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  1. when I log on it alerts me since I follow the topic when there are new posts and justs brings me to that page
  2. I buy poop bags about 1,000 at a time from Amazon, nothing worse than a cheap poop bag!
  3. I have the tennis ball hanging down it was on the roof of the car!
  4. My wife was never taught how to do laundry she just throws everything in lights darks cotton dleicates. She sets the drier for very dry then sometimes remembers to take out the permanent press before they dry to a crisp and shrink. She never really used a dishwasher so she will just put stuff in will nilly so it can fit the least amount of dishes possible. She will put one large mixing bowl that was used for salad rather than hand wash it taking up about 50% of the bottom of the rack. knives pointed up show up now and then. Park the car in the garage I have tennis balls hanging down as a marker she was on the phone yesterday and kind of forgot to hit the brakes. Hit the cabinet at the end hard enough I heard it inside the house!
  5. check with the cruise line and get an answer in writing !
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