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  1. After a day of lounging, and tying qup loose ends, it was our final dinner of the cruise. Here is tonight's menu: Here is the food!!!
  2. Day 7- final sea day Final funtimes for the cruise: Final funnel. Can you guess the theme: We did the Dr. Suses breakfast last year and was not a fan of it so we decided to forgo this year. It is $5 a person. When I inquired about it they changed it to where you could no longer chose late (9am) or early morning(7:30am). If you wanted late, You had to wait til the early time slots were filled then try to sign up for late. I ask the lady at the time, how many slots were left for early and she said 20 so I knew it would be a hassle. But you can sign up on deck 10 in foyer of the forward elevators when you embark if you like. Well the dreaded last sea day had arrive. I wan anticipating the feeling of not wanting to leave but I had no choice. We awoke around 8am and headed to Breakfast. I had my last 3 final mimosas of the sailing. We headed back to the cabin to pre pack in anticipation of tomorrow. From a lesson learned last year, I know that at noon, they would roll out the luggage tag cart on deck 10 for those who would not self assist or was priority. Around 11:45 I headed there and joined the already growing line. This year they put it in the fun times to let guests know where and when to get luggage tags. Wow, they must have learned their lesson. There were 2 times to choose from and 3 rows of tags: 930am-10am had zones 6 to 15 and 10am -1030am had zones 16 to 37 (this is an old pic from last year. The debark times have changed but it is to give you an idea of what the tags look like.) A crew member rolled the cart out and left. People were just standing there confused so since I was somewhat of an expert, I jumped in to save the day?? I stood there for 2 hours helping people understand the debarkation and zoning process. Of course in my survey I made it know that they should have someone stationed there to help assist guests and that i will be sending my invoice for services.😉 Once that was over, I went to relive a very not happy husband so that he could enjoy some time on the ship before tomorrow. I gathered the boys and went to have my final shrimp basket: This was also the day for the chocolate extravaganza in the buffet which was a disappointment. It seemed last minute and rush. Not sure why they waited to have it on the last day. Was only 4 cakes. Not a lot of options like I have seem before. I settle for the bourbon pecan cake:
  3. I have not forgot about all you gracious people following me. Its been a rough two days. I had a family emergency that I have been dealing with. I will be back tomorrow to finish out the last day.
  4. That place was dreamy!!! Would not mind going back again. Im torn about what I want to do next year. Thought about the Panorama because I can take the boys to San Diego for a few days before the cruise but I also want to take wither an 8 or 9 day cruise out of Florida. I dont know!!!! We are booked on Horizon in Feb 2021 and Radiance April 2022.
  5. The muster drills are inside. We were A4 inside liquid lounge on deck 4.
  6. I hope they have it on the Conquest!!! So I mentioned they ran out of fish bowls. Guess what the other guests got to drink out of??? A pitcher!!! I believe it held more than the fish bowl so you really will get your money worth.
  7. They did it on the last sea day. It was not much and you would have missed it. There was not a big selection.
  8. Oh but it is. I sat there and watch her make it which is why i could not believe it!! I said " Did you just measure 4 cups?" She said "Yes mam I did." "Wow....OMG". There is not much ice My husband was for til the next afternoon. It took him about 2 hours to finish it. The pic does not do it justice. Those bowls are big which is why they cost 19.95. Yes it is listed in the fun times and on the hub app as Red Frog Pub Happy hour. It's at 2:30pm under afternoon section.
  9. I think you will have a better outcome being that your daughter can go into camp and she is in pull ups which makes for easy changing in the stalls. I say bring her favorite snacks and small amount of toys that she likes and a light weight stroller.
  10. Up next... final day at sea for this sailing, debarkation morning, and thoughts and reflections.
  11. I finally got a reprieve from the boys. I decided just to walk and take it all in as we were close to returning home. As I was reflecting, I notice the Freedom was off in the distance sailing along side us. She was to return on Saturday as well. I couple of tries in the casino and it was lights out for me
  12. It was that time again... dinner time. You know what we did. Request a table. Man, I love the upgrades on the app!!! Here is tonight's menu( I seem to be missing the entree part): Here comes the food!!
  13. With drinks in our hand, and a shake for the son, we posted outside cherry on top for sail away. The lines to return were long as usual. Sadly there were no pier runner this time Line for the aft gangway Line forward the gangway Pilot boat headed our way: Conquest and Paradise in the distance: By Cozumel. Until next time:
  14. The great thing is you can get any drink off the menu fishbowl style.
  15. Oh it is. Put my husband down for that day!!! I got a regular size glass and I felt it!!!
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