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  1. One thing not mentioned is the day of the week you will be there and is it during school vacation time. Could be quieter if it is on a school day.
  2. I still say let him bring a friend along the Single cost is pretty high and if he has a friend whose parents you know having their son on the cruise gives them a vacation and he has someone to hang out with, becomes a win-win-win
  3. TA s tend to be pretty smooth, but I would slightly warn against doing a Spring TA, I did my first this year and pretty much decided that you want to go West to East if you live in the US. The time changes were a real killer for the first 6 days and then having to fly back from Europe vs being able to get off in Florida and then a short flight home.
  4. I would be concerned if was a history of low scores over several inspections that would mean that the company either did not care about fixing stuff or the staff just did not do what they were supposed to do. After a bad inspection is probably the best time to go since they are going to be on their toes. There are also cruise line mystery shoppers and I would assume the time to send someone in to check things out would be when something changed or a bad inspection.
  5. No it does not grow back takes about 3 years or so to get the full coat. Coconut retriever is the name given to stray dogs on St Martin and probably some other islands too!
  6. What is a Coconut retriever a dog with a very large mouth? Here is Dante as a puppe being terrorized by my small terrier mix rescue
  7. Great pics thanks for sharing we used to always shave our Koms down in the summer and let it grow back in the winter. I am sure you never worried about someone breaking into your house. 🙂
  8. yes chase is the limiting factor for sure. We were using my daughter once she turned 18 to get new credit cards. She too has a stellar credit report since the bills are in my name!
  9. what do you mean by 4/24? The funny part is my wife has relatively few cards and her score is higher than mine since my income counts towards her score. Bad part is we have a ton of chase cards and they will not let us get anymore from offers.
  10. Yes about then same for me first Kom was actually a stray we found wandering down the dirt road we lived on, when he passed we adopted another, then another as the first was getting a little older and we had 5 acres with horses and ducks and chickens. Then we rescued a female (from a kill shelter) that was not spayed and the owner left her chained out. She was very male aggressive and we had to find another home for her. Fast forward a few years and when 9/11 hit the people who adopted her left town and left her at the house outside. I went and picked her up, at the time I had just purchased a new house and had no other pets so she was perfect. Then was looking for another Kom and got talked into a puppy from a friend who was a breeder, deal was I had to show and get him finished, paid about 1/2 price. Did the show stuff he did not really like it but he was still very well behaved. Lost Kom about 2 years ago but right now just not in a good spot to have a 3rd dog that is large. Getting someone to take care of 2 small dogs. Walking a Kom at least all that I have owned can be a challenge, mine were always well behaved but other dogs always wanted to attack them. Had 2 Koms I had to take to vet for dog bites. Part is always had to hold mine back since I knew that they would not do the usual dancing that dogs tend to do but they would either slam into them and take out a leg or just bite and crush. Pleas post some pics and I will too, one of the funniest thing Dante learned was the table command, he loved nothing more than jumping onto tables of any kind. Mostly without being asked too!
  11. Come on I have 24 cards right now according to credit karma. The secret is not to carry a balance
  12. Yes it is I have had quite a few mostly rescue and was talked into showing one, Dante was a showdog and champion got all his points and retired.
  13. you might want to look at getting a royal card too usually you can get between 400-600 in credit for spending 3-5K in 3 months. The offers tend to go up and down if you want to stay at a hotel hilton has a great offer for 4K spent. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/hilton-honors-surpass/?eep=26129&extlink=af-us-ccsg-HHSLM&irgwc=1&veid=S4GXkxTH0xyJTt2wUx0Mo3c3UklQ8d3ZuSg8U00&affid=1 it will cost 99 buck but would easily cover pre and post cruise hotels Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card Raise Your Status LIMITED TIME OFFER EARN 130,000 HILTON HONORS BONUS POINTS and a Free Weekend Night Reward after you spend $4,000 in purchases on the Card within your first 4 months of Card Membership.† Offer ends 8/28/2019 ANNUAL FEE $ 95¤ APR
  14. find out the charter and see if you can/want to join the group 🙂
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