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  1. BINGO! That did the trick! First I deleted my cookies and browsing history then rebooted, but after I logged in and it changed in English. thx Vmax1700
  2. I figured that out since some other cruise websites do the same thing
  3. Could be...the two appear similar to me.
  4. Having trouble with HAL website. Every time I launch the website it displays in Spanish. We are currently sitting in Buenos Aires scheduled to board ship tomorrow but it displays the Argentina website across all my devices. Anyone ever had this issue and know of a resolution? Emailed HAL for poss resolution but no reply yet. TIA
  5. Tri Rail would be the best and most cost effective But not sure where or if the train comes close to the Port of Miami. It does depart from Miami Int’l Airport, cost to Fort Lauderdale is about $15 owpp and has a shuttle bus that runs from its drop off point to the airport.
  6. Thanks RuthC! For over 15+ years now I’ve looked up to you for your experience, expertise, and replies! You’ve been on CC for quite sometime. 🙂
  7. So with all that has been said, I’m going to cxl the dinner package and go with my own reservations once I get onboard. want to use the 4* bene’s to the max!
  8. Interesting because the package does not reserve a place in the Pinnacle, I have to do that once onboard.
  9. We depart in 17 days and booked a room at the Tango de Mayo. I took the suggestion of another CC’er on our Roll Call board who had more experience in the area than I do. He stated it was close to the port and the hotel is arranging transportation to the ship for AR$500 which equates to about US$8.35. Its about 3.5 mi (5.6km) to the port.
  10. Is the $70pp Evenings at the Pinnacle package price offered online adjusted for 4* Mariner discount? Seems like it would be a better value to wait to book dining onboard. I just bought 2 of the packages....Forgot about the discount.
  11. Curious how you got power to the device in the closet? I’m thinking of doing this but leave in 2 weeks on a 22 day.
  12. There may be Financial incentives from the port(s) in question for them to change their schedule at the last minute.
  13. Thanx volfan22701. It’s also our 2nd carnival Cruise. Usually cruise on HollandAmerica but are taking friends who live in NC. i would have asked on the roll call board but thought it might a bit be off topic as everyone discusses the weather scenario. Now back to studying the deck plans!
  14. Quick question Sailing on the Sunshine for the first time this Saturday and am studying deck plans. What deck do they usually board on in Charleston? I’m guessing deck 3 (Lobby) or Deck 4 (Mezzanine). TIA
  15. Sailing on the sunshine September 28 on a seven day Bermuda cruise. Our use a CPAP and was curious if I should bring a cruise line approved extension cord. In the past on some state rooms only have one plug-in which is A few feet away from the bed, Or has the sunshine been modified to re-accommodate more 110 V power outlets?
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