. The WiFi was mind numbingly s-l-o-w. Didn’t matter where in the ship, slow. Once I finally got logged on, it took a long time for everything to load.
  5. Solo cruiser (most of the time) here. I haven’t read through all 12 pages, so if what I would really like has been mentioned, I apologize for the redundancy. RCCL offers a perk, at about the midpoint level between D+ and Pinnacle. That perk is that solos pay 150%, not 200% on their cruises. Would like to see Celebrity offer this, maybe in conjunction with an additional level in the loyalty program. That would seriously keep me loyal to Celebrity.
  6. Just got off Infinity today. As part of the online check in process, I was given the option to upload a picture. I used the same picture from a RCCL cruise a couple of months ago. Royal had no issues with the picture. My appearance has not changed- no hair color or style change, etc. When I got to port check in, the lady who helped me said that my picture was not acceptable. She retook it. Took all of 30 seconds. Yes, they will take your picture and it will not slow you down.
  7. I think the answer to this may depend on which terminal Infinity is using. Terminal 25, which is the new terminal built for Edge, has some different check in procedures. Up til now, I have only embarked from there when in a suite. There is a totally different section for those passengers. Since none of the other terminals have been redone, I would guess that the procedure hasn’t changed drastically. When we were on RCCL last fall, we uploaded the picture, but still had to go to the counter to get our cruise card. I am boarding Infinity this Saturday, at terminal 25. I am not in a suite, so will have a chance to experience how those passengers are processed. I am sure others can speak from first hand experience about this.
  8. This is the second week the Edge Hawaii Exciting Deals have been there. Obviously, no one proofs the offers before they go out.
  9. I am also booked on that cruise. I have one of the Aqua cabins aft on Deck 11. I booked onboard another Celebrity cruise last fall as soon as the cruise was available. The Future Cruise guy immediately put a hold on the cabin as soon as he heard what I wanted. Didn’t even wait to discuss anything with me. He said the true aft cabins go quickly on Panama Canal cruises. I consider myself very lucky.
  10. This! This! This! Exactly why I book Aqua when I am solo and not in a suite. I would rather dine by myself than be at a table of couples or family traveling together and who don’t want me there. It happened to me on my first two solo cruises. I prefer to eat solo in Blu with the potential to have a pleasant conversation with those at a nearby table.
  11. Does the Elite Happy Hour, with hors d’ouevres, in the Sky Lounge still exist?
  12. Would like clarification as well as my first cruise is on Riveria in November. I realize this a post from approximately 18 months ago. Would just like to know that my fellow passengers aren’t confusing Oceania with Carnival. 😉
  13. I am going my first B2B cruise later this month on Infinity. Are you allowed access to your cabin on turn around day morning or do you have to vacate after breakfast. Since I have the same Aqua class cabin for both cruises, I know my things remain in the cabin. What about me? Thanks.
  14. Just tell people you are celebrating your 10th anniversary (of your 40th birthday).
  15. This was exactly my experience on Silhouette last December. We met in Cellar Masters, had a glass of bubbly, took a tour of the galley with the Chef, and then off to Murano. We were a group of 10, 4 couples, solo me, and the Front Desk supervisor. Also, the wine flowed freely.
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