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  1. I always travel solo. My best worst memory was being placed at a table for 4. It was me and a newlywed couple! I was seated with one to my left and one to my right and ate while they gazed across the table into each others eyes! It was really uncomfortable for them and me. Needless to say, I did not return to that table the rest of the cruise. At another time, I was seated at a table for 10. It was a large group and they spent the first 2 meals trying to set me up with "Gretta" who had lost her husband a year ago. Again, I was uncomfortable. Scared for life, I tend to request a table alone or go to a specialty or Windjammer.
  2. Unfortunately a webpage can easily be modified by the user thus the photographs are worthless. The only document that may hold up in court would be their order acknowledgment.
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