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  1. As I said in an earlier post, CK leaves on Oct.2 and I board that same day. Would I have liked to cruise with her as captain, yes. Is my cruise/life ruined- no. I have sailed with captains who have been funny, visible, and interacted with passengers. I couldn’t tell you their names if you told me I could never cruise again if I didn’t name them. I have sailed with captains who did a very short, heavily accented talk once a day and that was it. The captain doesn’t make or break my cruise as long as we don’t hit the pier when docking.
  2. Last thing I read, on a prominent social media site, is that she is leaving on Oct. 2. The reason that sticks in my mind is that I board Edge on Oct. 2.
  3. My experience in Luminae, only on S class ships, mirrors what has been said above. Tables are predominately 2-tops. If they know they have a group of more than two traveling/dining together routinely, they will set the table up in advance to accommodate them. On my last cruise, on Equinox, there were two couples traveling together. They always ate around 8:00. The table was set up and waiting for them each evening. Larger parties are usually put in the back room. On one of our cruises, we became friends with two other couples and always sat together in Michael’s Club every evening.
  4. If you go to your reservation and read all the fine print in the light gray type in the section titled "Overview", you will see a sentence that is something like "your reservation location and date will be confirmed on embarkation day." That's not the exact wording, but you will find the sentence.
  5. Embarkation day is always listed as the date for the Chef's Table. It is a holding place. You will receive info in your cabin on the actual date, time, and location.
  6. I have Chef's Table booked for my August 8th cruise on Equinox. I have done the galley tour several times, so no great loss there.
  7. I am on the August 8 sailing. I doubt the the capacity will change much from the initial sailing this weekend. Looking forward to what you learn.
  8. I will be going on my first Silversea cruise in January. I am a solo cruiser and am aware that Silversea has a good program for solos, including dining together. My question is: should I make dining reservations when they open up at the 120 day point or just wait until I board the ship and see what the hostess has planned? I am particularly curious about dining the first evening as I have no idea if something would be scheduled for then. Also, if I would like to dine alone on an evening, is that an option? I am aware that, with Covid protocols, what has been standard in the past, may not be t
  9. I was just going to say this. Suites get priority boarding, Concierge gets priority boarding, Aqua gets priority boarding, higher levels of Captain's Club get priority boarding. It is easier to count those passengers who don't get priority boarding. For the time being there should be no priority. At terminal 25 suites have a separate entrance, so maybe a little leeway there. But if a lot of suite passengers show up at noon, board them in the order of their assigned check in time.
  10. Most cruisers are not on CC and therefore do not have access to the info shared here. They are doing what they have always done which is to show up to board whenever. The arrival times have always been suggested; now they are being enforced. So people are arriving when it suits their plans only to discover that now times are being enforced and they are being made to wait. Hence the long lines for non suite passengers. It sounds like it only took a few posts on CC and a couple of social media sites for suite passengers to learn that boarding times weren’t being enforced for them. Cons
  11. All my info pertains to Edge, and probably Equinox, when she resumes sailing late this month. What the procedures and requirements are by Celebrity and/or Greece for Apex may be different.
  12. I don’t know that answer specifically. The searching the line was only commented on in relation to lulls in the process. If I recall what was said, there is a person who looks at your express pass and, if within your time frame, directs you to the wellness area or, if not your scheduled time, to the back of the line for those waiting. I wouldn’t stand in line, if it is your scheduled time. I would go up and not wait for them to find you. This is a learning experience for Celebrity as well as passengers. The process could change at any time. What they are doing now may not be the pr
  13. There have been several posts on a certain social media site from people who have been on the first two Edge sailings. The reported experiences with how scheduled boarding time has been handled have been consistent. If you arrive during your scheduled boarding time, you go to the front of the line for the wellness check and then move on to checking in and boarding. People who arrived earlier than scheduled were sent to the back of the line. If, they had a lull or processed all the folks scheduled for that 30 minute arrival time, they went down the line looki
  14. For me, the main difference is that the SV has a traditional balcony, whereas Concierge class has the Infinite Balcony. There are other upgrades with Concierge, but I willingly trade those off for a real balcony.
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