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  1. We are on a 28 day S.Pacific jaunt on the Eurodam on Mar9 and have over 96PAGES with over 100 on the roll call. The last M&G we had over 100 Cc’ers was somewhat of a cluster. Our last 28day from San Diego to Lima only had approx 10-15 CC’ers at the M&G. Quite the difference.
  2. Can anyone recently off the Eurodam tell me if there are USB charge ports in the cabins? Heard she has recently came out of refurbishment. I came off the Rotterdam last Jan '17 just after refurbishment and she had 2 charge ports in the lamp in our room.
  3. Were on this cruise with you Cruizer Bill! I often thought it depended on the length of cruise. I was on a HAL cruise a few years back that had NO happy hour and a 28day last April where Happy Hour was everyday in the Crows Nest and in the Ocean Bar 4p-5p just after Trivia.
  4. Thanks for all the replies! Some good ideas here. Just for the record, I did state that I would NOT give my water bottle to the Cabin Steward for the reasons listed. Hes too busy and I'm not sure of its whereabouts during its absence. I like to use widemouth Nalgene bottles as they hold 32oz which is more than most water bottles. Their reusable, durable, easier to fill, and resealable. I'm not an environment freak but do like contributing to the reduction of plastic bottles if I can. I drink a lot of water so I like a larger water container. I bring a good supply of gallon ziplock bags so I also like the idea of the 1st post reply about using one of those for a clorox sanitize solution soak. May end up going that route. Using a denture tablet is another good suggestion. ALL soaps and body washes use a perfume that can transfer the scents over and produce a funny taste to the water that I dont appreciate. I'm also am not a real fan of washing out a water bottle in a bathroom sink. Their too small to do a good job and the water is less than scalding for good reason. Hopefully there is a water refill station in the Eurodam's Lido. I do like those.
  5. Any suggestions on how to get a personal water bottle cleaned/washed during a cruise? I was once advised to give it to the cabin steward, but those folks are super busy and it takes time for them to get it back to me. Trying to pin down someone at the Lido where they take the dirty dishes to be cleaned can also be challenging. I once had a bartender say he could put it in the diswasher behind the bar at the aft Seaview Bar, but I believe those have been removed and now everything goes into the main dishwasher to be cleaned. Our 28day San Diego-Lima Maasdam cruise really posed difficulties on this. I reverted to rinsing it out w/hot water in the Lido. Discovered the wait staff got super upset with one passenger who filled a water container and touched the mouth of the container to the dispenser nozzle. For good reason!!! Some folks just don't think about what they could be spreading! Thinking about taking a liquor mini filled with Clorox. We're on the Eurodam on another 28day this March and am curious if anyone has an idea or thought.
  6. Sorry if this question has been asked ( and probably has) but how far in advance can we book specialty resturaunts online? Can it be booked earlier if we call Guest Services? First time NCL cruisers.
  7. We use one of those battery powered candles. Works great.
  8. Well, I guess no one has used or has input on the dining package or my post. Had several views but no replies after 2 days. No response is a first for me after several years on this board. Guess I’ll just decide for my self. Thanx to all who at least viewed my post. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays
  9. Is it worth it? Being offered for $65/pp on our 28day S. Pacific cruise this March. Thought I read some bad mojo about it a few months back. btw...tried to do a search on the subject but kept pulling up dining posts on other cruise lines on my mobile. New search engine stinks, or my CC forum skills suck.
  10. We are on a 28day sailing on the Eurodam next March and I was wondering. Can you book the Thermal Suite/Hydropool in advance? Can it be booked online? We booked it once on the Zuiderdam on a TA and I thought I might splurge for it on this sailing. On the Zuiderdam, it got discounted while under sail so I took advantage. Didnt notice very many discounted services on our past 2-3 cruises. Also I was thinking of booking the Distinctive Dining Package but we are 3 Star Mariners and get 25% discount on specialty dining so would it be more cost effective to wait until sailing to book these? I doubt we get a discount on a dining package as a guess.
  11. I agree with Old As Dirt Mom. There are no school holidays around that time frame so you should be ok. We did a 7 day Western Carribean departing New Years Eve '17/'18 thinking it would be minimal children but the center pool turned out to be a kidfest and the "Adult Only" pool on the newly remodeled Westerdam was a joke to say the least. It had a maximum depth that was about ankle deep...seriously. It would have been fine for a kiddie pool! The aft jacuzzi was nice. We also took a 7 day Alaska on the Westerdam in Aug '16, it too was a kidfest but then school had not started yet. Lessons learned. Finished a 28 Day Inca Explorer Round Trip out of San Diego last Feb and only had 1 smaller child on board. Lucky kiddo got all of the attention.
  12. Although in operation until July 1 2019, the Prisendam has been sold to a German Cruise company Phoenix Riesen. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/holland-america-lines-prinsendam-leave-153000336.html?.tsrc=applewf
  13. Got off the Massdam this March on a 28 day Lima round trip and they had grits available. It came with cream, brown sugar, and raisins (yuck). Just bring me extra butter Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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