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  1. rental car is about 50 bucks a day will depend on your dates of course https://www.abcarrental.com/book-now?#/reservation/2
  2. So I invented a new word today, earritation that is when the back of your ears are sore from wearing a mask all the time!
  3. This is what happens when the cat bites the hand that feeds it
  4. Bonaire is one of the few islands you can drink the water anywhere ( all is desalinated from seawater) great Ice cream https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g147267-zfd9899-Bonaire-Ice_Cream.html water is clear and warm you can snorkel from any beach pink beach I could spend hours sitting in the water watching pelicans diving on fish while underwater it is amazing to watch. Fresh fish, there was a kid fishing from the pier we saw him walk away with 2 5 gallon buckets of fish that he had caught. That night we were at a
  5. I am in Colorado and things are OK as far as infection rates go, many places have closed and many people in the service industries have had hours reduced. We did go out to dinner last night and ate outside, food was very good and provided a nice tip to waitress, I know that business has been down so she has to be making a lot less than in the past. I am very fortunate in that my wife and I both have "essential" jobs I have been working full time since this started, my wife has been working from home for about 6 months and is starting to really like it. She does have to take a ce
  6. If it is a barn then it is all the better to have the crossbracing done to spread any load like a vehicle, have to admin have not seen that many barns that had a basement.
  7. see this http://www.renovation-headquarters.com/floor-joist-bridging.html The house does not look new but it could help it you have any squeaks or bouncing. Not sure where you live but most any building inspector would call it out. https://www.yourownarchitect.com/is-blocking-required-for-floor-joists/#:~:text=Building code requires the use,supporting end of a joist.
  8. I picked up one of these last year it is great on leaves would probably work for pine needles but both Amazon and Home depot carry it so not much risk. I did pick up the trash can adapter and it is a bit messy but does let you pick up more! Found this Amazon review 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Blower and Vacuum! Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2018 Color: RedVerified Purchase I am a 63 year old woman with several trees that drop thousands of pine needles in my driveway and I live in Seattle where it's wet most of the time. Three strikes against me
  9. I have been working my IT job the whole time at one point they had us on 2 shifts i was doing from 2PM to 10PM did not like it at all, then every other week which did not allow you to get anything done. I am now working every day with 1/2 the people in my office due to spacing requirements. They are changing the rules on the 7th so we can go back to everyone in the room. Still need to wear masks outside of the office, we are supposed to wear them at our desks but mine is about 8' from anyone else and I am always drinking coffee. Biggest concern is the same as being on
  10. I would think that an atomic clock would make sense but maybe go one better if you are doing POE then invest in a smaller monitor that could display the time and other information. Would also help anyone that was hearing impaired with announcements.
  11. Well I actually believe the answer is 4 but to be correct it could be a low of 4 to a high of 28 since no one knows how many different Monkeys the Elephants saw since they were not necessarily there at the same time. so low of 3 Monkeys and a high of 27 plus the rabbit.
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