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  1. I would be getting a free test every few days and see how they come out.  One test positive or negative is not really  written in  stone.  Since they do a nasal swap I would also see about doing nasal irrigation if he can do it .




    You need a negative test and knowing before you try to go is important.

  2. I would think you could request a 2 top and a time don't see why they could not make it happen?


    My Wife and I usually just do a 2 top although the tables are so close together  you usually feel like another couple is dining with you.


    Agree about SD deals after the ship has sailed, we usually catch lunch somewhere and enjoy ourselves. if we find  something we like we go back.  We do ~14 day TAs so many sea days, we have found the SD kind of hit or miss ourselves, but my SO does not like slow leisurely meals unless she can people watch 

  3. 59 minutes ago, shipgeeks said:

    That's what I don't get.  Where plastic bags are banned, do people buy plastic bags for kitty litter, dog walking, and donating to thrift stores?  

    I buy poop bags about 1,000 at a time from Amazon, nothing worse than a cheap poop bag!

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  4. 4 hours ago, cruiseguy1016 said:

     I did laundry at my parents' house for 20 years when I was growing up. It was never an issue. When I got married, my wife told me I was doing it all wrong. I now haven't had to do a load of laundry for 34 years! Sometimes being stupid comes in handy. 😁

    My wife was never taught how to do laundry she just throws everything in lights darks cotton dleicates.  She sets the drier for very dry then sometimes remembers to take out the permanent press before they dry to a crisp and shrink.


    She never really used a dishwasher so she will just put stuff in will nilly so it can fit the least amount of dishes possible.  She will put one large mixing bowl that was used for salad rather than hand wash it taking up about 50% of the bottom of the rack.  knives pointed up  show up now and then.


    Park the car in the garage I have tennis balls hanging down as a marker she was on the phone yesterday and kind of forgot to hit the brakes.   Hit the cabinet at the end hard enough I heard it inside the house!

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  5. 2g speed for data is slowwwwww.

    For us  we are always using data to figure out where to go and then the GPS to figure out how to get there.   Using free Wifi has been OK but for 30 bucks for a month it is a no brainer to me to be able to not worry too much about plans and bills.  But to each there own where I live in Denver I know people that have T-Mobile and they all agree that both AT&T and Verizon have better coverage.

    Right now I have 5 phones and an  Apple Watch on our plan and we pay 280.00 for unlimited that includes taxes.  So it is pretty competitive  just not out of North America.

  6. I think Fi wins pretty much I like the idea of having a separate phone for travel.  I cannot do anything about my car warranty while I am on vacation. 


    I am not sure why T-Mobile people are so happy 



    You get Data at 2G speeds or have texting but have to pay if you want  Full Calls-Txt-Data the same as at home.  When we are traveling we use the phone data for the GPS in the car or when we are walking around when WiFi is not practical.  We use calls to confirm our reservations and plans with the local businesses and so they can reach us in case plans change.


    I do feel that Fi wins!

  7. I am in the US and have Verizon for my carrier, Verizon charges 10.00 a day or 100.00 a month with 

    Talk 250 mins
    Text 1000 sent
    Unlimited received
    Data 5GB


    This has gotten expensive when we are taking a 14 day cruise and have a few days before/after a cruise in Europe.  Even with the shipboard plan I am still spending 60.00+ for every trip. 

    I saw a deal for a Pixel 3 phone (new 130.00) and decided to go with google FI https://fi.google.com/about/plans/

    which is good  for 20.00 a month plus 10.00/Gb of data.  I do not use that much data not on  WIFI and with FI I can keep track of my usage.  I had thought that T-Mobile had a great deal but a co-worker just had to go to work in Germany for 3 weeks and it was about the same as Verizon.


    Years ago for a week in France we just picked up a cheap pay as you go phone from a local phone shop.


    So does anyone have any better tips for travel from the US to Europe?

  8. I have booked from the cruise line before and it has worked out, we did arrive the morning of the cruise on a flight from the US to Barcelona but we just had to wait at the airport a while.  It all just depends upon the price  with many cruises being so far out and the airfare so low adjusting for a hotel stay to make the flight easier will still be cheaper1

  9. It  all depends on the number of ports, if you have a lot of ports then you can use the free wifi in port to make calls and catch up on things.  For my wife and I we always relax at some point during the day and want to watch either the local news or some movie or TV show we have not had time to watch.


    Everyone is a bit different on a cruise, my wife dislikes large ships and formal dining.  Other people live for formal night and would not think of going on a cruise that did not have formal nights!

  10. 4 hours ago, chengkp75 said:

    Thanks, I stand corrected, didn't used to be that way.

    Stand or site we are all friends, much stricter now, everyone is using biometrics to make it easier to process people the old days of holding up a passport and deciding if the guy looks like his pic is always difficult.  I figured out the answer a few years ago I sent in a after cruise pic for my passport photo, beard, scruffy hair, tan and 20 lbs heavier 🙂

  11. 49 minutes ago, chengkp75 said:

    Not even close.  Most international crew are not even credentialed as merchant mariners, so not even their home countries would likely have their prints.

    US requires it for a crewmember visa




    Attend Your Visa Interview


    A consular officer will interview you to determine whether you are qualified to receive a crewmember visa, and if so, which visa category is appropriate based on your purpose of travel. You must establish that you meet the requirements under U.S. law to receive the visa in the category for which you are applying.

    Ink-free, digital fingerprint scans are taken as part of the application process. They are usually taken during your interview, but this varies based on location.

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  12. CBP would have the fingerprints of all of the crew I am sure.   Would love to know  what the plan was as far as getting it off, since it was found in an odd space.  The place to hide it would have been in a bunch of life jackets then the people would have been able to either take it out and try to smuggle it off or just toss the life preserver off the boat during the night.  There are cameras to look at but only if they do want to go back and look at them, if they took some life jackets out of bulk storage?

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