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  1. Thanks for all the replies! It's making me hungry too. I can't wait to try some of these. 12 more days!
  2. What are your favorite drinks to order on board? Looking for ideas of what to try. Preferably not too sweet. No Fun Ships for me.
  3. Hello! I'm just curious as to what dishes people love on the MDR menu. I am sure there are some things I have not tried that I should, on my upcoming cruise.
  4. Thank you all for the input. To be more specific, I am only looking at cruises that keep me from having to fly....so sailing out of Galveston or New Orleans. This limits me to the Western or Eastern Caribbean. I have cruised out of Miami and San Juan and been to Caribbean islands which are wonderful. However, I cannot get there sailing from Texas. So, that limits me to Mexico, Honduras (Love it) Belize, Cayman, and Jamaica. The only place I haven't been is the Eastern Caribbean ie, the Bahamas, which led to my original post. The exact cruise I am thinking of goes to Key West ( been there...meh!). Freeport, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau. Snorkeling is what I enjoy while in the Caribbean so Honduras, Cozumel, and Cayman, are my favorites.
  5. I am trying to plan my next cruise and I am just curious how you like the Bahamas. I have really only gotten one opinion from a family memeber who did not recommend the Bahamas over Mexico. Says it is very crowded, commercialized, etc. After going to the Western Caribbean SO many times, thi thinking of doing Bahamas for something different. Just curious what all you Carnival cruisers think.
  6. Just off Valor yesterday and looking to book the next sail, yet the website is not showing my updated VIFP points.
  7. I didn’t print boarding pass etc and I’m already in the port city leaving tmro. Is it necessary or can I use my phone?
  8. ? Don't see the review from OP.
  9. Which WIFI plan will allow one to facetime from the ship?
  10. No. I am leaving in two days. I'm trying to book it for the first night and I'm afraid it will sell out. I'll try a different browser. Another quick question. Is it worth the money and do you tip even though the price says it includes tip?
  11. When I tired it just added it to my cart, but didn't let me choose a time/day. I want to go when they offer a free bottle of wine.
  12. lrk


    Is there a restaurant to get good fresh lobster?
  13. Does Carnival still offer the wine package you can purchase on the first day that allows you to buy X amount of bottles that they will serve with your dinner each night?
  14. Great. We will be in the Golden the. It's closer to our room.
  15. lrk

    Car rental or Moped?

    Yes. I meant the East side. Duh! I have rented a car there before, just never a moped.
  16. Would you recommend renting a car or a moped to explore the West side? I was planning on a car but read there is not parking for a car at some places one might want to stop and check out the beach as well as it being easier to maneuver through traffic. We will be traveling from the Puerto Maya pier area. Any advice? from what I have seen on past visits those Mopeds look kind of dangerous in the traffic.
  17. lrk


    Are there any good places to eat outside of the Fort Street Village but within walking distance?
  18. How does this work? I noticed there was one price? $48.00. What does that include?
  19. Curious about the water temp. Were you cold snorkeling?
  20. lrk

    car rental

    Hello! I am looking for the best place to rent a car around the Puerta Maya pier? Any experiences with this?
  21. It's been a while since I cruised so I can't remember. I know they still allow a bottle of wine. what is the fee? Will they allow a big bottle? What other drinks? sodas etc. are allowed?
  22. Leaving from New Orleans Jan 29th for 7 nights. I have never sailed this time of year and just curious how cold it will be on Sea days. Also, was it too cold to get in the water in Cozumel and Roatan? Trying to pack accordingly and plan what to do in port. I realize it might be warm for many but being from Texas I am afraid I will be cold this time of year. Does anyone have experience with this itinerary this time of year?
  23. So what happens if a person does not book by the cut off date in May 21 or March 22? I am confused which one it was. Does that person lose the FFC as well?
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