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  1. Is Guinness still available on Princess Ships? We’re looking at booking a trip on Enchanted Princess, but hubby will only book if Guinness available. He recently endured a 19 day Transatlantic on NCL without Guinness 🤣
  2. Seashark, what is helpful or appropriate about your response? The F1 season runs approximately 8 months of the year, so many cruisers will be hoping for coverage. If not readily available on the ship, an idea for alternative streaming possibilities, would be a helpful response.
  3. We only experienced this on one occasion in the UK, and that was in 2020. Everywhere else, (Florida, Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Dubai, Mexico, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Cyprus) we have travelled in the last 2 years has offered daily room service. I personally would avoid any hotel that didn’t provide daily service, and I would certainly not book any cruise that wasn’t providing daily service.
  4. I’m curious, which hotels don’t service rooms daily? We travel regularly and even during the Pandemic, we have always had our room serviced on a daily basis.
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