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  1. tring, sorry if you thought it was your post that got me down a little, its the thought of things taking longer to get back to normal ( if ever ) not your post. You are booked 26th of june and that is also our booking or was but you never know!
  2. Very depressing reading, will we ever cruise normally again because i certainly don't fancy masks and the rest of it whilst on holiday!
  3. Whilst on a caribbean cruise in jan 2020 p@o offered a deal on the new ship iona to the norwegian fjords for which we put a deposit. June last year got cancelled putting it back to june this year but my problem is they are now asking for full payment and we are now not sure we want to go or not, the reasons are mainly due to coronavirus, will it go ahead in june( our chosen and preferred month) will we have to wear masks most of the time, something i do everyday now but would not like to have to wear on ship/holiday and would we be allowed off ship, there are other
  4. How do people who cruise quite often guard against this? Only two cruises with p&o and my wife has come home from both badly affected, 1st arcadia (Baltics ) and now just returned off the Britannia ( Caribbean ) so different ships different climate same outcome. Also off this topic, earlier this week I posted Britannia where i mentioned shorts on board but the one I wanted answers on was has p&o given up with trays on all ships as they have done on Britannia, the post appears to have been taken down, have I missed something?
  5. Just a note to WilsonGR, the tui letter given at the end of the flight is incorrect in that it states we were delayed 28.49hrs but it was nearer 32 and the absolute shocker that due to being tired only realised when talking to my own insurance was the statement on our letter of IMPORTANT INFORMATION is scheduled time of departure...21:55 1st of feb, Actual time of departure 02:44 2nd feb which if correct would mean less than 5hrs overdue and under this is the line Total length of delay 28hr and 49 minutes.
  6. We were on the same flight, i have just filled in a compensation form on the tui site and will await a reply. Can you also claim off your insurance? P.S. This delay was handled very poorly by p&o, one rep at hotel we were put up in and she was not good at keeping people informed which resulted in a lot of angry passengers! Also the note given by tui says 28 delay,it was 32!
  7. We are on the Britannia this w/e on a Caribbean cruise, through family problems I need to stay in touch with my relatives. What is the best and cheapest way to use a mobile whilst out there and due to the refurbishment of the ship have they took this into consideration? Thanks for any answers in advance.
  8. No doubt been asked before but is it wise to take mozzie spray for a Caribbean cruise ?
  9. Yes mbs we are sailing last weeks of feb, maybe st vincent not popular enough
  10. I have had an e-mail today to inform me that a excursion we have booked to st Vincent whilst sailing on britannia has been cancelled and p&o have successfully processed a refund into our bank, well two things......no money yet showing in bank and at this moment even more annoying no explanation of why the trip has been cancelled. Anyone had any experience of this in the past? Thanks.
  11. Went to the Baltics on this ship in may, not a well travelled p&o couple but really enjoyed this ship and hope the Britannia is as good in jan!
  12. Have another try as there has been some strange messages coming out of there in the last few days, I had been trying to book flight seats for January but the site was down most of yesterday but managed in the end but not before some strange messages coming back about my site was not secure and people were trying to hack my computer!
  13. Trying to book flight seats but when I go to pay it says site is down and they only hold the seats for 2 hr ( 20 min left)
  14. would not want to go it alone, even the passport girls seemed angry and spilling for a fight and the one going into russia was a stunning girl that should have been happy with the world!
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